Roundup Tuesday April 20,2010

1.  Supreme Court overturns anti-animal cruelty law in First Amendment case—Robert Barnes, The Washington Post 4/21/10

2.  Greenpeace criticizes Facebook over Oregon data center—AP, The Oregonian 4/20/10

3.  San Jose car burial put ecological era in gear—Sam Whiting, The San Francisco Chronicle 4/20/10

4.  Green MBA degrees sprout up on campuses—Carolyn Said, The San Francisco Chronicle 4/20/10

5.  ‘Dirt!  The Movie’ focuses on the soil beneath our feet—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 4/20/10

6.  Ritter OKs bill on natural-gas power plants (Colorado)—Joe Hanel, The Durango Herald 4/20/10

7.  FDA plans to limit amount of salt allowed in processed foods for health reasons—Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post 4/20/10

8.  Court voids law aimed at animal cruelty videos—Mark Sherman, AP, DN 4/20/10

9.  Bill seeks to triple downwinder compensation; Hatch opposes it—Lee Davidson, DN 4/20/10

10.  Threat of new, larger Icelandic eruption looms—Carlo Piovano, AP, DN 4/20/10

11.  Bidding process on huge Amazon dam suspended again—Marco Sibaja, AP, DN 4/20/10

12.  Uranium payments may rise—Gary Harmon, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Colorado) 4/19/10

13.  ExxonMobil favors fracing disclosure—Katie Burford, The Durango Herald (Colorado) 4/19/10

14.  NY:  Adirondack environment much improved since ’70—AP, The Times Herald-Record 4/19/10

15.  Gallup says Americans are not behaving greener—Jessica Durando, Wendy Koch, USA Today 4//19/10

16.  For Earth Day, 7 new rules to live by—John Tierney, The New York Times 4/19/10

17.  B.C. opens floodgates with third Peace River dam (British Columbia)—Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/19/10

18.  Iceland volcano causes fall in carbon emissions as eruption grounds aircraft—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 4/19/10

19.  Malaysia, Japan announce initiative for environment, energy—Khairdzir Yunus, 4/19/10

20.  Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend to help Chernobyl kids—AP, DN 4/19/10

21.  African woman wins environmental award—DN 4/19/10

22.  New protection incentives announced for sage grouse; Utah begins study—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/19/10

23.  Earth Day events abound in Utah—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/19/10

24.  Elk Ridge to fence its new water tank—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 4/19/10

25.  Bountiful arsenic finding spurs water study—AP, DN 4/19/10

26.  E. coli tests prompt recall of WinCo ground beef—AP, DN 4/19/10

27.  Vegetable garden, grow what your family will eat—Debbie Arrington, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 4/19/10

28.  A feast for the eyes:  Growing vegetables in containers—Mariana Greene, The Dallas Morning News, DN 4/19/10

29.  A sample of some gardening books—Susan Banks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, DN 4/19/10

30.  Root crops a good choice during fickle spring—Larry A. Sagers, DN 4/19/10

31.  Utah homeowners can earn thousands by shifting to solar, wind—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/19/10

32.  Third landslide in North Salt Lake worries residents—Maria Villasenor, SLT 4/19/10

33.  Earth Day:  University of Utah to recycle electronic waste—AP, SLT 4/19/10

34.  USU scientist discovers 2 bee species—AP, SLT 4/19/10

35.  Pop Top:  Before ‘Avatar’:  More big-screen environmentalism—Vince Horiuchi, SLT 4/19/10

36.  Lawmakers urge road access in forest to vent methane from mine (Colorado)—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 4/18/10

37.  Agricultural runoff has harsh impact on environment (Ohio)—Tom Beyerlein, Dayton Daily News 4/18/10

38.  On a dusty mesa, no water or electricity, but boundless space—Erik Eckholm, The New York Times 4/18/10

39.  Decision looms on $6.6 billion Site C dam project (Peace River, British Columbia)—Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun 4/18/10

40.  Bolivia climate change talks to give poor a voice—John Vidal, Andres Schipiani, The Guardian (UK) 4/18/10

41.  Gas drilling debate rages in Del. River watershed—Michael Rubinkam, AP, DN 4/18/10

42.  Early apple blossom triggers fears of killer frost—Bob Salsberg, AP, DN 4/18/10

43.  D.C. neighborhood yields WWI chemicals—Brett Zongker, AP, DN 4/18/10

44.  Iceland’s farmers try to save herds from toxic ash—Carlo Piovano, AP, DN 4/18/10

45.  Peru town copes with being devoured by mine—Andrew Whalen, AP, DN 4/18/10

46.  Counting sea life, sometimes little things are big—Randolph E. Schmid, AP, DN 4/18/10

47.  Clinton postpones decision on chicken ordinance—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/18/10

48.  EPA to cut mercury emissions from Nevada gold mines—AP, DN 4/18/10

49.  Salt Lake meetings focus on enhancing bicycle accommodation—Aaron Falk, Arthur Raymond, DN 4/18/10

50.  Kanab-area reservoir expected to spur growth—AP, DN 4/18/10

51.  UTA ordered to halt work on FrontRunner South section—Laura Hancock, DN 4/18/10

52.  FrontRunner extension on pause for construction violations—AP, SLT 4/18/10

53.  Is Lyme disease striking Utah?—Kirsten Stewart, SLT 4/18/10

54.  CU-Boulder celebrates 40 years of student activism in the Environmental Center—Laura Snider, The Boulder Daily Camera 4/17/10

55.  Earth Day, now celebrated around the world, turns 40—Mike Ivey, The Capital Times (Wisconsin) 4/17/10

56.  Obama initiates conservation plan—Michael Riley, The Denver Post 4/17/10

57.  Feds consider oil and gas lease changes over climate worries—Matthew Brown, AP, The Missoulian 4/17/10

58.  Obama launches America’s Great Outdoors conservation initiative—Juliet Eilperin, Scott Wilson, The Washington Post 4/17/10

59.  Obama’s gambit to marry US policies on environment and energy—Mark Clayton, The Christian Science Monitor 4/17/20

60.  Uganda environment body worried by Tullow’s safeguards—Reuters UK 4/17/10

61.  Regulators pass rule on depleted uranium—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/17/10

62.  Ogden man pleads guilty to 2008 mink farm raid—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/17/10

63.  Utah earthquakes leading up to volcanic action?—James Thalman, DN 4/17/10

64.  Students protest for Westminster green space—Wendy Leonard, DN 4/17/10

65.  April storms help, but Utah’s snowpack remains below average—Lynn Arave, DN 4/17/10

66.  Bryce Canyon National Park proposes building pullouts for wildlife watching—AP, DN 4/17/10

67.  Extend the growing season with your own greenhouse—Susan Zevon, AP, DN 4/17/10

68.  Documentary studies human-dog bond—Sue Manning, AP, DN 4/17/10

69.  Drop in economy leads to drop in babies—even in Utah—Heather May, SLT 4/17/10

70.  Reservoir expected to spur Kanab growth—Mark Havnes, SLT 4/17/10

71.  Quake rattles Wyoming, Utah, Idaho—AP, The Billings Gazette 4/16/10

72.  Defunct uranium mine contaminating groundwater near reservoir (Colorado)—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 4/16/10

73.  Wyoming moves ahead on uranium permits—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 4/16/10

74.  Keystone Pipeline report:  Streams, fossils may be damaged (Alberta oilsands to Texas pipeline)—Kim Skornogoski, Great Falls Tribune 4/16/10

75.  Idaho ranks 4th in geothermal development—Joshua Palmer, Twin Falls Times-News 4/16/10

76.  Fishers in Rockies may need protection, U.S. agency says—Matthew Brown, AP, The Helena Independent Record (Montana) 4/16/10

77.  Rancher’s troubled land just one of several active underground fires (Wyoming)—AP, The Billings Gazette 4/16/10

78.  Icelandic volcano impacts economy, industry, environment—David Byrd, Voice of America 4/16/10

79.  Amazon defenders succeed in stalling huge dam project—Alan Clendenning, AP, DN 4/16/10

80.  Meteor lights up Midwest sky—Dinesh Ramde, AP, DN 4/16/10

81.  Volcano illustrates world’s interconnectedness—Michael Tarm, AP, DN 4/16/10

82.  Volcanic ash spreads high over Europe, Russia—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/16/10

83.  Solar Cities America project shine light on hope for sun power—Arthur Raymond, DN 4/16/10

84.  Dog owners barking about plans to revamp Parleys Historic Nature Park—Aaron Falk, DN 4/16/10

85.  Agreement reached over euthanizing pets in Heber—Rebecca Palmer, DN 4/16/10

86.  Conservation grant awarded to Iron County property—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/16/10

87.  Utah cyclists urged to pick up pace in quest for funding—Brandon Loomis, SLT 4/16/10

88.  Army Corps finds new WWI chemical site in DC yard—Brett Zongker, AP, SLT 4/16/10

89.  EPA to cut mercury emissions at Nevada gold mines—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/16/10


90.  Colorado River water policy faces an age of limits—Dan McCool, University of Utah, SLT 4/20/10

91.  Anti-fishing law means tourists will stay out of Utah—Jon Heaton, Cerro Coso College, SLT 4/19/10

92.  Let’s not lose the wetlands—Peg McEntee, SLT 4/19/10

93.  Depleted uranium—Editorial, SLT 4/18/10

94.  High cost for environmental bankruptcy—Tia Nelson, Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (daughter late US Sen. Gaylord Nelson), The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/17/10

95.  Federal agencies agree to help protect sage grouse in West—Bob Moen, AP, SLT 4/16/10

96.  Wouldn’t state have to pay feds for land?—Tom Wharton, SLT 4/16/10


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