Roundup Tuesday May 4, 2010

1.  Federal law may limit BP liability in oil spill—Erica Werner, AP, DN 5/4/10

2.  Gulf Coast watches, waits for path of oil spill—AP, DN 5/4/10

3.  Mountaintop mining mobilizes coalfields musicians—Vicki Smith, AP, DN 5/4/10

4.  Trial date set for five defendants in Native American artifacts case—Emiley Morgan, DN 5/4/10

5.  More than 1,600 file protests over plan to tap Snake Valley aquifer—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 5/4/10

6.  Hogle Zoo to debut new summer ‘Nature’s Nightmares’ exhibit on May 15—DN 5/4/10

7.  UN climate chief lowers treaty expectations—Verena Schmitt-Roschmann, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 5/4/10

8.  Weather aids crews in oil spill cleanup efforts—Ian Urbina, Liz Robbins, The New York Times 5/4/10

9.  Banking on fuel-sweating flora—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 5/4/10

10.  States prepare to rise to CO2 challenge as Senate bill collapses—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian (UK) 5/4/10

11.  Deepwater Horizon oil spill:  City slashes another £5bn off BP’s value—Graeme Wearden, The Guardian (UK) 5/4/10

12.  Modern fishing techniques masking ‘extraordinary’ decline in UK waters—Press Association, The Guardian (UK) 5/4/10

13.  Lessons for Deepwater Horizon that come directly out of the history books—Juliette Jowit, The Guardian (UK) 5/4/10

14.  New graduation gowns recycle or biodegrade—Holly Ramer, AP, DN 5/3/10

15.  Oil spill to keep gushing all this week—Cain Burdeau, Ray Henry, AP, DN 5/3/10

16.  A murky picture as seafood industry eyes oil slick—Kevin McGill, AP, DN 5/3/10

17.  BP says it will pay for Gulf spill’s cleanup—Holbrook Mohr, Allen G. Breed, AP, DN 5/3/10

18.  Nashville braces for more flooding as river swells—Chris Talbott, Sheila Burke, AP, DN 5/3/10

19.  Idaho scientists find earthworm of legend, but it’s not 3 feet long—Nicholas K. Geranios, AP, DN 5/3/10

20. Land trade proposal raises questions about ancient sandbar—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 5/3/10

21.  Attention shoppers:  Gulf spill could affect you—Harry R. Weber, Vicki Smith, AP, SLT 5/3/10

22.  Will sage grouse and wind farms mix?  Researchers to find out—Mark Havnes, SLT 5/3/10

23.  Schwarzenegger attacks ‘greedy oil companies’—Michael Rothfield, Los Angeles Times 5/3/10

24.  Replace a window, get a federal tax credit, save energy—Laurie Robinson, The Oregonian 5/3/10

25.  Survey of beekeepers shows hive loss remains high and the cause remains a mystery—Eric Mortensen, The Oregonian 5/3/10

26.  Idaho environmental group files new lawsuit over sage grouse—AP, The Oregonian 5/3/10

27.  PGE, PacifiCorp rank high in national survey of green-power programs—Ted Sickinger, the Oregonian 5/3/10

28.  Yuma desalting plant will add water for Arizona—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 5/3/10

29.  Gates Foundation CEO calls for efficient water use—Eric Olson, AP, The Yakima Herald (Washington State) 5/3/10

30.  On defensive, BP readies dome to contain oil spill—Ian Urbina, Justin Gillis, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 5/3/10

31.  Environmental certification becoming increasingly crowded and contested field—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 5/3/10

32.  Farmers cope with roundup-resistant weeds—William Neuman, Andrew Pollack, The New York Times 5/3/10

33.  Oil slick could move up East Coast—Allen G. Breed, Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 5/2/10

34.  Oil spill is spawning a stream of lawsuits—Curt Anderson, Thomas Watkins, AP, DN 5/2/10

35.  Gulf coast oil spill grows, with little success stopping flow—Allen G. Breed, Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 5/2/10

36.  Spill spurs big questions about future of offshore drilling—Jad Mouawad, New York Times News Service, DN 5/2/10

37.  Obama heads to Gulf; government defends spill operation—AP, DN 5/2/10

38.  Hogle Zoo send away three bears to make way for construction—Lynn Arave, DN 5/2/10

39.  Minor quake hits Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park—AP, DN 5/2/10

40.  Gardening fairs and plant sales—SLT 5/2/10

41.  Idaho at forefront of collaboration on public land use—Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman 5/2/10

42.  Schweitzer:  Oilfield transportation project will help Montana recovery—Kim Briggeman, The Missoulian 5/2/10

43.  A grolar?  A pizzly?  Scientists confirm grizzly-polar bear cross—Canwest News Service, Toronto National Post 5/2/10

44.  B.C.’s native languages at risk of extinction (Canada)—Wendy Stueck, Toronto Globe and Mail 5/2/10

45.  BP spends millions lobbying as it drills ever deeper and the environment pays—Antonia Juhasz, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 5/2/10

46.  Lawyers flock to Gulf Coast for oil spill lawsuits—Curt Anderson, Thomas Watkins, AP, DN 5/1/10

47.  Iowa hearing begins marathon farm bill process—Michael J. Crumb, AP, DN 5/1/10

48.  Choppy seas foil efforts to fight oil spill in Louisiana—Cain Burdeau, Holbrook Mohr, AP, DN 5/1/10

49.  Experts say oil spill has makings of total disaster—Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 5/1/10

50.  Expert:  surface area of gulf oil spill has tripled—Cain Burdeau, Holbrook Mohr, AP, DN 5/1/10

51.  Obama heading to Gulf Sunday for oil spill update—AP, DN 5/1/10

52.  6.0 quakes rumble under Bering Sea off Alaska—AP, DN 5/1/10

53.  League of American Bicyclists lauds Salt Lake City—Aaron Falk, DN 5/1/10

54.  Groups float water right idea for Great Salt Lake—AP, DN 5/1/10

55.  Nectar plants a must for butterflies—Norman Winter, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 5/1/10

56.  More gardeners opting for organic lawns—Carole Feldman, AP, DN 5/1/10

57.  Climate bill could be harmed by Gulf spill—Matthew Daly, Noaki Schwartz, AP, The Kansas City Star (Missouri) 5/1/10

58.  Offices raided and 21 held as EU probe into carbon trading intensifies—Felicity Carus, The Guardian (UK) 5/1/10

59.  Obama:  New oil leases will need safeguards—H. Josef Hebert, Julie Pace, AP, DN 4/30/10

60.  Plan for Jordan River rehabilitation moves forward—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/30/10

61.  SLC awarded silver status as bike-friendly community—Derek P. Jensen, SLT 4/30/10

62.  Groups say Great Salt Lake needs help staying wet—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/30/10

63.  Green gospel?  Some Mormons welcome faith’s eco-push—Kristen Moulton, SLT 4/30/10

64.  BP’s oil containment problem is unprecedented—Jill Leovy, Los Angeles Times 4/30/10,0,5376328.story

65.  Obama administration plans to reduce mercury emissions—Clement Tan, Los Angeles Times 4/30/10,0,4093234.story

66.  Utah uses eminent domain to seize land of…Uncle Sam—Michael B. Farrell, The Christian Science Monitor 4/30/10


67.  Gulf catastrophe a reminder of why Earth Day came to be—Paul Krugman, The New York Times, SLT 5/4/10

68.  Shrinking lake—Editorial, SLT 5/3/10

69.  A perfect storm—Editorial, SLT 5/3/10

70.  Pioneers were right:  Don’t build homes in Northwest Quadrant—Jim Catano, DN 5/2/10

71.  Salazar comes to Utah with mixed message—Heidi McIntosh, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, SLT 4/30/10

72.  Congress must allow energy innovation—David Brooks, The New York Times 4/30/10

73.  Climate, energy laws key to protecting America—Samuel R. Berger, Albright Stonebridge Group, SLT 4/30/10


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