Roundup Friday June 4, 2010

Please note:  The Roundup will post on Fridays only until further notice.  Thanks for your interest.

1.  The week in wildlife (images)—The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

2.  Top 50 wildlife and conservation Twitter accounts—Celia Cole, Environment Blog, The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

3.  Gulf of Mexico oil spill:  Your solutions—Paddy Allen, Celia Cole, The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

4.  What’s the carbon footprint of…a pint of beer?—Mike Berners-Lee, Green Living Blog, The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

5.  Pine martens make comeback in UK after leading a secret life for decades—Paul Evans, The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

6.  BP hives off ‘toxic’ Gulf spill operation to dilute anti-British feeling in US—Terry Macalister, The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

7.  Environment secretary Caroline Spelman backs GM crops (UK)—Juliette Jowit, John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 6/4/10

8.  Alberta moves to save threatened grizzlies (Canada)—Richard Cuthbertson, The Calgary Herald 6/4/10

9.  BP Breathes sigh of relief over efforts to contain oil—NPR 6/4/10

10.  A little bird mired in oil illuminates a big problem—NPR 6/4/10

11.  EPA administrator Jackson on the Gulf oil spill—NPR 6/4/10

12.  McDonald’s recall of Shrek glasses started with tipster—Scott Hensley, Shots Health Blog, NPR 6/4/10

13.  To avoid oil, Mississippi opens shrimp season early—Carl Gibson, NPR 6/4/10

14.  Helping the pros:  Amateur ideas to stop the oil spill—Yuki Noguchi, NPR 6/4/10

15.  ‘Way too early’ for optimism on spill, Obama says (with live stream of leak)—NPR 6/4/10

16.  Stopping a spill?  There’s always the nuclear option—Corey Flintoff, NPR 6/4/10

17.  McDonald’s pulls 12M cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses—Justin Prichard, AP, SLT 6/4/10

18.  Severe drought causes hunger for 10 million in west Africa—Xan Rice, The Guardian (UK) 6/3/10

19.  UK given final warning over London air quality—John Vidal, Helene Mulholland, The Guardian (UK) 6/3/10

20.  London 2012 organizers scrap plans for Olympic Park wind turbine—Amelia Hill, The Guardian (UK) 6/3/10

21.  BP boss Tony Hayward faces fresh speculation over losing job—Terry Macalister, The Guardian (UK) 6/3/10

22.  Oil, fishing industries entwined in Miss. River delta—Frank Morris, NPR 6/3/10

23.  EPA tightens sulfur dioxide limits—John M. Broder, The New York Times 6/3/10

24.  Going solar is harder than it looks, a valley finds—Kirk Johnson, The New York Times 6/3/10

25.  Reno first in nation with wind turbines atop city hall—Susan Voyles, Reno Gazette-Journal (Nevada) 6/3/10

26.  Don’t kiss chicks, Utah health officials warn—SLT 6/3/10

27.  London Olympics 2012 could flunk golden chance to be green—Felicity Carus, The Guardian (UK) 6/2/10

28.  Top kill meets Titanic:  James Cameron enters fight against oil spill—Ed Pilkington, The Guardian (UK) 6/2/10

29.  Oil capture efforts continue after saw freed—NPR 6/2/10

30.  BP pins hopes on capture after top kill, cap failed—Renee Montagne, NPR 6/2/10

31.  Oil cleanup dirty, not toxic, for workers—Jon Hamilton, NPR 6/2/10

32.  BP loses 15 percent of market value as US launches criminal probe of spill—Steven Mufson, Theresa Vargas, The Washington Post 6/2/10

33.  Obama says he’ll push for clean energy bill—Helene Cooper, The New York Times 6/2/10

34.  Upper Colorado River at risk, advocates warn—The Denver Post 6/2/10

35.  Obama administration holds meetings on ‘Great Outdoors’—Matt Gouras, AP, SLT 6/2/10

36.  US opens criminal investigation of Gulf oil spill—NPR 6/1/10

37.  Wind-energy companies losing to cheap natural gas, lack of subsidies—Christopher Martin, Bloomberg News Service, The Denver Post 6/1/10

38.  Chemical depot finishes mortar disposal operation—AP, SLT 6/1/10

39.  Florida fishing town on edge over Gulf oil spill—Greg Allen, NPR 5/31/10

40.  Summertime is ozone season—Judy Fahys, SLT 5/31/10

41.  Oregon’s small-scale farms worry about sweeping food safety bill—Lynne Terry, The Oregonian 5/30/10

42.  5 deadly days for wolves—Eve Byron, The Helena Independent Record (Montana) 5/30/10

43.  Grizzly death case could set precedent—Cory Hatch, Sarah Lison, Jackson Hole News & Guide, SLT 5/30/10

44.  Rainbow Bridge monument turns 100—Mark Havnes, SLT 5/29/10

45.  Inmate kills entangled deer at work farm—AP, SLT 5/29/10

46.  Obama administration extends roadless moratorium—Jeff Barnard, AP, The Seattle Times 5/28/10

47.  Interim director named for drilling agency—John M. Broder, The New York Times 5/28/10


48.  A bubbling crude—Editorial, SLT 6/2/10

49.  Connecting the Gulf disaster to the Pinedale anticline—Hal Herring, The Conservationist Blog, Field & Stream 6/1/10

50.  Living with grizzlies in the Next West—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 5/31/10

51.  Great Salt Lake belongs to all of us—Cricket Rollins, SLT 5/29/10


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