Roundup Tuesday May 11, 2010

1.  Singapore sand demand damaging Cambodia environment—Neil Chatterjee, Reuters, 5/11/10

2.  Chinese media praises (India Environment Minister) Jairam Ramesh—Saibal Dasgupta, The Times of India 5/11/10

3.  Oil executives shift blame at Senate hearing—Steven Mufson, David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 5/11/10

4.  Interior secretary calls for splitting offshore-drilling agency in two—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 5/12/10,0,1124439.story

5.  Water report irritates some (Colorado)—Gary Harmon, Grand Junction Sentinel 5/11/10

6.  DWR angling to straighten out anglers on new law—Andrew Adams, KSL Newsradio 5/11/10

7.  Yellowstone seeks public’s ideas for Old Faithful—Mead Gruver, AP, DN 5/11/10

8.  Execs grilled on oil spill ‘cascade of failures’—H. Josef Hebert, AP, DN 5/11/10

9.  Salt Lake City plans mandatory yard-waste recycling collection—Aaron Falk, DN 5/11/10

10.  A miracle garden in South Salt Lake—Elise Bassett, DN 5/11/10

11.  Pesticide disposal offered at several locations in Utah—DN 5/11/10

12.  UTA to celebrate annual Bike Bonanza—DN 5/11/10

13.  Supreme Court pick seen as ‘thoughtful’ about enviro law, but views on issues are a mystery—Gabriel Nelson, Greenwire, The New York Times 5/10/10

14.  UN fears ‘irreversible’ damage to natural environment—AFP, Google News 5/10/10

15.  Finland’s 100,000 year plan to banish its nuclear waste—Dennis Overbye, The New York Times 5/10/10

16.  One way to save the wolf?  Hunt it.—Hal Herring, High Country News 5/10/10

17.  Swarms of grasshoppers predicted to plague the West this year—Richard Cockle, The Oregonian 5/10/10

18.  Utahns donate hair to help with oil spill—John Hollenhorst, KSL Newsradio 5/10/10

19.  Feds focus on future of conservation areas in Utah—Mike Stark, AP, KSL Newsradio 5/10/10

20.  Animal advocacy group works for Hurricane dog park—AP, KSL Newsradio 5/10/10

21.  With new law, its guns vs. grizzlies in national parks—Mead Gruver, AP, SLT 5/10/10

22.  BP shareholder sues executives over Gulf oil spill—Kevin McGill, AP, DN 5/10/10

23.  BP searching for way to plug Gulf gusher—Harry R. Weber, Ray Henry, AP, DN 5/10/10

24.  Abruptly unemployed fishermen struggling to get by—Vicki Smith, Holbrook Mohr, AP, DN 5/10/10

25.  Will BP’s Washington connections help it now?—Alan Fram, Sharon Theimer, AP, DN 5/10/10

26.  BP struggles with list of ways to plug Gulf gusher—Harry R. Weber, John Curran, AP, DN 5/10/10

27.  BP sprays more chemicals into main Gulf oil leak—Harry R. Weber, John Curran, AP, DN 5/10/10

28.  UN report:  Planet still losing too many species—John Heilprin, AP, DN 5/10/10

29.  Oil spill threatens already weakened wetlands—John Flesher, Mary Foster, AP, DN 5/10/10

30.  853,000 trees yet to count—Lee Benson, DN 5/10/10

31.  Spring books yield a bounteous crop of gardening advice—Jessica Harrison, DN 5/10/10

32.  A feast for the eyes:  Growing vegetables in containers—Mariana Greene, The Dallas Morning News, DN 5/10/10

33.  Squash plants bring tasty variety through fall—Larry A. Sagers, DN 5/10/10

34.  Prospects of breakthrough at Cancun climate meet very remote:  Jairam Ramesh—DNA India 5/9/10

35.  Interior Department opening Colorado’s North Park to gas and oil drilling—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 5/9/10

36.  Yellowstone bison drive planned through this week—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 5/9/10

37.  Blooms from a box:  The dos and don’ts for container gardening—Maggie Wolf, SLT 5/9/10

38.  Sugar plantation, Native Hawaiians in water battle—Audrey McAvoy, AP, DN 5/9/10

39.  Former Interior Secretary, Alaska Gov. Walter Hickel dies at 90—Mark Thiessen, AP, DN 5/9/10

40.  Blowout preventers repeatedly fail, AP probe finds—Jeff Donn, Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 5/9/10

41.  New setback in containing oil spill—Campbell Robertson, New York Times News Service, DN 5/9/10

42.  Protesters rally against drilling after oil spill—AP, DN 5/9/10

43.  Oil spill grows to 3.5 million gallons as BP scrambles—Harry R. Weber, AP, DN 5/9/10

44.  BP plans to park oil box; unload new equipment—Harry R. Weber, Sarah Larimer, AP, DN 5/9/10

45.  April was cool and wet compared with historical averages for the month in Utah—Lynn Arave, DN 5/9/10

46.  Walter Hickel, Nixon Interior Secretary, Dies at 90—Dennis Hevesi, The New York Times 5/8/10

47.  An interview with Walter Hickel, October 15, 2003, by Patricia Limerick and Charles Wilkerson, Headwaters News

48.  Everyday Organic:  Edible flowers:  A feast for the senses—MaryJane Butters, SLT 5/8/10

49.  One cheap chick:  Rebates galore for going energy efficient—Lesley Mitchell, SLT 5/8/10

50.  Tainted nuclear plant water reaches New Jersey aquifer—Wayne Parry, AP, DN 5/8/10

51.  Series of failures led to rig explosion—Noaki Schwartz, Harry R. Weber, AP, DN 5/8/10

52.  Ice crystals form inside oil box, cause problems (Gulf oil spill)—AP, DN 5/8/10

53.  Why it’s hard to parse the environment-cancer connection—Katherine Hobson, Health Blog, The Wall Street Journal 5/7/10

54.  Oil spill inquiries heat up—Jake Sherman, Politico 5/7/10

55.  50 puncture type devices found on Pacific Crest Trail (California)—KERO News 5/7/10

56.  Libby Dam spill test for sturgeon planned in June (Montana)—Jim Mann, Daily Inter Lake 5/7/10

57.  Wyoming senator’s clean coal bill passes panel—Bob Moen, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 5/7/10

58.  Groups sue over BLM drilling plan (Wyoming)—Mead Gruver, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 5/7/10

59.  Falling flakes in May:  Forest Service hopes pheromones will drive off beetles (Idaho)—Karen Bossick, Twin Falls Times-News 5/7/10

60.  Recycling program advances Utah students for prize—AP, SLT 5/7/10

61.  New state law on clean-fuel cars could invite federal fines—Brandon Loomis, SLT 5/7/10

62.  Depleted uranium delay proves costly for Energy Department—Judy Fahys, SLT 5/7/10

63.  Bird sighting:  Burrowing owl—Bill Fenimore, SLT 5/7/10

64.  Shell Oil is ready to drill in the Arctic, court told—William McCall, AP, DN 5/7/10

65.  British Petroleum to use containment vessel on Gulf oil leak—Harry R. Weber, Tamara Lush, AP, DN 5/7/10

66.  Sens. John Kerry, Joe Lieberman press climate bill without Lindsey Graham—Frederic J. Frommer, Matthew Daly, AP, DN 5/7/10

67.  Robots position giant box over oil-spewing well in Gulf of Mexico—Harry R. Weber, AP, DN 5/7/10

68.  Oil spill may endanger human health, officials say—John Flesher, AP, DN 5/7/10

69.  Like a video game:  Big box lowered over Gulf well—Harry R. Weber, AP, DN 5/7/10

70.  Senator Lindsey Graham says ‘impossible’ to pass climate bill now—Frederic J. Frommer, AP, DN 5/7/10

71.  Lettuce recalled in 23 states; E. coli suspected—Mary Clare Jalonick, AP, DN 5/7/10

72.  Salt Lake County gets award for animal services—DN 5/7/10

73.  Alternate Ogden-Riverdale trail complete—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 5/7/10

74. Gulf spill makes oilsands more appealing (Canada)—Sheldon Alberts, Canwest News Service, Edmonton Journal 5/6/10

75. Gulf oil spill:  Interior secretary extends drill freeze to Arctic—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 5/6/10


76.  We need balanced approach to energy, environment—Robert McCartney, The Washington Post 5/9/10

77.  Energy projects threaten Utah’s water resources—Harold Shepherd, Executive Director, Red Rock Forests, DN 5/9/10

78.  Panel sets off new alarm bells about chemicals and cancer—Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times, SLT 5/7/10

79.  Some discouraging words heard on the range—Brett Prettyman, SLT 5/7/10

80.  Protecting grouse decision an opportunity—Michael L. Wolfe, professor, Utah State University, SLT 5/7/10

81.  Expand recycling—Editorial, SLT 5/7/10


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