Roundup Friday February 26, 2010

1.  New Utah elk plan generating controversy—Tom Wharton, SLT 2/26/10

2.  Pneumonia outbreak kills 79 bighorn sheep in NV—AP, SLT 2/26/10

3.  Outdoor notebook:  Ogden Nature Center contest is ‘for the Birds’—Brett Prettyman, SLT 2/26/10

4.  Biologists find three dead condors—Tom Wharton, SLT 2/26/10

5.  Bird sighting:  Cackling goose—Bill Fenimore, SLT 2/26/10

6.  Salt Lake City receives grant to curb greenhouse emissions—DN 2/26/10

7.  Utah Legislature:  House committee approves animal euthanasia regulations—Rebecca Palmer, DN 2/26/10

8.  Utah Legislature:  Cyclists could run stop signs if bill becomes law—Bob Bernick Jr., DN 2/26/10

9.  Utah Legislature:  House backs bill to ‘take over’ roads—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/26/10

10.  U.S. Chamber wants Antiquities Act changed—Lee Davidson, DN 2/26/10

11.  Two huge icebergs let loose off Antarctica’s coast—Owen Pye, AP, DN 2/26/10

12.  End to bickering urged to achieve new climate pact—Jim Gomez, AP, DN 2/26/10

13.  Utah officials kill 26 sick bighorn sheep—AP, The Denver Post 2/26/10

14.  Report claims water contamination from Four Corners Power Plant (New Mexico)—James Monteleone, The Farmington Daily Times 2/26/10

15.  Many factors account for Otter Creek coal prices (Montana)—Mike Dennison, The Helena Independent Record 2/26/10

16.  Yemen threatens to chew itself to death over thirst for narcotic quat plant—Hugh MacLeod, John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 2/26/10

17.  Giant Antarctic iceberg could affect global ocean circulation—James Sturcke, The Guardian (UK) 2/26/10

18.  Britain’s green spaces under threat from water shortages and house prices—The Guardian (UK) 2/26/10

19.  Learn about community supported agriculture—SLT 2/25/10

20.  House passes bill letting cyclists yield at stop signs—Brandon Loomis, SLT 2/25/10

21.  Environmental group sues over lack of notice on Utah Lake plan—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 2/25/10

22.  Utah House mounts new federal lands challenge—Brandon Loomis, SLT 2/25/10

23.  Governor rebuts EnergySolutions’ claim that waste will end up in Utah—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/25/10

24.  Senate rejects move to bar new monuments—Thomas Burr, SLT 2/25/10

25.  Anti-CO2 reduction resolution advances in Senate—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 2/25/10

26.  Utah Legislature:  Climate change resolution advances in Senate—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/25/10

27.  Utah Legislature:  Rainwater could be legally yours—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/25/10

28.  SUU students’ project aims to help aquifer—DN 2/25/10

29.  New York Times writer Tom Zeller Jr. to BYU students:  No easy answers for global warming questions—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 2/25/10

30.  Bennett decries small oil-lease sale—DN 2/25/10

31.  State division allows competing bids for use of Utah Lake land—Sara Lenz, DN 2/25/10

32. National park visits boom amid recession—Lee Davidson, DN 2/25/10

33.  Official:  Climate change treaty unlikely this year—Jim Gomez, AP, DN 2/25/10

34.  Whale that killed its trainer won’t be isolated—Mike Schneider, AP, DN 2/25/10

35.  Oil slick reaches Parma; farm lobby says food safe—Nicole Winfield, AP, DN 2/25/10

36.  Maine seeks to prohibit guns in its Acadia National Park—Glenn Adams, AP, DN 2/25/10

37.  Uinta Basin to see oil-patch expansion—AP, DN 2/25/10

38.  Arizona’s bald eagles may lose endangered status—John Faherty, The Arizona Republic 2/25/10

39.  Feds testing lower valley wells (Washington State)—Leah Beth Ward, Yakima Herald Republic 2/25/10

40.  Report says Wyoming formation could hold 50 years of CO2—AP, The Billings Gazette 2/25/10

41.  Environmental group alleges ‘deficiencies’ at Bison Range since agreement with CSKT (Montana)—Vince Devlin, The Missoulian 2/25/10

42.  Bear hunters target B.C. provincial parks, highways (British Columbia)—Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail 2/25/10

43.  Is the climate change movement splintering?—Bibi van der Zee, The Guardian (UK) 2/25/10

44.  New computing center saves green by being green—Tom Harvey, SLT 2/24/10

45.  Debut of promising fuel-cell tech light on details—AP, SLT 2/24/10

46.  American Indian reservation reaping oil benefits—James MacPherson, SLT 2/24/10

47.  Sugar House streetcar may stall without fed push—Matt Canham, SLT 2/24/10

48. Canal safety bill evaporates—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/24/10

49.  Animal shelter bill passes Senate committee—Tony Semerad, SLT 2/24/10

50.  House seeks to leave Western Climate Initiative—Brandon Loomis, SLT 2/24/10

51.  Drivers encouraged to avoid idling vehicles—Trent Lowe, SLT 2/24/10

52.  Bill on environmental boards goes to study—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/24/10

53.  Bennett blames Obama for poor oil auction—Lee Davidson, DN 2/24/10

54.  Utah Legislature:  Trio of bills challenges feds over Utah land—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/24/10

55.  Whale kills SeaWorld trainer as guests watch at Shamu Stadium in Orlando—AP, DN 2/24/10

56.  Oil spill threatens ‘ecological disaster’ in Italy—Nicole Winfield, AP, DN 2/24/10

57.  UN weather meeting agrees to refine climate data—Jim Gomez, Frank Jordans, AP, DN 2/24/10

58.  The number:  28%-not so hot on climate—DN 2/24/10—Not-so-hot-on-climate.html

59.  Mine safety cases have huge backlog—AP, DN 2/24/10

60.  2010 Salt Lake Sustainable Building Conference April 8—DN 2/24/10

61.  Kennecott reaches deal to explore mining in Eureka—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 2/24/10

62.  Agency seeks sage grouse ruling extension—Mead Gruver, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 2/24/10

63.  Shell:  Oil shale project to go on (Colorado)—Dennis Webb, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 2/24/10

64.  Hanford’s risks are large (Washington State)—Becky Kramer, The Spokesman-Review 2/24/10

65.  Energy group wants Yucca Mountain reconsidered—Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald (Washington State) 2/24/10

66.  Report:  Contamination from coal ash waste is worse than EPA says—Mark Clayton, The Christian Science Monitor 2/24/10

67.  Vermont Senate votes to close nuclear plant—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 2/24/10

68.  Utah mines contest quarter of their citations—Thomas Burr, SLT 2/23/10

69.  Suspect says feds didn’t read him his rights (artifacts case)—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/23/10

70.  Photo exhibit shows early days of Zion National Park—Mark Havnes, SLT 2/23/10

71.  House passes canal management bill—Brandon Loomis, SLT 2/23/10

72.  Residents say they need new N-S road west of I-15—Maria Villasenor, SLT 2/23/10

73.  Utah legislature:  Bill aims to satisfy landowners, recreationists—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/23/10

74.  Utah Legislature:  Canal safety measure passes House—Arthur Raymond, DN 2/23/10

75.  Utah Legislature:  Bill seeks to reclaim certain federal lands, provides funding for legal battle—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/23/10

76.  Utah Legislature:  Lawmakers, others protest against federal government at the ‘take back Utah’ rally—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/23/10

77.  Herbert derails Utah-bound shipments of depleted uranium—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/23/10

78.  Farm numbers increase in Idaho by 300 to 25,500—AP, The Idaho Statesman 2/23/10

79.  Senate battles EPA in greenhouse gas showdown—Mark Clayton, Christian Science Monitor 2/23/10


80.  Will global warming turn out to be the greatest hoax in history?—Walter E. Williams, Professor, George S. Mason University, DN 2/24/10

81.  Depleted uranium—Editorial, SLT 2/24/10

82.  Uinta National Forest not following the plan—Brett Prettyman, SLT 2/23/10


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