Roundup Friday June 11, 2010

Please note:  The Roundup will post on Fridays only until further notice.  Thanks for your interest.

1.  Jaguars obsessed with Calvin Klein scent—Rory Carroll, The Guardian (UK) 6/11/10

2.  Confidence in climate science remains strong, poll shows (UK)—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 6/11/10

3.  BP oil spill ruined my life, says Louisiana shrimp king—Suzanne Goldberg, The Guardian (UK) 6/11/10\

4.  UN’s ‘IPCC for nature’ to fight back against destruction of natural world—Juliette Jowit, The Guardian (UK) 6/11/10

5.  Climate deal blueprint could curb US emissions and poor nations’ growth—John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 6/11/10

6.  New oil estimates show spill rate much higher—Richard Harris, Deborah Amos, NPR 6/11/10

7.  BP to bring in more ships to capture oil—NPR 6/11/10

8.  New Orleans oyster processor runs out of oysters—Tamara Keith, NPR 6/11/10

9.  Britons bristle at American attacks on BP—Rob Gifford, NPR 6/11/10

10.  Offshore oil industry gets breaks from Washington—Peter Overby, NPR 6/11/10

11.  Scientist warns: Sand berms won’t last (oil spill)—NPR 6/11/10

12.  Lee, Bridgewater at odds over BP’s liability—Robert Gehrke, SLT 6/11/10

13.  Plastic’s future may not be in the bag—Alan Greenblatt, NPR 6/10/10

14.  Sea turtles among oil spill victims—Elizabeth Shogren, NPR 6/10/10

15.  As oil moves east, anger rises—Debbie Elliott, NPR 6/10/10

16.  New estimates put oil flow rate significantly higher—NPR 6/10/10

17.  Senate rejects move to block greenhouse gas rules—David Welna, NPR 6/10/10

18.  Oil spill hearings dominate Capitol Hill—Andrea Seabrook, NPR 6/10/10

19.  Reporter: Documents show years of BP neglect—Fresh Air, WHYY, NPR 6/10/10

20.  Josh Fox: Living in the middle of a ‘gasland’—Fresh Air, WHYY, NPR 6/10/10

21.  Forest Service not sold on wilderness bill—Matt Canham, SLT 6/10/10

22.  Open house to kick off county energy program—SLT 6/10/10

23.  Old Geneva steel slag to be used in construction—Justin Ritter, DN 6/10/10

24.  Mussel causes restriction in Sand Hollow reservoir—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/10/10

25.  Payments to fund good stewardship—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/10/10

26.  Food co-op launches mobile health food market—Jasen Lee, DN 6/10/10

27.  Rep. Jim Matheson, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker testify in D.C. to expand watershed protection—Amy K. Stewart, DN 6/10/10

28.  Alberta research looks at pine beetle’s effect on water levels—Conal Pierse, The Edmonton Journal (Canada) 6/9/10

29.  Oil sands to double output by 2025 (Canada)—Carrie Tait, Financial Post, Edmonton Journal 6/9/10

30.  Efforts to limit the flow of spill news—Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times 6/9/10

31.  Officials cite progress in siphoning oil, but remain unclear on size of spill—David A. Fahrenthold, Dan Zak, The Washington Post 6/9/10

32. Gulf disaster spills over into Florida politics—Greg Allen, NPR 6/9/10

33.  A Gulf spill puzzle: How best to clean beaches—NPR 6/9/10

34.  What will happen to the oil from the Gulf?—Larry Abramson, NPR 6/9/10

35.  Plight for pelicans: Oil puts nesting season at risk—Elizabeth Shogren, NPR 6/9/10

36.  Extent of BP’s liability still murky—Scott Neuman, NPR 6/9/10

37.  Food safety: Outbreaks drive new FDA rules—Mary Clare Jalonick, AP, SLT 6/9/10

38.  BP spill response plans severely flawed—Justin Pritchard, Tamara Lush, Holbrook Mohr, AP, SLT 6/9/10

39.  Lake Powell pipeline to water Las Vegas?—Brandon Loomis, SLT 6/9/10

40.  Radioactive blending could send waste to Utah—Judy Fahys, SLT 6/9/10

41.  Mormon church among protesters of Las Vegas water plan—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/9/10

42.  Money available to improve Dixie National Forest—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/9/10

43.  Changes looming in Utah wild horse program—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/9/10

44.  Film series will showcase, discuss wolves—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/9/10

45.  Drilling, reclamation work under way at Hyrum Dam—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/9/10

46.  E. coli found in Springville water supply—Lana Groves, DN 6//9/10

47.  Employers allowed to use pay cards for paperless process—DN 6/9/10

48.  Killer Gardner wants to save lives with organic gardening—Dennis Romboy, Aaron Falk, DN 6/9/10

49.  Officials warn of high heat, floods on Wednesday—Josh Smith, Lana Groves, DN 6/9/10

50.  BP cap trapping substantial amounts of oil, gas—David A. Fahrenthold, Anne E. Komblut, The Washington Post 6/8/10

51.  Rescuers struggle to save oil-soaked pelicans—Tina Susman, Christopher Goffard, Los Angeles Times 6/8/10,0,7017018.story

52.  As Colorado rivers rise, so do warnings—Kieran Nicholson, The Denver Post 6/8/10

53.  Obama says he seeks ‘ass to kick’ on oil spill—Nicholas Johnston, Bloomberg News Service, SLT 6/8/10

54.  High waters still threaten across Salt Lake County—Christopher Smart, Matt LaPlante, SLT 6/8/10

55.   State to craft energy blueprint that may include nuclear—Robert Gehrke, SLT 6/8/10

56.  LDS Church protests Las Vegas pipeline plan—Brandon Loomis, SLT 6/8/10

57.  Cleanup begins as swollen Cottonwood streams recede slightly—Jeremiah Stettler, SLT 6/8/10

58.  BLM seeks comments on horses, helicopter roundups—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/8/10

59.  Partial lunar eclipse heading to Utah skies (June 26)—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/8/10

60.  Utahns race to keep ahead of overflowing creek waters—Pat Reavy, Lana Groves, DN 6/8/10

61.  Utah Gov. Herbert outlines energy initiative goals—Brock Vergakis, AP, DN 6/8/10

62.  Bill could bring hydroelectric generation to Utah County—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 6/8/10

63.  Vote on new Wyoming fracking rules planned Tuesday—AP, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 6/7/10

64.  High waters still threaten across Salt Lake County—Christopher Smart, Matt LaPlante, SLT 6/7/10

65.  Flooding on east bench hits homes, businesses—Paul Koepp, Lana Groves, DN 6/7/10

66.  Model from Salt Lake organizes event for ocean awareness—Elise Bassett, DN 6/7/10

67.  Chilly May was the third-coolest on record in Salt Lake City—Lynn Arave, DN 6/7/10

68.  West Bountiful curbside recycling program ready to roll—Brice Wallace, DN 6/7/10

69.  Expect flooding for a few days, mayors warn—Pat Reavy, DN 6/7/10

70.  Tracking down Minerals Management Service’s dysfunctional history of drilling oversight—Mark Jaffe, David Olinger, The Denver Post 6/6/10

71.  Weapons dump in Utah west desert is a deadly ‘cache’ 22—Matthew D. LaPlante, SLT 6/6/10

72.  Nesting hawks halt Kennecott pipeline construction—AP, SLT 6/6/10

73.  1.5 million tons of tailings taken from Colorado River—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 6/6/10

74.  BYU professor C. Arden Pope says pollution improved, still a health problem as Clean Air Act turns 40—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 6/6/10

75.  High temperatures swell riverbanks—Wendy Leonard, DN 6/5/10


76.  Obama hasn’t learned lessons of Bhopal—Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian (UK) 6/10/10

77.  Nuclear waste—Editorial, SLT 6/8/10

78.  Chemical weapons—Editorial, SLT 6/8/10

79.  Oil spill:  Americans want to know who’s to blame—Editorial, Chicago Tribune, SLT 6/7/10

80.  Hottest on record—Editorial, SLT 6/6/10

81. Lake is only source of sulfate of potash—Mark Reynolds, Great Salt Lake Minerals, SLT 6/5/10


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