Roundup Tuesday April 13, 2010

1.  Thanks to Headwaters News for many of the stories in today’s Roundup

2.  Entry to parks in Utah free—Mark Havnes, SLT 4/13/10

3.  Farm animals are joining Utah neighborhoods—Brooke Brown, DN 4/13/10

4.  Environmental group Utah Valley Earth Forum submits no-build proposal for Utah Lake bridge—Emily James, DN 4/13/10

5.  Shelter euthanizing fewer animals in 2010—Rebecca Palmer, DN 4/13/10

6.  Clinton to vote on chicken rules—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/13/10

7.  US to study foreign oil, gas leases—AP, DN 4/13/10

8.  Cameron, Weaver protest proposed dam—Wire Services, DN 4/13/10

9.  Federal money will help buy June sucker habitat—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/13/10

10.  Navajo water project promises to deliver in two years (New Mexico)—Alysa Landry, The Daily Times 4/13/10

11.  Sun River Valley residents raise concerns at Simms FWP grizzly meeting (Montana)—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune 4/13/10

12.  That dust on the snow around Aspen is bad, researchers say (Colorado)—Carolyn Sackariason, The Aspen Times 4/13/10

13.  Panel recommends spilling, barging of salmon (Washington State)—Kevin McCullen, The News Tribune 4/13/10

14.  Other Massey mines showed a pattern of violations—Howard Berkes, Robert Benincasa, NPR 4/13/10

15.  Agriculture Department seeds the way for ‘people’s gardens’—Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post 4/13/10

16.  Aluminum foil or plastic wrap:  Which is better for the environment?—Nina Shen Rastogi, The Green Lantern, Slate, The Washington Post 4/13/10

17.  Antarctic researchers ease the impact of human activity on pristine environment—Ann Posegate, The Washington Post 4/13/10

18.  Japanese whalers blame Sea Shepherd for smallest catch in years—Justin McCurry, The Guardian (UK) 4/13/10

19.  Hollywood stars join politicians at Bolivia’s ‘cool’ global warming summit—John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 4/13/10

20.  Rio Tinto to Congress:  Get going on carbon pricing—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/12/10

21.  Watchers of California gray whales fear dip in the sea-mammals’ population—Noaki Schwartz, AP, DN 4/12/10

22.  Fewer pound animals headed for research at University of Utah—Rebecca Palmer, DN 4/12/10

23.  Judge denies dismissal of charges in artifacts case—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/12/10

24.  Review of Utah wildfire criticizes crew’s response—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/12/10

25.  States woo Calif. dairymen with less regulation—Michael J. Crumb, AP, The Idaho Statesman 4/12/10

26.  Group to look at wind farms’ effects on grouse—Nate Poppino, The Twin Falls Times-News (Idaho) 4/12/10

27.  BLM proposes options to address Wyo. grasshoppers—AP, CBS4 Denver 4/12/10

28.  Las Vegas can’t handle another era of unimpeded growth, study says—Stephanie Tavares, The Las Vegas Sun 4/12/10

29.  Divergent interests at loggerheads in spectacular Tongass National Forest—Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times 4/12/10,0,5161409.story

30.  Science panel opposes Obama plan for Snake/Columbia salmon—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 4/12/10

31.  Pacific Fishery council moves to open Oregon Coast, California to chinook fishing—AP, The Oregonian 4/12/10

32.  Two dead gray whales wash ashore in Washington—AP, The Oregonian 4/12/10

33.  What Stevens’ retirement means to the environment—Aaron Wiener, The Washington Independent 4/12/10

34.  New Nature Conservancy atlas aims to show the state of the world’s ecosystems—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 4/12/10

35.  Europe finds clean energy in trash, but US lags—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times 4/12/10

36.  Shell fights shareholders’ campaign for oil sands review—Tim Webb, The Guardian (UK) 4/12/10

37.  Copenhagen destroyed by Danish draft leak, says India’s environment minister—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 4/12/10

38.  Gardening:  Tomatoes for early picking—Maggie Wolf, SLT 4/11/10

39.  Gardening:  Is there a remedy for that peach tree bore?—Maggie Wolf, SLT 4/11/10

40.  Skirmishes renewed at UN climate conference—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/11/10

41.  Australian officials seek to protect reef—AP, DN 4/11/10

42.  Reward offered in animal-abuse cases—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/11/10

43.  Wyoming oil refiners under regulatory scrutiny—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 4/11/10

44.  Water worries:  Planning for an unpredictable future (Colorado)—Allen Best, The Aspen Times 4/11/10

45.  How dry is my valley?  Farms short on water (California)—Matt Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle 4/11/10

46.  Invasive plant species increase wildfire risk (California)—Ben Preston, San Francisco Chronicle 4/11/10

47.  Green-building advocates take the LEED—Diane Mastrull, The Philadelphia Inquirer 4/11/10

48.  Appalachians yield a familiar tale of corporate dereliction—Paul Harris, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 4/11/10

49.  Heavy industry claims carbon emission targets are ‘death by a thousand cuts’—Tim Webb, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 4/11/10

50.  Can the air be cleaned in Utah?—Katie Drake, SLT 4/10/10

51.  Colorado penguin parents adopt another zoo’s chick—AP, SLT 4/10/10

52.  LA billionaires sued over California water sales—Garance Burke, AP, DN 4/10/10

53.  Want success with seeds?  There are plenty of resources—Mariana Greene, The Dallas Morning News, DN 4/10/10

54.  Mountain goats on display in Little Cottonwood Canyon—KSL Newsradio 4/10/10

55.  Debate on climate heats up online—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/9/10

56.  Yellowstone winter visits up from last year—AP, SLT 4/9/10

57.  Helping a dying baby whale—AP, DN 4/9/10

58.  Post-Copenhagen climate talks begin amid discord—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/9/10

59.  Police investigate possible attacks on animals—Paul Nelson, KSL Newsradio 4/9/10

60.  Salt Lake City to host bicycle summit—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/9/10

61.  Squid invasion hitting Oregon coast and scientists are concerned, but could there be a silver lining?—Lori Tobias, The Oregonian 4/9/10

62.  FDA takes a closer look at your soap—Kelly Brewington, Picture of Health blog, The Baltimore Sun 4/9/10

63.  US climate bill weak for N.E., critics say—Beth Daley, The Boston Globe 4/9/10

64.  EPA faults California waste plant for chemical disposal—Democracy Now 4/9/10

65.  Groups ask judge to halt mining in northern Ariz.—AP, Bloomberg Business Week 4/9/10

66.  BLM suspends some oil and gas lease sales to review warming impacts—Noelle Straub, Greenwire, The New York Times 4/9/10

67.  Nuclear waste may get a second life—Richard Harris, NPR 4/9/10

68.  Documents reveal extensive violations at mine—Peter Overby, NPR 4/9/10

69.  Animal deaths in oilsands targeted (Canada)—Jamie Komarnicki, The Calgary Herald 4/9/10

70.  Oilsands water plan raises fears for river (Canada)—Dan Healing, Jamie Komarnicki, The Calgary Herald 4/9/10

71.  Common ground (preserving agricultural land, Montana)—Matthew Frank, The Missoula Independent 4/8/10

72.  Judge OKs ‘final’ delay in $3.4B Indian lawsuit—Matthew Daly, AP, Reznet 4/8/10

73.  Hurricane season expected to be worse than usual—Deborah Tedford, NPR 4/7/10


74.  From green roofs to clean tech:  How Chicago is preparing for the sustainable future—Suzanne Malec-McKenna, Commissioner, Department of the Environment, City of Chicago, The Huffington Post 4/12/10

75.  Con:  Shale gas drilling harms the environment and poses health risks—J.J. Velasquez, The Victoria Advocate (Texas) 4/11/10

76.  Wilderness bill—Editorial, SLT 4/10/10

77.  Vigilance needed to keep Utah waters mussel-free—Larry Dalton, Division of Wildlife Resources, SLT 4/10/10

78.  Agency acts properly on wind farm guidelines—Editorial, Casper Star-Tribune 4/9/10

79.  Congress can avert a disaster (buffelgrass fire danger in Arizona)—Editorial, The Arizona Republic 4/9/10

80.  Obama’s energy plan not so straightforward—David A. Ridenour, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services, DN 4/9/10


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