Roundup Friday April 30,2010

1.  Many endangered turtles dying on Texas Gulf Coast—Ramit Plushnick-masti, AP, SLT 4/30/10

2.  Alta gets grants for energy management, signage—Mike Gorrell, SLT 4/30/10

3.  Hazmat situation over at Hill Air Force Base—Sheena McFarland, SLT 4/30/10

4.  PETA buys ad space on Oregon man’s cremation urns—AP, SLT 4/30/10

5.  Mining, oil and gas firms receive Earth Day awards—Mike Gorrell, SLT 4/30/10

6.  Green gospel?  Some Mormons welcome faith’s eco-push—Kristen Moulton, SLT 4/30/10

7.  Spring hunt:  Wild turkey something to gobble bout—Brett Prettyman, SLT 4/30/10

8.  Navy sends cleanup equipment to oil spill—AP, DN 4/30/10

9.  White House may rethink drilling plan—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 4/30/10

10.  Oil spill reaching shores, is far bigger than first thought—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/30/10

11.  Heavy winds and high tides hamper Gulf oil fight—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/30/10

12.  Utah land trade proposal raises questions about ancient Stockton sandbar—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/30/10

13.  Hogle Zoo losing its three bears to make way for construction—Lynn Arave, DN 4/30/10

14.  Environment study on Tooele power line proposals available—DN 4/30/10

15.  Towns scramble to protect Gulf Coast from oil spill—Deborah Tedford, NPR 4/30/10

16.  Choppy seas hinder effort to contain oil spill—NPR 4/30/10

17.  Oil spill could turn Americans off offshore drilling—Elizabeth Shogren, NPR 4/30/10

18.  Vegetarians gain more options for fine dining with 50% rise in foodie eateries (UK)—Denis Campbell, The Guardian (UK) 4/30/10

19.  Obama touts renewable energy at Missouri plant—Julie Pace, AP, SLT 4/29/10

20.  New oil leak found in area of sunken drilling rig—Cain Burdeau, Brett Martel, AP, DN 4/29/10

21.  BP welcomes military help for larger Gulf oil leak—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/29/10

22.  Speakers in Salt Lake City tout possibilities at Unconventional Fuels Conference—Jasen Lee, DN 4/29/10

23.  Tips for planting trees for Utah Arbor Day—DN 4/29/10

24.  Groups question permit for Utah’s first strip mine—Paul Foy, AP, KSL Newsradio 4/29/10

25.  Colder weather not affecting Utah fruit and vegetable farmers yet—Alex Cabrero, KSL Newsradio 4/29/10

26.  Report:  Local air among cleanest (Montana)—Richard Ecke, Great Falls Tribune 4/29/10

27.  Judge:  Enviros must file new suit on grouse decision (Idaho)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News 4/29/10

28.  Why it’s so tough to stop the Gulf Oil leak—NPR 4//29/10

29. Gulf oil spill could eclipse Exxon Valdez disaster—NPR 4/29/10

30.  Gulf Coast awaits oncoming oil slick with dread—Hobrook Mohr, Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/28/10

31.  Coast Guard considers lighting oil spill on fire—Holbrook Mohr, Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/28/10

32.  Dozens of urns with human ashes in Lake Zurich—Bradley S. Klapper, AP, DN 4/28/10

33.  Crews try setting fire to oil leaking in Gulf—Cain Burdeau, Brett Martel, AP, DN 4/28/10

34.  Report:  Most Americans still live in unclean air—AP, DN 4/28/10

35.  Gov’t OKs 1st US offshore wind farm, off Mass.—Jay Lindsay, AP, DN 4/28/10

36.  Clinton allows chickens in certain zones—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/28/10

37.  Rescue groups aim to find homes for more than 800 dogs, cats in ‘Pet Super Adoption’—DN 4/28/10

38.  Construction under way for water conservation education center in West Jordan—Amelia Nielsen-Stowell, DN 4/28/10

39.  Mormon Church unveils solar powered meetinghouse—Scott Taylor, DN 4/28/10

40.  Researchers justify wind farm near Canyonlands—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/28/10

41.  Utah has a growing snake and reptile problem—Paul Nelson, KSL Newsradio 4//28/10

42.  Utah gets bad grades for air quality—Jenny Brundin, KUER 4/28/10

43.  Wolves make few unnecessary elk kills, study says (Wyoming)—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News & Guide 4/28/10

44.  Planned wind-turbine plant gathers gust of momentum (Nevada)—Richard N. Velotta, Las Vegas Sun 4/28/10

45.  High court hears Roundup Ready case—Tom Lutey, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 4/28/10

46.  TransAlta sees role for coal as world aims to cut emissions (Washington State)—Dina O’Meara, Calgary Herald 4/28/10

47.  Digging up saltcedar won’t boost water supplies—Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times 4/28/10

48.  Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate bill sent to EPA, buying time in the Senate—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 4/28/10

49.  F.E. Dominy, who harnessed water in the American West, is dead at 100—Douglas Martin, The New York Times 4/28/10

50.  ConocoPhillips retires leases next to Glacier park—Matt Volz, AP, Google News 4/28/10

51.  Study:  Most in U.S. exposed to dangerous pollution—NPR 4/28/10

52.  Salazar aide:  Oil shale not ready for ‘prime time’—AP, SLT 4/28/10

53.  Man faces charges in pesticide deaths—Jason Bergreen, Erin Alberty, SLT 4/28/10

54.  Utah wind project to add 68 turbines—AP, SLT 4/27/10

55.  Salazar lauds Utah’s approach to public lands discussion—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/26/10

56.  NBC plans special on prince’s environmentalism—AP, DN 4/27/10

57.  BLM settles dispute over San Juan Basin plan (New Mexico)—Susan Montoya Bryan, AP, ABC News 4/27/10

58.  Prince Charles’ environment film to air in U.S.—Reuters, ABC News 4/27/10


59.  Why we should consider the privacy of animals—Brett Mills, The Guardian (UK) 4/30/10

60.  Water plans could leave us dry if nature balks—Tom Wharton, SLT 4/30/10

61.  High-speed rail—Editorial, SLT 4/28/10

62.  Climate change over immigration reform—Editorial, The Washington Post, SLT 4/27/10


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