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Roundup Tuesday April 27, 2010

1.  LDS Church unveils its first-ever solar powered meetinghouse—Scott Taylor, DN 4/27/10

2.  Hill wins Air Force environmental award—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/27/10

3.  Utah sovereign lands program manager remembered as dedicated public servant—Sara Lenz, DN 4/27/10

4.  Milford energy fair is set for April 29—DN 4/27/10

5.  ICC hears SITLA swap proposal—Jennifer Weaver, St. George Spectrum 4/27/10

6.  Glacier releases proposed bear management changes in wake of sow, cub deaths—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 4/27/10

7.  Judge sets hearing on wolf delisting (Montana)—Eve Byron, The Helena Independent Record 4/27/10

8.  The deaths of lodgepole pine trees have a silver lining—Mark Jaffe, The Denver Post 4/27/10

9.  Crews work to limit leak from Gulf Coast rig blast—Debbie Elliott, NPR 4/27/10

10.  Climate bill appears stalled in Senate—Christopher Joyce, NPR 4/27/10

11.  Australia puts carbon trading scheme on hold—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 4/27/10

12.  Experts call for hike in global water price—Juliette Jowit, The Guardian (UK) 4/27/10

13.  Millionaire to build island eco-home off Dorset coast—Steven Morris, The Guardian (UK) 4/27/10

14.  Interior boss eager to compromise on Utah land issues—Brandon Loomis, SLT 4/26/10

15.  Official:  Water deal critical—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/26/10

16.  China’s automakers aim for ‘green’ market niche—AP, SLT 4/26/10

17.  St. George failed as a Western cotton capital—Marc Haddock, DN 4/26/10

18.  Oil leak from sunken rig could hurt Gulf Coast—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/26/10

19.  Ukraine leader says Chernobyl reactor a threat—Anna Melnichuk, AP, DN 4/26/10

20.  Salazar looks for compromise—Jenny Brundin, KUER News 4/26/10

21.  Townsend residents voice concern over MSTI, substation (Montana)—Eve Byron, The Montana Standard 4/26/10

22.  Nitrate exceeds standards in 1 of 5 Lower Valley wells (Washington State)—Leah Beth Ward, Yakima Herald-Republic 4/26/10

23.  Why the Senate climate bill is on life support—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 4/26/10

24.  China debates whether human activity or climate change is to blame for drought—Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times 4/26/10,0,2423807.story

25.  Senator hopes climate bill backers will regroup—AP, San Francisco Chronicle 4/26/10

26.  KBR files motion to dismiss hexavalent chromium lawsuit filed by Oregon soldiers—Julie Sullivan, The Oregonian 4/26/10

27.  Not all solar power plants totally ‘green’—UPI 4/26/10

28.  One farmer acts to save environment from factory farms—Yvonne Zipp, The Christian Science Monitor 4/26/10

29. How cap-and-trade was’trashed’—Alan Greenblatt, NPR 4/26/10

30.  Environment can suffer amid panic of a film set, says actor Colin Firth—The Canadian Press, CTV 4/26/10

31.  Colombian government wants Greystar to file new environment impact study (Canada)—The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press 4/26/10

32.  When green isn’t green enough (British Columbia dam)—Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/26/10

33.  Parties dispute merits of environmental plans—BBC News 4/26/10

34.  Coal protest shuts down rail route to opencast mine—Bibi van der Zee, The Guardian (UK) 4/26/10

35.  Bishop, Chaffetz join water fight in Congress—Lee Davidson, DN 4/25/10

36.  Provo shows off Energy Smart House—Marc Haddock, DN 4/25/10

37.  Damaged well is leaking oil in Gulf of Mexico—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/25/10

38.  Immigration dispute delaying climate bill in Senate—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 4/25/10

39.  Fast end to gulf oil leak hinges on robot subs—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/25/10

40.  Soft winters, no rabies have created a skunk’s paradise—Dan Simmons, Chicago Tribune, DN 4/25/10

41.  Glacier National Park has 100 years of stories; the best have both people and critters as characters—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 4/25/10

42.  At Pinnacles, looking in on a condor nursery (California)—Tom Bentley, Los Angeles Times 4/25/10,0,4891947.story

43.  Bill would allow green alternative to cremation (California)—Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle 4/25/10

44.  Turning Danish trash into cheap, clean energy—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle 4/25/10

45.  Developing nations:  Climate change treaty in 2010—AP, Fox News 4/25/10

46.  Could cleaner air actually intensify global warming?—NPR 4/25/10

47.  New brucellosis ‘hot spots’ found in Yellowstone—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 4/24/10

48.  On 40th anniversary, Earth Day is big business—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times, SLT 4/24/10

49.  Coast Guard:  Oil leaking from well at blast site—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/24/10

50.  South Africa hosts developing countries on climate talk—Donna Bryson, AP, DN 4/24/10

51.  Rain, choppy seas halt cleanup near sunken oil rig—Cain Burdeau, AP, DN 4/24/10

52.  Study echoes warnings of evolving weeds that weed killers can no longer conquer—Scott Canon, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 4/24/10

53.  Near Blythe, historian sees solar plants as threat to desert carvings (California)—David Kelly, Los Angeles Times 4/24/10,0,1829423.story

54.  Graham pulls support for major senate climate bill—John M. Broder, The New York Times 4/24/10

55.  State divisions agree on handling bats in uranium mines—Mike Gorrell, SLT 4/23/10

56.  3 more Utahns plead guilty in artifacts case—Mike Stark, AP, DN 4/23/10


57.  Wilderness by committee—Jonathan Thompson, Rachel Waldholz, High Country News 4/26/10

58.  Drying up (Las Vegas water issue)—Editorial, SLT 4/26/10

59.  Five myths about green energy—Robert Bryce, The Washington Post 4/25/10

60.  Emigration Canyon—Editorial, SLT 4/25/10

61.  Chaffetz’s sage grouse diet—Casey Jones, SLT 4/24/10

62.  Will we be ready when drought comes to stay?—Ed Firmage Jr., SLT 4/24/10

63.  It’s prudent to plan for worst as climate warms—J. Bradford DeLong, professor, U.C. Berkeley, SLT 4/24/10

64.  Earth Day­TM-Tastes great, less filling—Erich Pica, President, Friends of the Earth, The Huffington Post 4/23/10—-tastes-great_b_549996.html

65.  Bridging Utah Lake—Editorial, SLT 4/23/10

66.  More slides—Editorial, SLT 4/23/10

67.  Parleys Historic Nature Park is a city treasure—Denise Boggs, Ty Harrison, Nancy Von Allmen, SLT 4/23/10


Roundup Friday April 23, 2010

1.  All the tees in China:  Golf boom threatens rainforest—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 4/23/10

2.  Conservationists condemn ‘peace plan’ allowing for limited whaling—Emily Beament, The Guardian (UK) 4/23/10

3.  Grassroots summit calls for international climate court—Andres Schipani, The Guardian (UK) 4/23/10

4.  Eye on the Earth (Photo Gallery)—The Washington Post 4/23/10

5.  Obama unchanged on offshore drilling despite spill—Reuters 4/23/10

6.  Scientist:  Money to fight beetles as fire mitigation not productive—Jeremy Walsh, The Durango Herald 4/23/10

7.  After harsh winter, fewer bald eagles breeding (Arizona)—Christine Harvey, Cronkite News Service, KPNX-TV 4/23/10

8.  Idaho enlists help to control pelicans—John Miller, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 4/23/10

9.  Indian leaders want energy development streamlined—Matthew Brown, AP, The Flathead Beacon (Montana) 4/23/10

10.  Interior Secretary coming to Utah for resource talks—Robert Gehrke, SLT 4/23/10

11.  Back on the Green:  River is lifeblood of fly-fishing—Brett Prettyman, SLT 4/22/10

12.  Fiery Gulf of Mexico oil rig Deepwater Horizon sinks, setting stage for big oil spill—Kevin McGill, Holbrook Mohr, AP, DN 4/22/10

13.  Coast Guard:  No oil leak from sunken rig off Louisiana—Janet McConnaughey, AP, DN 4/23/10

14.  Salazar to attend Utah lands meeting Monday—Lisa Riley Roche, DN 4/23/10

15.  World marks 40th anniversary of Earth Day—Voice of America 4/22/10

16.  40 people who are redefining green— 4/22/10

17.  Hipster habits that annoy the Earth (slideshow)— 4/22/10

18.  From rebellious roots, Earth Day now mainstream—Frederic J. Frommer, AP, Google News 4/22/10

19.  Earth Day poll:  Many think environment will get worse—Brian Montopoli, CBS News 4/22/10

20.  BLM decides on spraying strategy for grasshoppers—Matt Joyce, AP, Google News 4/22/10

21.  Kerry:  Three big oil companies likely to back climate bill—Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones 4/22/10

22.  Earth Day events around the world—CTV (California) 4/22/10

23.  New deadlines proposed for Hanford radioactive waste (Washington State)—Annete Cary, Tri-City Herald 4/22/10

24.  Huge loads may soon be rolling up the Lochsa in Idaho—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 4/22/10

25.  Energy department looks at solar power (Colorado)—Dale Rodebaugh, The Durango Herald 4/22/10

26.  Senate plan leaves Yucca project off the budget—Steve Tetreault, Stephens Washington Bureau, Las Vegas Review-Journal 4/22/10

27.  Lawsuit seeks new water protection rule in Idaho—Todd Dvorak, AP, The Idaho Statesman 4/22/10

28.  State losing another natural resources chief (Colorado)—Dennis Webb, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 4/22/10

29.  Enviro group sues Interior over Wyo. coal leasing—Mead Gruver, AP, Google News 4/22/10

30.  Earth Day turns 40:  Started humble, now global—David A Fahrenthold, Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post, SLT 4/22/10

31.  University of Utah recognized for ‘green’ energy—AP, SLT 4/22/10

32.  Spanish Fork OKs backyard chickens, drops planned fee—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 4/22/10

33.  Feds find only minor infractions at U. animal lab—Christopher Smart, SLT 4/22/10

34.  Sigourney Weaver urges action to protect oceans—Frederic J. Frommer, AP, DN 4/22/10

35.  ‘Cove’ director defiant of base ban, harassment—Yuri Kageyama, AP, DN 4/22/10

36.  Emissions often overestimated, EPA standards old—Ramit Plushnick-Masti, AP, DN 4/22/10

37.  Ire erupts over ash-fueled air crisis—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/22/10

38.  New study says oceans’ chemistry changing rapidly—Randolph E. Schmid, AP, DN 4/22/10

39.  Interior building may be named for Stewart Udall—Lee Davidson, DN 4/22/10

40.  Centerville allows chickens, rabbits in certain zones—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/22/10

41.  US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will meet in Utah with resource council—Lisa Riley Roche, DN 4/22/10

42.  State to decide fate of Tooele County power lines—Amelia Nielson-Stowell, DN 4/22/10

43.  Last call for planting cool season greens—Lee Reich, AP, DN 4/22/10

44.  Raising worms an easy, green gardening task—Kathy Van Mullekom, Daily Press, DN 4/22/10

45.  Solar energy:  A hot new harvest (Canada)—Craig Saunders, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/21/10

46.  At 40, Earth Day is now big business—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times 4/21/10

47.  Obama administration decides to continue spring dam spills for salmon—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News (Idaho) 4/21/10

48.  Wolf controversy polarizes (Wyoming)—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News & Guide 4/21/10

49.  Bishop, Chaffetz rain criticism on water bill—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/21/10

50.  Utah sticking with climate pact but not its cap-and-trade plan—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/21/10

51.  Spanish Fork OKs backyard chickens, drops planned fee—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 4/21/10

52.  Bryce Canyon National Park to honor Utah prairie dog—Mark Havnes, SLT 4/21/10

53.  Climate bill ‘doable’ in ’10, White House says—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 4/21/10

54.  Centerville looking for green waste subscribers—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/21/10

55.  Matheson, unlike Hatch, supports downwinder bill—Lee Davidson, DN 4/21/10

56.  USDA issues citations to University of Utah animal laboratories—Wendy Leonard, DN 4/21/10

57.  Earth Day:  Ogden company profits from recycling—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/21/10

58.  University of Utah collecting e-waste—DN 4/21/10

59.  Feds want full market value for Utah land it bought for $1 in Mantua—Lee Davidson, DN 4/21/10

60.  Spanish Fork to allow chickens in residential areas—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 4/21/10

61.  North Salt Lake installs barriers on hillside—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/21/10

62.  Reps. Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz join water fight in congress—Lee Davidson, DN 4/21/10

63.  California museum won’t sell rare Ansel Adams prints—AP, DN 4/21/10

64.  Senate Republicans move to bar NEPA analysis of climate change impacts—Noelle Straub, Greenwire, The New York Times 4/20/10

65.  Military looks to Montana oilseed crops to help it fuel aircraft, go green—Mike Dennison, The Missoulian 4/20/10

66.  Starthistle state’s new weed enemy No. 1 (Montana)—Linda Halstead-Acharya, The Billings Gazette 4/20/10

67.  Feds clear way for Utah-Nevada petroleum pipeline—AP, KOLO-TV (Nevada) 4/20/10

68.  Events focus on ways to make every day Earth Day—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/20/10

69.  Bipartisan bill would compensate more downwinders—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/20/10

70.  Feds order UTA to halt work on FrontRunner stretch—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 4/20/10

71.  Geologist:  North S.L. slide not ‘true’ landslide—Maria Villasenor, SLT 4/20/10

72.  Conflict of interest alleged in rezone for soccer complex near Jordan River—Aaron Falk, DN 4/20/10

73.  Triple awards for downwinders?—Lee Davidson, DN 4/20/10


74.  This Earth Day, call for clean energy—Michael Brune, Executive Director The Sierra Club, Reuters 4/22/10

75.  On Earth Day, the environmental movement needs repairs—Bill McKibben, The Washington Post 4/23/10

76.  This Earth Day:  Recommit to think globally and act locally—David Gordon, Executive Director Pacific Environment, The Huffington Post 4/22/10

77.  Earth Day 2010—Editorial, Las Vegas Sun 4/22/10

78.  Downwinder claims—Editorial, SLT 4/22/10

79.  Gold diggers (Nevada mercury emissions)—Editorial, SLT 4/21/10

80.  Earth Day—Editorial, SLT 4/21/10

Roundup Tuesday April 20,2010

1.  Supreme Court overturns anti-animal cruelty law in First Amendment case—Robert Barnes, The Washington Post 4/21/10

2.  Greenpeace criticizes Facebook over Oregon data center—AP, The Oregonian 4/20/10

3.  San Jose car burial put ecological era in gear—Sam Whiting, The San Francisco Chronicle 4/20/10

4.  Green MBA degrees sprout up on campuses—Carolyn Said, The San Francisco Chronicle 4/20/10

5.  ‘Dirt!  The Movie’ focuses on the soil beneath our feet—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 4/20/10

6.  Ritter OKs bill on natural-gas power plants (Colorado)—Joe Hanel, The Durango Herald 4/20/10

7.  FDA plans to limit amount of salt allowed in processed foods for health reasons—Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post 4/20/10

8.  Court voids law aimed at animal cruelty videos—Mark Sherman, AP, DN 4/20/10

9.  Bill seeks to triple downwinder compensation; Hatch opposes it—Lee Davidson, DN 4/20/10

10.  Threat of new, larger Icelandic eruption looms—Carlo Piovano, AP, DN 4/20/10

11.  Bidding process on huge Amazon dam suspended again—Marco Sibaja, AP, DN 4/20/10

12.  Uranium payments may rise—Gary Harmon, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Colorado) 4/19/10

13.  ExxonMobil favors fracing disclosure—Katie Burford, The Durango Herald (Colorado) 4/19/10

14.  NY:  Adirondack environment much improved since ’70—AP, The Times Herald-Record 4/19/10

15.  Gallup says Americans are not behaving greener—Jessica Durando, Wendy Koch, USA Today 4//19/10

16.  For Earth Day, 7 new rules to live by—John Tierney, The New York Times 4/19/10

17.  B.C. opens floodgates with third Peace River dam (British Columbia)—Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/19/10

18.  Iceland volcano causes fall in carbon emissions as eruption grounds aircraft—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 4/19/10

19.  Malaysia, Japan announce initiative for environment, energy—Khairdzir Yunus, 4/19/10

20.  Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend to help Chernobyl kids—AP, DN 4/19/10

21.  African woman wins environmental award—DN 4/19/10

22.  New protection incentives announced for sage grouse; Utah begins study—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/19/10

23.  Earth Day events abound in Utah—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/19/10

24.  Elk Ridge to fence its new water tank—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 4/19/10

25.  Bountiful arsenic finding spurs water study—AP, DN 4/19/10

26.  E. coli tests prompt recall of WinCo ground beef—AP, DN 4/19/10

27.  Vegetable garden, grow what your family will eat—Debbie Arrington, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 4/19/10

28.  A feast for the eyes:  Growing vegetables in containers—Mariana Greene, The Dallas Morning News, DN 4/19/10

29.  A sample of some gardening books—Susan Banks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, DN 4/19/10

30.  Root crops a good choice during fickle spring—Larry A. Sagers, DN 4/19/10

31.  Utah homeowners can earn thousands by shifting to solar, wind—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/19/10

32.  Third landslide in North Salt Lake worries residents—Maria Villasenor, SLT 4/19/10

33.  Earth Day:  University of Utah to recycle electronic waste—AP, SLT 4/19/10

34.  USU scientist discovers 2 bee species—AP, SLT 4/19/10

35.  Pop Top:  Before ‘Avatar’:  More big-screen environmentalism—Vince Horiuchi, SLT 4/19/10

36.  Lawmakers urge road access in forest to vent methane from mine (Colorado)—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 4/18/10

37.  Agricultural runoff has harsh impact on environment (Ohio)—Tom Beyerlein, Dayton Daily News 4/18/10

38.  On a dusty mesa, no water or electricity, but boundless space—Erik Eckholm, The New York Times 4/18/10

39.  Decision looms on $6.6 billion Site C dam project (Peace River, British Columbia)—Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun 4/18/10

40.  Bolivia climate change talks to give poor a voice—John Vidal, Andres Schipiani, The Guardian (UK) 4/18/10

41.  Gas drilling debate rages in Del. River watershed—Michael Rubinkam, AP, DN 4/18/10

42.  Early apple blossom triggers fears of killer frost—Bob Salsberg, AP, DN 4/18/10

43.  D.C. neighborhood yields WWI chemicals—Brett Zongker, AP, DN 4/18/10

44.  Iceland’s farmers try to save herds from toxic ash—Carlo Piovano, AP, DN 4/18/10

45.  Peru town copes with being devoured by mine—Andrew Whalen, AP, DN 4/18/10

46.  Counting sea life, sometimes little things are big—Randolph E. Schmid, AP, DN 4/18/10

47.  Clinton postpones decision on chicken ordinance—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/18/10

48.  EPA to cut mercury emissions from Nevada gold mines—AP, DN 4/18/10

49.  Salt Lake meetings focus on enhancing bicycle accommodation—Aaron Falk, Arthur Raymond, DN 4/18/10

50.  Kanab-area reservoir expected to spur growth—AP, DN 4/18/10

51.  UTA ordered to halt work on FrontRunner South section—Laura Hancock, DN 4/18/10

52.  FrontRunner extension on pause for construction violations—AP, SLT 4/18/10

53.  Is Lyme disease striking Utah?—Kirsten Stewart, SLT 4/18/10

54.  CU-Boulder celebrates 40 years of student activism in the Environmental Center—Laura Snider, The Boulder Daily Camera 4/17/10

55.  Earth Day, now celebrated around the world, turns 40—Mike Ivey, The Capital Times (Wisconsin) 4/17/10

56.  Obama initiates conservation plan—Michael Riley, The Denver Post 4/17/10

57.  Feds consider oil and gas lease changes over climate worries—Matthew Brown, AP, The Missoulian 4/17/10

58.  Obama launches America’s Great Outdoors conservation initiative—Juliet Eilperin, Scott Wilson, The Washington Post 4/17/10

59.  Obama’s gambit to marry US policies on environment and energy—Mark Clayton, The Christian Science Monitor 4/17/20

60.  Uganda environment body worried by Tullow’s safeguards—Reuters UK 4/17/10

61.  Regulators pass rule on depleted uranium—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/17/10

62.  Ogden man pleads guilty to 2008 mink farm raid—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/17/10

63.  Utah earthquakes leading up to volcanic action?—James Thalman, DN 4/17/10

64.  Students protest for Westminster green space—Wendy Leonard, DN 4/17/10

65.  April storms help, but Utah’s snowpack remains below average—Lynn Arave, DN 4/17/10

66.  Bryce Canyon National Park proposes building pullouts for wildlife watching—AP, DN 4/17/10

67.  Extend the growing season with your own greenhouse—Susan Zevon, AP, DN 4/17/10

68.  Documentary studies human-dog bond—Sue Manning, AP, DN 4/17/10

69.  Drop in economy leads to drop in babies—even in Utah—Heather May, SLT 4/17/10

70.  Reservoir expected to spur Kanab growth—Mark Havnes, SLT 4/17/10

71.  Quake rattles Wyoming, Utah, Idaho—AP, The Billings Gazette 4/16/10

72.  Defunct uranium mine contaminating groundwater near reservoir (Colorado)—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 4/16/10

73.  Wyoming moves ahead on uranium permits—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 4/16/10

74.  Keystone Pipeline report:  Streams, fossils may be damaged (Alberta oilsands to Texas pipeline)—Kim Skornogoski, Great Falls Tribune 4/16/10

75.  Idaho ranks 4th in geothermal development—Joshua Palmer, Twin Falls Times-News 4/16/10

76.  Fishers in Rockies may need protection, U.S. agency says—Matthew Brown, AP, The Helena Independent Record (Montana) 4/16/10

77.  Rancher’s troubled land just one of several active underground fires (Wyoming)—AP, The Billings Gazette 4/16/10

78.  Icelandic volcano impacts economy, industry, environment—David Byrd, Voice of America 4/16/10

79.  Amazon defenders succeed in stalling huge dam project—Alan Clendenning, AP, DN 4/16/10

80.  Meteor lights up Midwest sky—Dinesh Ramde, AP, DN 4/16/10

81.  Volcano illustrates world’s interconnectedness—Michael Tarm, AP, DN 4/16/10

82.  Volcanic ash spreads high over Europe, Russia—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/16/10

83.  Solar Cities America project shine light on hope for sun power—Arthur Raymond, DN 4/16/10

84.  Dog owners barking about plans to revamp Parleys Historic Nature Park—Aaron Falk, DN 4/16/10

85.  Agreement reached over euthanizing pets in Heber—Rebecca Palmer, DN 4/16/10

86.  Conservation grant awarded to Iron County property—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/16/10

87.  Utah cyclists urged to pick up pace in quest for funding—Brandon Loomis, SLT 4/16/10

88.  Army Corps finds new WWI chemical site in DC yard—Brett Zongker, AP, SLT 4/16/10

89.  EPA to cut mercury emissions at Nevada gold mines—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/16/10


90.  Colorado River water policy faces an age of limits—Dan McCool, University of Utah, SLT 4/20/10

91.  Anti-fishing law means tourists will stay out of Utah—Jon Heaton, Cerro Coso College, SLT 4/19/10

92.  Let’s not lose the wetlands—Peg McEntee, SLT 4/19/10

93.  Depleted uranium—Editorial, SLT 4/18/10

94.  High cost for environmental bankruptcy—Tia Nelson, Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (daughter late US Sen. Gaylord Nelson), The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/17/10

95.  Federal agencies agree to help protect sage grouse in West—Bob Moen, AP, SLT 4/16/10

96.  Wouldn’t state have to pay feds for land?—Tom Wharton, SLT 4/16/10

Roundup Friday April 16, 2010

1.  Blanding man will face all artifacts charges—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/15/10

2.  Kennecott to build plant to process molybdenum—Lois M. Collins, DN 4/15/10

3.  ‘Avatar’ director lauds ruling on Brazilian dam—Alan Clendenning, AP, DN 4/15/10

4.  April storms clobber northern Utah, raise snowfall—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/15/10

5.  Groups want Obama to reject Ritter plan (special roadless rule, Colorado)—Joe Hanel, The Durango Herald 4/15/10

6.  Coal chiefs go on offensive as Pickens pushes case for natural gas—Joel Kirkland, ClimateWire, The New York Times 4/15/10

7.  Lautenberg bill seeks to overhaul US chemical laws—Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post 4/15/10

8.  Can we ‘cool the planet’ through geoengineering?—Jeff Goodell, Fresh Air, NPR 4/15/10

9.  Ash poses more risk for animals than humans—Nadja Popovich, NPR 4/15/10

10.  Turning chicken poop into power—Phoebe Judge, NPR 4/15/10

11.  Iceland volcano cloud brings European air chaos—Agence France-Presse, 4/15/10

12.  The environment:  Not an election issue (UK)—George Monbiot, The Guardian (UK) 4/15/10

13.  Buncefield blast ‘damaged environment’ (UK)—BBC News 4/15/10

14.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar unveils research plan for Arctic drilling—Rachel D’Oro, AP, DN 4/14/10

15.  Washington state sues to keep Yucca Mountain on table for storage of nuclear waste—Shannon Dininny, AP, DN 4/14/10

16.  2 arrested from ship that smashed Australian reef—Kristen Gelineau, AP, DN 4/14/10

17.  Solar Cities America project shine light on hope for sun power—Arthur Raymond, DN 4/14/10

18.  Clinton postpones decision on chicken ordinance—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/14/10

19.  Elk Ridge to fence its new water tank—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 4/14/10

20.  Utah Prehistory Week will feature events on archaeology—DN 4/14/10

21.  New protection incentives announced for sage grouse; Utah begins study—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/14/10

22.  Learning to live without tomatoes and peppers—Michele Kayal, AP, DN 4/14/10

23.  Last US sardine cans being packed in Maine—Clarke Canfield, AP, SLT 4/14/10

24.  Salt Lake County’s solar future could get brighter—Jeremiah Stettler, SLT 4/14/10

25.  Utah oil lease sales continue to plunge—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/14/10

26.  Herbert, Corroon differ on energy development—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/14/10

27.  Minor quake hits Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/14/10

28.  Salt Lake City proposing leash restrictions for nature park—Richard Piatt, KSL Newsradio 4/14/10

29.  GOP:  Border Patrol should control federal lands—Matthew Daly, AP, KSL Newsradio 4/14/10

30.  Nevada water director criticizes Utah—Nicole Gonzales, KSL Newsradio 4/14/10

31.  State delays fracking rules decision (Wyoming)—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 4/14/10

32.  Farmers, ranchers, feds help sage grouse—Bob Moen, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 4/14/10

33.  Wyoming sunflower crop expands—AP, Casper Star-Tribune 4/14/10

34.  Lawmaker names 48 mines that could face scrutiny—Sam Hananel, AP, The Idaho Statesman 4/14/10

35.  Air Force concerns about radar interference stall huge Oregon wind energy farm—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 4/14/10

36.  Senators consider gasoline tax as part of climate bill—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 4/14/10,0,5207349.story

37.  Capito blasts EPA for focus on the environment—Mike Lillis, The Washington Independent 4/14/10

38.  IBM suppliers must track environmental data—Todd Woody, Green Inc., The New York Times 4/14/10

39.  Wal-Mart’s chairman pulls a long supply chain toward sustainability—Colin Sullivan, ClimateWire, The New York Times 4/14/10

40.  US tightens requirements for Energy Star certification—Matthew L. Wald, Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times 4/14/10

41.  Fred Kirschenmann, winner of NRDC’s Growing Green “Thought Leader” award—Tom Philpott, 4/14/10

42.  What the green movement needs from the next Supreme Court justice—Jonathan Hiskes, 4/14/10

43.  Ottawa not preventing oilsands water pollution:  Complaint (Canada)—Mike De Souza, Canwest News Service, Calgary Herald 4/14/10

44.  Earth Day sprouts fun and a bit of creativity—Kathryn Jones, DN 4/13/10

45.  Barrier reef damage ‘severe’ from ship grounding—Kristen Gelineau, AP, DN 4/13/10

46.  Exposure to poisons up in Utah—Lynn Arave, DN 4/13/10

47.  Regulators pass rule on depleted uranium—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/13/10

48.  Solitude seeks to add less of Silver Fork—Mike Gorrell, SLT 4/13/10

49.  State board imposes new regulations on depleted uranium—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/13/10

50.  Fish poisoning may make way for Utah native trout—Mike Stark, AP, KSL Newsradio 4/13/10

51.  Specialists prepare 2,400 pieces for natural history museum—Jed Boal, KSL Newsradio 4/13/10

52.  Biotech crops are good for the earth, report finds—Richard Harris, NPR 4/13/10

53.  Study says overuse threatens gains from modified crops—Andrew Pollack, The New York Times 4/13/10


54.  With wolves, it’s time to separate fact from fiction—Jeff Welsch, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, 4/13/10

55.  A scenic byway—Editorial, SLT 4/13/10

56.  Wildlife fauxtography:  Nature as it isn’t—Ted Williams, Writers on the Range, SLT 4/13/10

Roundup Tuesday April 13, 2010

1.  Thanks to Headwaters News for many of the stories in today’s Roundup

2.  Entry to parks in Utah free—Mark Havnes, SLT 4/13/10

3.  Farm animals are joining Utah neighborhoods—Brooke Brown, DN 4/13/10

4.  Environmental group Utah Valley Earth Forum submits no-build proposal for Utah Lake bridge—Emily James, DN 4/13/10

5.  Shelter euthanizing fewer animals in 2010—Rebecca Palmer, DN 4/13/10

6.  Clinton to vote on chicken rules—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/13/10

7.  US to study foreign oil, gas leases—AP, DN 4/13/10

8.  Cameron, Weaver protest proposed dam—Wire Services, DN 4/13/10

9.  Federal money will help buy June sucker habitat—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/13/10

10.  Navajo water project promises to deliver in two years (New Mexico)—Alysa Landry, The Daily Times 4/13/10

11.  Sun River Valley residents raise concerns at Simms FWP grizzly meeting (Montana)—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune 4/13/10

12.  That dust on the snow around Aspen is bad, researchers say (Colorado)—Carolyn Sackariason, The Aspen Times 4/13/10

13.  Panel recommends spilling, barging of salmon (Washington State)—Kevin McCullen, The News Tribune 4/13/10

14.  Other Massey mines showed a pattern of violations—Howard Berkes, Robert Benincasa, NPR 4/13/10

15.  Agriculture Department seeds the way for ‘people’s gardens’—Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post 4/13/10

16.  Aluminum foil or plastic wrap:  Which is better for the environment?—Nina Shen Rastogi, The Green Lantern, Slate, The Washington Post 4/13/10

17.  Antarctic researchers ease the impact of human activity on pristine environment—Ann Posegate, The Washington Post 4/13/10

18.  Japanese whalers blame Sea Shepherd for smallest catch in years—Justin McCurry, The Guardian (UK) 4/13/10

19.  Hollywood stars join politicians at Bolivia’s ‘cool’ global warming summit—John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 4/13/10

20.  Rio Tinto to Congress:  Get going on carbon pricing—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/12/10

21.  Watchers of California gray whales fear dip in the sea-mammals’ population—Noaki Schwartz, AP, DN 4/12/10

22.  Fewer pound animals headed for research at University of Utah—Rebecca Palmer, DN 4/12/10

23.  Judge denies dismissal of charges in artifacts case—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/12/10

24.  Review of Utah wildfire criticizes crew’s response—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/12/10

25.  States woo Calif. dairymen with less regulation—Michael J. Crumb, AP, The Idaho Statesman 4/12/10

26.  Group to look at wind farms’ effects on grouse—Nate Poppino, The Twin Falls Times-News (Idaho) 4/12/10

27.  BLM proposes options to address Wyo. grasshoppers—AP, CBS4 Denver 4/12/10

28.  Las Vegas can’t handle another era of unimpeded growth, study says—Stephanie Tavares, The Las Vegas Sun 4/12/10

29.  Divergent interests at loggerheads in spectacular Tongass National Forest—Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times 4/12/10,0,5161409.story

30.  Science panel opposes Obama plan for Snake/Columbia salmon—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 4/12/10

31.  Pacific Fishery council moves to open Oregon Coast, California to chinook fishing—AP, The Oregonian 4/12/10

32.  Two dead gray whales wash ashore in Washington—AP, The Oregonian 4/12/10

33.  What Stevens’ retirement means to the environment—Aaron Wiener, The Washington Independent 4/12/10

34.  New Nature Conservancy atlas aims to show the state of the world’s ecosystems—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 4/12/10

35.  Europe finds clean energy in trash, but US lags—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times 4/12/10

36.  Shell fights shareholders’ campaign for oil sands review—Tim Webb, The Guardian (UK) 4/12/10

37.  Copenhagen destroyed by Danish draft leak, says India’s environment minister—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 4/12/10

38.  Gardening:  Tomatoes for early picking—Maggie Wolf, SLT 4/11/10

39.  Gardening:  Is there a remedy for that peach tree bore?—Maggie Wolf, SLT 4/11/10

40.  Skirmishes renewed at UN climate conference—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/11/10

41.  Australian officials seek to protect reef—AP, DN 4/11/10

42.  Reward offered in animal-abuse cases—Emiley Morgan, DN 4/11/10

43.  Wyoming oil refiners under regulatory scrutiny—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 4/11/10

44.  Water worries:  Planning for an unpredictable future (Colorado)—Allen Best, The Aspen Times 4/11/10

45.  How dry is my valley?  Farms short on water (California)—Matt Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle 4/11/10

46.  Invasive plant species increase wildfire risk (California)—Ben Preston, San Francisco Chronicle 4/11/10

47.  Green-building advocates take the LEED—Diane Mastrull, The Philadelphia Inquirer 4/11/10

48.  Appalachians yield a familiar tale of corporate dereliction—Paul Harris, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 4/11/10

49.  Heavy industry claims carbon emission targets are ‘death by a thousand cuts’—Tim Webb, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 4/11/10

50.  Can the air be cleaned in Utah?—Katie Drake, SLT 4/10/10

51.  Colorado penguin parents adopt another zoo’s chick—AP, SLT 4/10/10

52.  LA billionaires sued over California water sales—Garance Burke, AP, DN 4/10/10

53.  Want success with seeds?  There are plenty of resources—Mariana Greene, The Dallas Morning News, DN 4/10/10

54.  Mountain goats on display in Little Cottonwood Canyon—KSL Newsradio 4/10/10

55.  Debate on climate heats up online—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/9/10

56.  Yellowstone winter visits up from last year—AP, SLT 4/9/10

57.  Helping a dying baby whale—AP, DN 4/9/10

58.  Post-Copenhagen climate talks begin amid discord—Arthur Max, AP, DN 4/9/10

59.  Police investigate possible attacks on animals—Paul Nelson, KSL Newsradio 4/9/10

60.  Salt Lake City to host bicycle summit—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/9/10

61.  Squid invasion hitting Oregon coast and scientists are concerned, but could there be a silver lining?—Lori Tobias, The Oregonian 4/9/10

62.  FDA takes a closer look at your soap—Kelly Brewington, Picture of Health blog, The Baltimore Sun 4/9/10

63.  US climate bill weak for N.E., critics say—Beth Daley, The Boston Globe 4/9/10

64.  EPA faults California waste plant for chemical disposal—Democracy Now 4/9/10

65.  Groups ask judge to halt mining in northern Ariz.—AP, Bloomberg Business Week 4/9/10

66.  BLM suspends some oil and gas lease sales to review warming impacts—Noelle Straub, Greenwire, The New York Times 4/9/10

67.  Nuclear waste may get a second life—Richard Harris, NPR 4/9/10

68.  Documents reveal extensive violations at mine—Peter Overby, NPR 4/9/10

69.  Animal deaths in oilsands targeted (Canada)—Jamie Komarnicki, The Calgary Herald 4/9/10

70.  Oilsands water plan raises fears for river (Canada)—Dan Healing, Jamie Komarnicki, The Calgary Herald 4/9/10

71.  Common ground (preserving agricultural land, Montana)—Matthew Frank, The Missoula Independent 4/8/10

72.  Judge OKs ‘final’ delay in $3.4B Indian lawsuit—Matthew Daly, AP, Reznet 4/8/10

73.  Hurricane season expected to be worse than usual—Deborah Tedford, NPR 4/7/10


74.  From green roofs to clean tech:  How Chicago is preparing for the sustainable future—Suzanne Malec-McKenna, Commissioner, Department of the Environment, City of Chicago, The Huffington Post 4/12/10

75.  Con:  Shale gas drilling harms the environment and poses health risks—J.J. Velasquez, The Victoria Advocate (Texas) 4/11/10

76.  Wilderness bill—Editorial, SLT 4/10/10

77.  Vigilance needed to keep Utah waters mussel-free—Larry Dalton, Division of Wildlife Resources, SLT 4/10/10

78.  Agency acts properly on wind farm guidelines—Editorial, Casper Star-Tribune 4/9/10

79.  Congress can avert a disaster (buffelgrass fire danger in Arizona)—Editorial, The Arizona Republic 4/9/10

80.  Obama’s energy plan not so straightforward—David A. Ridenour, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services, DN 4/9/10

Roundup Friday April 9, 2010

1.  CryoSat-2 satellite launches on mission to monitor climate change in Arctic—Damian Carrington, Alok Jha, The Guardian (UK) 4/8/10

2.  Major economies to hold climate talks in US this month—Agence France-Presse, 4/8/10

3.  Students’ role in farm pollution suit angers Md. lawmakers, sparks nat’l debate—Gabriel Nelson, Greenwire 4/8/10

4.  Mining interests are heavily invested in Capitol Hill—Dan Eggen, The Washington Post 4//8/10

5.  Economy trumps environment in UK election race—Peter Griffiths, Reuters 4/8/10

6.  Connecticut mulls rollback on clean energy—Jan Ellen Spiegel, Green Inc., The New York Times 4/8/10

7.  Report:  Md. failing on clean water laws (Maryland)—AP, The Washington Post Breaking News Blog 4/8/10

8.  S.F. program to help homeowners go green—Andrew S. Ross, San Francisco Chronicle 4/8/10

9.  Recycled cell phones help environment and soldiers—Fox40 WICZ (Binghamton, New York) 4/8/10

10.  Bozeman company gets EPA grant (carbon sequestration, Montana)—The Bozeman Daily Chronicle 4/8/10

11.  Pneumonia outbreak cut bighorn herds in half (Montana)—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian 4/8/10

12. Mountain biking options reduced in Gallatin mountains (Montana)—Daniel Person, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle 4/8/10

13.  Melting glaciers a concern for Glacier Park’s tourism industry—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian (Montana) 4/8/10

14.  Vandals besiege Blackrock (Idaho)—John Bulger, The Idaho State Journal 4/8/10

15.  Green Justice:  The environmental movement and the colors of the West (A collection of articles from HCN)—High Country News

16.  Bryce Canyon to celebrate Utah prairie dog—KSL Newsradio 4/8/10

17.  New fossils may fit in gap between apes and humans—Randolph E. Schmid, AP, DN 4//8/10

18.  $285K in grants available to specialty crop farmers in Utah—DN 4/8/10

19.  EPA bans residential use of pesticide linked to Toone girls from Layton’s deaths—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Geoff Liesik, DN 4/8/10

20.  Sides gear up for new fight against Snake Valley pipeline—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/8/10

21.  San Francisco’s Meat-Free Mondays gets a shrug—AP, SLT 4/8/10

22.  Spotted:  Philadelphia eagles of the feathered kind—AP, SLT 4/8/10

23.  Drought turns southern China into arid plain—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 4/7/10

24.  Millions of sea turtles dying in fishing gear, report warns—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian (UK) 4/7/10

25.  Arctic winter ice recovers slightly despite record low year, scientists say—Juliette Jowit, The Guardian (UK) 4/7/10

26.  Britain blooming earlier thanks to rising temperatures, study says—Press Association, The Guardian (UK) 4/7/10

27.  Natives call for overhaul of B.C. environmental assessment process (Canada)—Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/7/10

28.  This week in comically evil corporate behavior—Jonathan Hiskes, 4/7/10

29.  Towns invest in smarter streets…in Mississippi—Jonathan Hiskes, 4/7/10

30.  Texas oil firms oppose California climate law—John M. Broder, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 4/7/10

31.  Condor egg successfully hatches in California—Tracie Cone, AP, The Washington Post 4/7/10

32.  What’s next for oil in the Alaskan Arctic?—Kim Murphy, The Los Angeles Times 4/7/10

33.  So you say you want a revolution?  Introducing the League of Bicycling Voters LA—Biking in LA (WordPress Blog) 4/7/10

34.  G&F monitors sheep health (Wyoming)—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune 4/7/10

35.  Goats invade Teton park—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide 4/7/10

36.  ‘Miracle tree’ plantation outside Winnemucca Ranch to bring jobs (Nevada)—Jeff DeLong, Reno Gazette-Journal 4/7/10

37.  Obama likes forest plan (Colorado)—Joe Hanel, The Durango Herald 4/7/10

38.  Utah buys devices to cut diesel pollution for tractor-trailer operators—Laura Hancock, DN 4/7/10

39.  Swiss make 1st test of round the world solar plane—Bradley S. Klapper, AP, DN 4/7/10

40.  2 more glaciers gone from Glacier National Park—Matthew Brown, AP, DN 4/7/10

41.  EU satellite to check climate change impact on ice—Verena Schmitt-Roschmann, AP, DN 4/7/10

42.  Ogden clinic loses space to care for injured birds—AP, DN 4/7/10

43.  Taxpayer group fighting Kane County over records—AP, DN 4/7/10

44.  Protest workshops to guide opposition to Nevada water pipeline—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/7/10

45.  Agents gather items from Blanding store in stolen Native American artifacts case—Alex Cabrero, KSL-TV, DN 4/7/10

46.  Utah students help build disaster resistant dome homes in Mexico—Josh Smith, DN 4/7/10

47.  District 16 candidates discuss ethics, nuclear waste, government size—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 4/7/10

48.  EPA restricts pesticide implicated in death of two sisters—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/7/10

49.  Sisters who died reportedly had high phosphorous levels, lung damage—Jason Bergreen, SLT 4/7/10

50.  Snowpack gets a boost—Christopher Smart, SLT 4/7/10

51.  Grasshopper invasion:  Just what Western states don’t want—Michael B. Farrell, The Christian Science Monitor 4/6/10

52.  Scientists’ use of computer models to predict climate change is under attack—David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 4/6/10

53.  Nonprofit group will prod companies to report their water use—Todd Woody, The New York Times 4/6/10

54.  Neighbors hail China on Mekong River deal—Daniel Ten Kate, Bloomberg News, San Francisco Chronicle 4/6/10

55.  Chevron accuses Ecuador foes of false reports—David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle 4/6/10

56.  Herbert launches Utah Clean Trucking initiative—KSL Newsradio 4/6/10

57.  Man accused of damaging mink farm to change plea—AP, KSL Newsradio 4/6/10

58.  Northeast seeing more, fiercer rainstorms—Bob Salsberg, AP, DN 4/6/10

59.  Chile quake offers tough lessons for US coast—Brad Haynes, AP, DN 4/6/10

60.  Environmental group Utah Valley Earth Forum submits no-build proposal for Utah Lake Bridge—Emily James, DN 4/6/10

61.  Utah big rigs to cut emissions—Dawn House, SLT 4/6/10

62.  Building a green economy—Paul Krugman, The New York Times Magazine 4/5/10

63.  Is Utah’s dirty air here to stay?—Jenny Brundin, KUER 4/2/10


64.  On the energy gap and climate crisis—Andrew C. Revkin, Dot Earth, The New York Times 4/8/10

65.  Turbine turbulence—Editorial, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/7/10

66.  Wins, losses for clean energy—Sarah Wright, Executive Director Utah Clean Energy, DN 4/7/10

67.  Million’s dream:  A pipeline too far—Drew Peternell, Trout Unlimited, 4/6/10

Roundup Tuesday April 6, 2010

1.  One way to ease impact? (Sage Grouse)—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 4/6/10

2.  New report provides tribal energy outlook—Rob Capriccioso, Indian Country Today 4/6/10

3.  Environmentalists lose land linked to preserve (Idaho)—AP, Twin Falls Times-News 4/6/10

4.  Off-roaders in search of trails—Laura Bruno, USA Today 4/6/10

5.  Chagos islands marine protection plan comes under fire from three sides—John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 4/6/10

6.  Plea on water dispute (Tajikistan-Uzbekistan)—Xinhua, The Hindu (India) 4/6/10

7.  BLM settlement closes oil and gas leasing loophole—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 4/6/10

8.  Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker wants to keep his city ‘bikeable’—Aaron Falk, DN 4/6/10

9.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says not to get science from Glenn Beck—Josh Smith, DN 4/6/10

10.  Federal water project impacts Springville residents, traffic—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 4/6/10

11.  The number:  63% (support offshore drilling)—DN 4/6/10

12.  Tests show depleted uranium meets standards—Jasen Lee, DN 4/6/10

13.  Battle over Maple Mountain development heads back to court—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 4/6/10

14.  UTA ‘bus-rapid’ line running on 3500 South—Laura Hancock, DN 4/6/10

15.  Drinking unpasteurized milk is Russian roulette—Mehmet Oz, Mike Roizen, DN 4/6/10

16.  Swarm of small quakes occurring at Alaska volcano—Mary Pemberton, AP, SLT 4/6/10

17.  West Valley City has Utah’s first rapid-transit buses—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 4/6/10

18.  You’re green, but what about your timepiece?—SLT 4/6/10

19.  Ascent Solar targets markets off grid—Mark Jaffe, The Denver Post 4/5/10

20.  Boulder firm revs up high-tech industry with electric trucks—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 4/5/10

21.  Devon to curb methane emissions, earn carbon credits (Wyoming)—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 4/5/10

22.  Wyo mulls wildlife guidelines for wind developers—Matt Joyce, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 4/5/10

23.  Feds, horse advocates at odds over pigeon fever outbreak in captured Nevada mustangs—Mark Robison, Reno Gazette-Journal 4/5/10

24.  Boeing and the environment—Mother Nature Network 4/5/10

25.  NASA slated to receive billions to study earth—Jon Hamilton, NPR 4/5/10

26.  Results mixed in report card on responsible oilsands development (Canada)—Kelly Cryderman, Calgary Herald 4/5/10

27.  Tokyo to trial electric ‘filling stations’ to boost green transport—Alok Jha, The Guardian (UK) 4/5/10

28.  Salvage experts work to stabilize Chinese ship aground on Great Barrier Reef—Mark Tran, The Guardian (UK) 4/5/10

29.  Australia rushes to contain Barrier Reef oil spill—Rob Griffith, AP, DN 4/5/10

30.  Western gas pipeline receives federal approval—Jasen Lee, DN 4/5/10

31.  Vegetable gardening 101:  Larry Sagers tells you how to grow your garden—Larry A. Sagers, DN 4/5/10

32.  Vegetable gardening 101:  How to get started—Larry A. Sagers, DN 4/5/10

33.  Tests show DOE waste meets state standards—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/5/10

34.  Biggest thinning project in US set (forests, Arizona)—Cyndy Cole, Arizona Daily Sun 4/4/10

35.  Salvaging ship from Barrier Reef could take weeks—AP, NPR 4/4/10

36.  UN head decries state of environment in Central Asia—Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey) 4/4/10

37.  Haiti to use quake rubble in plans to recycle and rebuild—Mike Melia, AP, DN 4/4/10

38.  Seen any bunnies in Central Park?  Rabbits are disappearing—Megan K. Scott, AP, DN 4/4/10

39.  Officials fear ship breaking apart on Barrier Reef—AP, DN 4/4/10

40.  USDA will review Hogle Zoo’s report on giraffe death—Lynn Arave, DN 4/4/10

41.  American Indians first to face land grab controversy—Lee Benson, DN 4/4/10\

42.  Kane road battle turns into fight over records—Mark Havnes, SLT 4/4/10

43.  Crews get permission to construct portion of trail—AP, SLT 4/4/10

44.  Md. sues Mirant over pollution from Prince George’s landfill (Maryland)—Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun 4/3/10,0,5046516.story

45.  At 89, Stevens contemplates law, and how to leave it (Supreme Court)—Adam Liptak, The New York Times 4/3/10

46.  Environmentalists blast Obama mining rule reversal—Judith Kohler, AP, Google News 4/3/10

47.  BYU engineering students build bricks for Kenya—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 4/3/10

48.  Citizen groups counter Utah Lake bridge proposal—AP, DN 4/3/10

49.  Drilling has risks, payoff not clear—John M. Broder, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times, SLT 4/3/10

50.  Obama panel examines nation’s nuclear waste issues—Judy Fahys, SLT 4/3/10

51.  Water project backer, Boulder environmentalist face off over Green River supply—AP, The Boulder Daily Camera (Colorado) 4/2/10

52.  Missoula County commissioners:  Schweitzer’s coal demand sets ‘perilous precedent’; still seek stimulus funds—Kim Briggeman, The Missoulian 4/2/10

53.  Navajo Nation stands by power plant despite snags (Arizona)—Felicia Fonseca, AP, The Farmington Daily Times 4/2/10

54.  Scientists say B.C. grizzly hunt could hurt recovery efforts in Montana—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 4/2/10

55.  Utah Eminent Domain Law more than a ‘message bill’—Scott Streater, Greenwire, The New York Times 4/2/10

56.  Utah County leaders OK trail funds—Brandon Loomis, SLT 4/2/10

57.  Alta, Solitude not wild about wilderness plan—Patty Henetz, SLT 4/2/10

58.  US issues limits on greenhouse gas emissions from cars—John M. Broder, The New York Times 4/1/10

59.  EPA to limit water pollution from mining—Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times 4/1/10

60.  Arctic ice makes surprising, if temporary, comeback—Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/1/10

61.  BPA widespread in ocean water and sand—Martin Mittelstaedt, Toronto Globe and Mail 4/1/10

62.  Hot rocks:  Hidden cost and foreign ownership of “clean” nuclear fuel emerging—D.A. Barber, The Huffington Post 3/30/10


63.  Drilling for support by President Obama—Editorial, Los Angeles Times, SLT 4/5/10

64.  Make uranium milling cleaner—Editorial, The Denver Post 4/4/10

65.  Misguided environmental policies are hurting Utah’s economy—Lane Beattie, DN 4/4/10

66.  Save a canyon—Editorial, SLT 4/4/10

67.  Not all sites proposed for mines are inappropriate (Arizona)—Luther Propst, The Sonoran Institute, The Arizona Republic 4/3/10

68.  Obama’s offshore coup—Editorial, DN 4/3/10

69.  The green case for offshore oil—Eric Smith, The Washington Post, SLT 4/3/10

70.  Between the grins and grims of climate change—Allen Best, Writers on the Range, SLT 4/3/10

71.  Offshore drilling:  Did Rahm Emanuel sell out too soon?—Joe Conason, 4/1/10