Roundup Friday May 7, 2010

1.  BP site was spared environment tests as spill ‘unlikely’—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald 5/6/10

2.  British summer is coming earlier each year, study finds—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 5/6/10

3.  Global IT brands urged to be more accountable for pollution in China supply chain—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 5/6/10

4.  Chemical dispersants being used in Gulf clean-up are potentially toxic—Tom Philpott, 5/6/10

5.  BP executives called to testify before senate committee—US News and World Report 5/6/10

6.  Cancers from environment ‘grossly underestimated’—Emily Walker, ABC News 5/6/10

7.  BP gives Congress gloomy outlook on gulf oil spill—Richard Fausset, Jill Leovy, Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 5/6/10,0,776164.story

8.  Senate hopefuls talk earmarks, radioactive waste, marijuana—Robert Gehrke, SLT 5/6/10

9.  Growling sea lion pup pulled from under police car—AP, SLT 5/6/10

10.  Federal rule change exempted BP from filing spill plan—AP, DN 5/6/10

11. Gulf oil spill threatens entire ocean food chain—Cain Burdeau, Harry R. Weber, AP, DN 5/6/10

12.  Boat with containment box at oil spill site—Harry R. Weber, Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 5/6/10

13.  Arctic oil drilling arguments due in federal court—AP, DN 5/6/10

14.  University of Utah students make campus a greener place—Wendy Leonard, DN 5/6/10

15.  Germany claims progress in half-way climate talks—Ethiopian Review 5/5/10

16.  US exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 5/5/10

17. Gulf oil spill could ‘devastate’ South Florida’s environment—David Fleshler, Sun Sentinel, Los Angeles Times 5/6/10,0,109347.story

18.  Feds asking ski areas, water utilities for help with beetle-ravaged forests—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 5/5/10

19.  Group appeals coal lease based on reclamation concerns (Wyoming)—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 5/5/10

20.  Worst air puts Pinal County at center of dust storm (Arizona)—Lindsey Collom, The Arizona Republic 5/5/10

21.  Beetle outbreak may close forests (Colorado, Wyoming)—Joan Barron, Casper Star-Tribune 5/5/10

22.  Wolf recovery target has changed, feds acknowledge (Wyoming)—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide 5/5/10

23.  Wilderness bill revised, reintroduced (Idaho)—Jason Kauffman, Idaho Mountain Express and Guide 5/5/10

24.  Talking trash:  Seeking ways to take out persistent problem (Nevada)—Stephanie Tavares, Las Vegas Sun 5/5/10

25.  Promises, promises:  Rich farmers get most cash—Mary Clare Jalonick, AP, SLT 5/5/10

26.  Pentagon OKs Guard troops to help states deal with oil—AP, DN 5/5/10

27.  Paranoia, anxiety grow over oil spill—Vicki Smith, Allen G. Breed, AP, DN 5/5/10

28.  Crews prepare to take contraption to Gulf oil leak—Harry R. Weber, AP, DN 5/5/10

29.  Giant dome for Gulf oil leak is next best solution—Vicki Smith, Allen G. Breed, AP, DN 5/5/10

30.  Senate committee will hold hearing on oil spill—AP, DN 5/5/10

31.  Salt Lake City considers offering free charging spots for electric cars—Aaron Falk, DN 5/5/10

32.  Meeting on Springville water pipe project is Thursday—DN 5/5/10\

33.  Salt Lake City leaders seek ways to promote development along North Temple TRAX line—Aaron Falk, DN 5/5/10

34.  Bio-refinery planned for Vegreville plant (Canada)—The Edmonton Journal 5/4/10

35.  Ecologist finds toxic metals increasing in Athabasca River (Canada)—Hanneke Brooymans, The Calgary Herald 5/4/10

36.  NWT natives fight to hunt dwindling caribou (Canada)—Patrick White, Toronto Globe and Mail 5/4/10

37.  The greenest high:  Which illegal drug is best for the environment?—Brendan Borrell, Slate Magazine 5/4/10

38.  Citing BP oil spill Schwarzenegger drops offshore drilling plan—Daniel B. Wood, The Christian Science Monitor 5/4/10

39.  Winter wet, but farmers left dry—Mike Taugher, Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News 5/4/10

40.  US Fish and Wildlife Service reopens debate on Arctic refuge—Erika Bolstad, McClatchy Newspapers, The Idaho Statesman 5/4/10

41.  EPA postpones decision that would toughen coal ash rules—Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers, The Idaho Statesman 5/4/10

42.  Kane takes its road fight to court-again—Keith Coffman, SLT 5/4/10

43.  At the heart of oil spill, 11 grieving families—Tamara Lush, AP, SLT 5/4/10

44. City stacks garbage rates and recycling efforts—Derek P. Jensen, SLT 5/4/10

45.  Buck wild:  2 rogue deer run amok in Wis. ale house—Dinesh Ramde, AP, SLT 5/4/10

46.  Official says unconfirmed report oil at La. island—Harry R. Weber, Vicki Smith, AP, DN 5/4/10

47.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry:  Don’t speculate about oil spill—Kelley Shannon, AP, DN 5/4/10

48.  Goshen officials want residents to clean up—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 5/4/10

49.  Appeals court hearing arguments in Utah road case—AP, DN 5/4/10

50.  Salt Lake City plans mandatory yard-waste, recycling collection—Aaron Falk, DN 5/4/10

51.  How to improve mood?  Study touts green exercise—Wendy Koch, USA Today 5/3/10

52.  Rush Limbaugh suggests environmentalists planned oil spill—Wendy Koch, USA Today 5/3/10


53.  State sovereignty—Editorial, Las Vegas Review-Journal 5/5/10

54.  Keep it in perspective—Editorial, DN 5/5/10

55.  Gulf oil spill bad for industry and environment—Editorial, Edmonton Journal (Canada) 5/4/10


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