Roundup Tuesday April 27, 2010

1.  LDS Church unveils its first-ever solar powered meetinghouse—Scott Taylor, DN 4/27/10

2.  Hill wins Air Force environmental award—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/27/10

3.  Utah sovereign lands program manager remembered as dedicated public servant—Sara Lenz, DN 4/27/10

4.  Milford energy fair is set for April 29—DN 4/27/10

5.  ICC hears SITLA swap proposal—Jennifer Weaver, St. George Spectrum 4/27/10

6.  Glacier releases proposed bear management changes in wake of sow, cub deaths—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 4/27/10

7.  Judge sets hearing on wolf delisting (Montana)—Eve Byron, The Helena Independent Record 4/27/10

8.  The deaths of lodgepole pine trees have a silver lining—Mark Jaffe, The Denver Post 4/27/10

9.  Crews work to limit leak from Gulf Coast rig blast—Debbie Elliott, NPR 4/27/10

10.  Climate bill appears stalled in Senate—Christopher Joyce, NPR 4/27/10

11.  Australia puts carbon trading scheme on hold—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 4/27/10

12.  Experts call for hike in global water price—Juliette Jowit, The Guardian (UK) 4/27/10

13.  Millionaire to build island eco-home off Dorset coast—Steven Morris, The Guardian (UK) 4/27/10

14.  Interior boss eager to compromise on Utah land issues—Brandon Loomis, SLT 4/26/10

15.  Official:  Water deal critical—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/26/10

16.  China’s automakers aim for ‘green’ market niche—AP, SLT 4/26/10

17.  St. George failed as a Western cotton capital—Marc Haddock, DN 4/26/10

18.  Oil leak from sunken rig could hurt Gulf Coast—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/26/10

19.  Ukraine leader says Chernobyl reactor a threat—Anna Melnichuk, AP, DN 4/26/10

20.  Salazar looks for compromise—Jenny Brundin, KUER News 4/26/10

21.  Townsend residents voice concern over MSTI, substation (Montana)—Eve Byron, The Montana Standard 4/26/10

22.  Nitrate exceeds standards in 1 of 5 Lower Valley wells (Washington State)—Leah Beth Ward, Yakima Herald-Republic 4/26/10

23.  Why the Senate climate bill is on life support—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 4/26/10

24.  China debates whether human activity or climate change is to blame for drought—Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times 4/26/10,0,2423807.story

25.  Senator hopes climate bill backers will regroup—AP, San Francisco Chronicle 4/26/10

26.  KBR files motion to dismiss hexavalent chromium lawsuit filed by Oregon soldiers—Julie Sullivan, The Oregonian 4/26/10

27.  Not all solar power plants totally ‘green’—UPI 4/26/10

28.  One farmer acts to save environment from factory farms—Yvonne Zipp, The Christian Science Monitor 4/26/10

29. How cap-and-trade was’trashed’—Alan Greenblatt, NPR 4/26/10

30.  Environment can suffer amid panic of a film set, says actor Colin Firth—The Canadian Press, CTV 4/26/10

31.  Colombian government wants Greystar to file new environment impact study (Canada)—The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press 4/26/10

32.  When green isn’t green enough (British Columbia dam)—Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/26/10

33.  Parties dispute merits of environmental plans—BBC News 4/26/10

34.  Coal protest shuts down rail route to opencast mine—Bibi van der Zee, The Guardian (UK) 4/26/10

35.  Bishop, Chaffetz join water fight in Congress—Lee Davidson, DN 4/25/10

36.  Provo shows off Energy Smart House—Marc Haddock, DN 4/25/10

37.  Damaged well is leaking oil in Gulf of Mexico—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/25/10

38.  Immigration dispute delaying climate bill in Senate—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 4/25/10

39.  Fast end to gulf oil leak hinges on robot subs—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/25/10

40.  Soft winters, no rabies have created a skunk’s paradise—Dan Simmons, Chicago Tribune, DN 4/25/10

41.  Glacier National Park has 100 years of stories; the best have both people and critters as characters—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 4/25/10

42.  At Pinnacles, looking in on a condor nursery (California)—Tom Bentley, Los Angeles Times 4/25/10,0,4891947.story

43.  Bill would allow green alternative to cremation (California)—Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle 4/25/10

44.  Turning Danish trash into cheap, clean energy—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle 4/25/10

45.  Developing nations:  Climate change treaty in 2010—AP, Fox News 4/25/10

46.  Could cleaner air actually intensify global warming?—NPR 4/25/10

47.  New brucellosis ‘hot spots’ found in Yellowstone—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 4/24/10

48.  On 40th anniversary, Earth Day is big business—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times, SLT 4/24/10

49.  Coast Guard:  Oil leaking from well at blast site—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/24/10

50.  South Africa hosts developing countries on climate talk—Donna Bryson, AP, DN 4/24/10

51.  Rain, choppy seas halt cleanup near sunken oil rig—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/24/10

52.  Study echoes warnings of evolving weeds that weed killers can no longer conquer—Scott Canon, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 4/24/10

53.  Near Blythe, historian sees solar plants as threat to desert carvings (California)—David Kelly, Los Angeles Times 4/24/10,0,1829423.story

54.  Graham pulls support for major senate climate bill—John M. Broder, The New York Times 4/24/10

55.  State divisions agree on handling bats in uranium mines—Mike Gorrell, SLT 4/23/10

56.  3 more Utahns plead guilty in artifacts case—Mike Stark, AP, DN 4/23/10


57.  Wilderness by committee—Jonathan Thompson, Rachel Waldholz, High Country News 4/26/10

58.  Drying up (Las Vegas water issue)—Editorial, SLT 4/26/10

59.  Five myths about green energy—Robert Bryce, The Washington Post 4/25/10

60.  Emigration Canyon—Editorial, SLT 4/25/10

61.  Chaffetz’s sage grouse diet—Casey Jones, SLT 4/24/10

62.  Will we be ready when drought comes to stay?—Ed Firmage Jr., SLT 4/24/10

63.  It’s prudent to plan for worst as climate warms—J. Bradford DeLong, professor, U.C. Berkeley, SLT 4/24/10

64.  Earth Day­TM-Tastes great, less filling—Erich Pica, President, Friends of the Earth, The Huffington Post 4/23/10—-tastes-great_b_549996.html

65.  Bridging Utah Lake—Editorial, SLT 4/23/10

66.  More slides—Editorial, SLT 4/23/10

67.  Parleys Historic Nature Park is a city treasure—Denise Boggs, Ty Harrison, Nancy Von Allmen, SLT 4/23/10


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