Roundup Tuesday March 16, 2010

1.  Copenhagen activist trial:  ‘I can’t see what evidence there is for the charges’—Bibi van der Zee, The Guardian (UK) 3/16/10

2.  Ten sites named in £4bn UK marine energy project—Severin Carrell, The Guardian (UK) 3/16/10

3.  Sanyo sets up solar parking lots for electric bikes—Agence France Presse, 3/16/10

4.  Jeff Goodell:  ‘It’s a bad idea for geoengineering to be the equivalent of the Pompeii sex room’—David Roberts, 3/16/10

5.  For green homes, should energy trump everything else?—Jonathan Hiskes, 3/16/10

6.  Mormon church partners with local agencies on biofuel project—Lois M. Collins, DN 3/16/10\

7.  Tim DeChristopher not target of discrimination, judge rules—Emiley Morgan, DN 3/16/10

8.  Widespread spring flooding forecast—Randolph E. Schmid, AP, DN 3/16/10

9.  DeChristopher loses again in preparing defense—Patty Henetz, SLT 3/16/10

10.  UN climate envoy expects dual-track negotiations—Arthur Max, AP, SLT 3/16/10

11.  Climate activists predict direct action against Scotland’s ‘Kingsnorth’—Severin Carrell, Tim Webb, The Guardian (UK) 3/15/10

12.  Money spent on tar sands projects could decarbonise western economies—Terry MacAlister, The Guardian (UK) 3/15/10

13.  UN criticizes Russia over Sochi Winter Olympics construction—AP, The Guardian (UK) 3/15/10

14.  How going green may make you mean—Kate Connolly, The Guardian (UK) 3/15/10

15.  IPCC under fire in blogosphere for ‘sealevelgate’—RealClimate, Guardian Environment Network, The Guardian (UK) 3/15/10

16.  Animal rights activist using FOI laws to target universities—David Adam, The Guardian (UK) 3/15/10

17.  Thin wallets, thick waistlines:  New USDA effort targets link between obesity and food stamps—Lynne Peeples, Scientific American 3/15/10

18.  Summit on the summit:  Celebrity Kilimanjaro climb premieres on MTV (global clean water crisis)—The Huffington Post 3/15/10

19.  NASA finds shrimp-like creature, jellyfish beneath Antarctic ice sheet:  ‘We were just gaga over it’—Seth Borenstein, AP, The Huffington Post 3/15/10

20.  Naked animal rights activists rally against bullfighting in Madrid—The Huffington Post 3/15/10

21.  Why making healthful foods cheaper isn’t enough—Allison Aubrey, NPR 3/15/10

22.  What’s killing the great forests of the American West?—Jim Robbins, Environment 360 3/15/10

23.  Bureau of Land Management proposes Wyoming cricket plan—AP, The Billings Gazette 3/15/10

24.  Native farmers eagerly watch Obama African-American deal—Rob Capriccioso, Indian Country Today 3/15/10

25.  Utah County plans Hazardous Waste Day—Sara Lenz, DN 3/15/10

26.  Want to eat local?  BYU student’s site tracks milk’s origins—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 3/15/10

27.  Report details climate change dangers to Utah’s migratory birds—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 3/15/10

28.  BYU and University of Utah professors wanted Legislature to listen to them on climate change—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 3/15/10

29.  BYU professor Barry Bickmore’s letter to Utah legislators (climate change denial bill)—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 3/15/10

30.  Plans in place to enclose 100-year-old Provo canal—Marc Haddock, DN 3/15/10

31.  Federal money will be used for Utah County trail—Sara Lenz, DN 3/15/10

32.  Governors seek wind energy boost—Frederick J. Frommer, AP, DN 3/15/10

33.  NASA finds shrimp dinner on ice beneath Antarctica—Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 3/15/10

34.  UN Agency:  Tiger on verge of extinction—AP, DN 3/15/10

35.  Prince Charles to visit Polish bison reserve—DN 3/15/10

36.  In rural New Hampshire, deer-car crashes mean free meal—John Curran, AP, DN 3/15/10

37.  Growing good seed takes work, expertise—Larry A. Sagers, DN 3/15/10

38.  Many western nations have distorted IPCC reports:  Jairam (Mumbai, India)—The Hindu 3/14/10

39.  Chinese PM rebuts criticism over Copenhagen role—Tania Branigan, Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 3/14/10

40. River Eden study aims to reduce farm pollution (UK)—BBC News 3/14/10

41.  Farming is mainly to blame for the loss of our native plants and wildlife—Robin McKie, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 3/14/10

42.  George W. Bush presidential library’s blueprints filled with green, following trend of other big public buildings—Randy Lee Loftis, The Dallas Morning News 3/14/10

43.  Old Salt Lake buildings turned into green, affordable housing—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 3/14/10

44.  Centerville proposes green waste program—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 3/14/10

45.  Long-held water rights in Nevada could be invalid—Sandra Chereb, AP, SLT 3/14/10

46.  Solar by Ian McEwan (book review)—Christopher Tayler, The Guardian (UK) 3/13/10

47.  Bill Maher:  The environment is the ultimate health care issue (video)—The Huffington Post 3/13/10

48.  Feds pledge aid for grouse—Ben Neary, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 3/13/10

49.  Wyo ranchers prevail in state CBM water case—Mead Gruver, Casper Star-Tribune 3/13/10

50.  Study:  Humans are too noisy for nature—Julie Sutor, The Aspen Times (Colorado) 3/13/10

51.  Idaho’s wolf population at least 843—The Spokesman Review (Washington State) 3/13/10

52.  Hundreds gather in Salt Lake City for sustainability symposium—Emily James, DN 3/13/10

53.  Salt Lake County Council is redrafting ordinance allowing residents to keep chickens—Abigail Shaha, DN 3/13/10

54.  £3bn coal power plant will test strength of Ed Miliband’s environment rules—Tim Webb, The Guardian (UK) 3/12/10

55.  UN:  Environmental degradation in Haiti made worse by earthquake—Lisa Schlein, Voice of America 3/12/10

56.  Battle over ivory, tuna expected at wildlife meeting—Christopher Joyce, NPR 3/12/10

57.  Ground Zero workers weigh $657 million settlement—NPR 3/12/10

58.  Md. Dept. of Environment opposes bag tax—Sabri Ben-Achour, WAMU News, NBC Washington 3/12/10

59.  Water shortages may hit northern Rockies—John S. Adams, USA Today 3/12/10

60.  Organizers of World Environment Day unveil theme of the six-week event—Joyce Gannon, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania) 3/12/10

61.  Lawmakers urge against Marcellus Shale permits (Pennsylvania)—Alex Rose, The Delaware County Daily Times 3/12/10

62.  Wolf population growing, but slowly (Montana)—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune 3/12/10

63.  Plan will send some Bonner Mill toxic waste to Missoula landfill, worst out of state (Montana)—Kim Briggeman, The Missoulian 3/12/10

64.  No coal plant for Mesquite (Nevada)—Bob Challinor, Desert Valley Times, St. George Spectrum 3/12/10

65.  Genola leaders may revive pheasant hunting—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 3/12/10

66.  Genola fails to act on proposed Utah Lake Bridge—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 3/12/10

67.  Utah Legislature:  Animal euthanasia not limited to lethal injection—Rebecca Palmer, DN 3/12/10

68.  Warnings of cougar sightings on University of Utah campus not BYU-related—Lana Groves, DN 3/12/10

69.  Utah Legislature:  Lawmakers scream at feds over environmental issues—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 3/12/10

70.  Organics guru Gary Hirschberg touts eating local products during Salt Lake City event—Lois M. Collins, DN 3/12/10

71.  Climate change threatens migratory bird populations—Jay Root, AP, DN 3/12/10

72.  GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says hybrid trucks are future—Dee-Ann Durbin, Tom Krisher, AP, DN 3/12/10

73.  All those births put planet at risk, scholars warn—Patty Henetz, SLT 3/12/10

74.  Climate-change science panned—Chris Vanderhooft, SLT 3/12/10

75.  Utah recreation:  As big as its landscape—Tom Wharton, SLT 3/12/10

76.  Officials consider changes to elk hunting—Brett Prettyman, SLT 3/12/10

77.  Rapid rise in seed prices draws US scrutiny—William Neuman, The New York Times 3/11/10

78.  The femivore’s dilemma—Peggy Orenstein, The New York Times 3/11/10

79.  Half-rooster/half-hen helps unlock sex mystery—Joe Palca, NPR 3/11/10

80.  Gallup poll shows Americans less worried about global warming threat—Doug Stanglin, USA Today 3/11/10

81.  Reid:  No mining law reform in 2010—Adella Harding, Elko Daily Free Press (Nevada) 3/11/10

82.  BLM fines conservationists over grazing permit—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 3/11/10

83.  Utah Legislature:  Lawmakers create Great Salt Lake Advisory Council—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 3/11/10

84.  Utah Legislature:  Lawmakers urge feds to relinquish disputed rural roads—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 3/11/10

85.  Power conservation bill passes—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 3/11/10

86.  Stream access:  Ranchers, property rights trump anglers—Brandon Loomis, SLT 3/11/10

87.  Waterway dangers can be kept hidden—Patty Henetz, SLT 3/11/10

88.  Utah Legislature calls on Congress to allow local control of old roads—Brandon Loomis, SLT 3/11/10

89.  Standard euthanasia methods for shelters rejected—Brandon Loomis, SLT 3/11/10

90.  Chameleon tongues stay speedy in the cold—Joe Palca, NPR 3/8/10


91.  Common English species face extinction—George Monbiot, The Guardian (UK) 3/16/10

92.  The federal war on weeds—Carolyn Bolton, The Washington Times 3/15/10

93.  Time to talk dirty (Millenium Development Goals drinking water target)—Sarah Boseley, Global Health Blog, The Guardian 3/15/10

94.  Anti-grazing advocate comes with a rough edge (Idaho)—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 3/15/10

95.  South Dakota adopts climate creationism—Stephen Stromberg, The Washington Post, SLT 3/12/10

96.  Nuclear power:  Chameleon of green energy—Chip Ward, Los Angeles Times, SLT 3/12/10

97.  When a scientist becomes an activist—Auden Schendler, Writers on the Range, SLT 3/12/10


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