Roundup Friday February 19, 2010

1.  Beleaguered US to blow up its chemical stockpiles—Jeffrey McMurray, AP, SLT 2/19/10

2.  2 new national monuments in Utah? —Lee Davidson, Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/19/10

3.  Turning garbage into garb:  Fashion show features outfits crafted from recycled materials—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/19/10

4.  Utah Legislature:  Bill challenges EPA on natural gas vehicle kits—Laura Hancock, DN 2/19/10

5.  Utah legislature:  Review of air quality division is sought—Laura Hancock, Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/19/10

5a.  Senate moves to overhaul retirement, possible monument designations—Jenny Brundin, KUER News 2/19/10

6.  Potential plan for lands spark opposition (Montana)—Ledyard King, Great Falls Tribune 2/19/10

7.  Farmers, others to assess economic potential for Treasure Valley food—Bethann Stewart, Idaho Statesman 2/19/10

8.  Firms report using diesel in fracing—Katie Burford, The Durango Herald (Colorado) 2/19/10

9.  Oregon, California sign deal aimed at ending Klamath water wars—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 2/18/10

10.  Special status possible for Colorado sites—Gary Harmon, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 2/19/10

11.  “Father” of environmental justice to speak, February 24th—Drew University, The Alternative 2/19/10,-February-24th

12.  Federal government to lift restrictions on guns in national parks—Ed O’Keefe, The Washington Post 2/19/10

13.  Halliburton secret spurs investigation into gas-drilling practices—Jonathan Hiskes, 2/19/10

14.  Obama rebukes climate skeptics—Agence France-Presse, 2/19/10

15.  Energy, environment on table in D.C.—Sheldon Alberts, Canwest News Service, The Alberta Gazette (Canada) 2/19/10

16.  Australia threatens legal action over Japanese whaling—Justin McCurry, The Guardian (UK) 2/19/10

17.  Australia uses cat food in fight against cane toads—AP, The Guardian (UK) 2/19/10

18.  How genes interact with their environment to raise disease risk—One India 2/19/10

19.  Kane sues for ownership of 46 roads—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/18/10

20.  Two more monuments planned in Utah? —Thomas Burr, SLT 2/18/10

21.  Rodent poison faces tougher new rules—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/18/10

22.  Clear-eyed smog:  Salt Lake’s ‘red days’ give local artists fresh, creative air—Ben Fulton, SLT 2/18/10

23.  Utah’s water storage low, federal researcher says—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 2/18/10

24.  U.N. climate chief quits, leaves talks hanging—Arthur Max, AP, DN 2/18/10

25.  EPA’s findings on greenhouse gases challenged—AP, DN 2/18/10

26.  Critics of secret BLM meetings share diverse backgrounds, conflicting interests (Montana)—Ruffin Prevost, The Billings Gazette 2/18/10

27.  BLM approves expansion of northeast Nevada mine—AP, San Jose Mercury News 2/18/10

28.  Costs to close parks eat into state savings (Arizona)-Casey Newton, The Arizona Republic 2/18/10

29.  Court halts timber industry suit in Alaska—AP, Los Angeles Times 2/18/10,0,1217541.story

30.  Road salt an environmental concern for plowed snow (Maryland)—Alex Dominguez, AP, The Annapolis Capital 2/18/10

31.  Report:  Food safety shouldn’t marr environment—AP, San Francisco Chronicle 2/18/10

32.  Groups fight SDG&E for Rams & Butterflies—Elizabeth Banicki, Courthouse News Service 2/18/10

33.  Obama eyes western land for national monuments, angering some—William La Jeunesse, 2/18/10

34.  Garrett’s woes deepen with solar panel warning—Sabra Lane, ABC News 2/18/10

35.  Top UN climate official resigning—Arthur Max, AP, 218/10

36.  US House committee probes natgas drilling practice—Ayesha Rascoe, Reuters 2/18/10

37.  Factbox:  Shale gas stirs energy hopes, environment concerns—Reuters 2/18/10

38.  Shell innovation unlocks oil sands (British Colombia)—Brian Burton, The Vancouver Sun 2/18/10

39.  Deep-sea trawling is destroying coral reefs and pristine marine habitats—Ian Sample, The Guardian (UK) 2/18/10

40.  Who’s gonna save me? (Australia)—Jennifer Hewitt, The Australian 2/18/10

41.  Farmland conservation bill stalls—Dawn House, SLT 2/17/10

42.  Yellowstone wolf numbers down in 2009—AP, SLT 2/17/10

43.  Morgan County is Utah’s healthiest; Carbon is worst—Heather May, SLT 2/17/10

44.  Committee approves animal shelter bill—Tony Semerad, SLT 2/17/10

45.  Utah water-sharing bill advances—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/17/10

46.  Anti-pollution resolution clears House on wide vote—Trent Lowe, SLT 2/17/10

47.  Feds snub Sugar House streetcar—Derek P. Jensen, SLT 2/17/10

48.  Bogus bidder’s trial pushed back—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/17/10

49.  Utah County landfill workers sickened by mystery substance—Bob Mims, SLT 2/17/10

50.  SUWA now part of oil lease lawsuit—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/17/10

51.  Animal rights group suits settled—Jason Bergreen, SLT 2/17/10

52.  Volunteers needed to mark boundaries of new Zion wilderness—DN 2/17/10

53.  Visitor center construction at Dinosaur National Monument to start next month—DN 2/17/10

54.  Environmentalists say coal plant needs to reduce emissions in Four Corners area—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/17/10

55.  Sugar House streetcar project not selected for federal funding—Aaron Falk, DN 2/17/10

56.  Utah Legislature:  ‘Priority’ water use is target of HB231—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/17/10

57.  Tim DeChristopher’s trial in bogus BLM bidding is delayed—Emiley Morgan, DN 2/17/10

58.  Report on Marines’ water omitted cancer chemical—Kevin Maurer, AP, DN 2/17/10

59.  Texas challenging EPA’s finding on greenhouse gas—John McFarland, AP, DN 2/17/10

60.  Industry loses lawsuit over Alaska forest logging—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 2/17/10

61.  Obama powers up funding for new nuclear power plant—Julie Pace, AP, DN 2/17/10

62.  Downtown Boise streetcar project fails to get stimulus funds—Cynthia Sewell, The Idaho Statesman 2/17/10

63.  F&G to get tough on wolves (Idaho)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times News 2/17/10

64.  Bull trout protections up for public review before FWS habitat designation (Montana)—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian 2/17/10

65.  Pipeline comments pour in (Wyoming)—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune 2/17/10

66.  Coal debate elicits passion, outbursts (Montana)—Mike Dennison, The Helena Independent Record 2/17/10

67.  BLM looks to Audubon to map sage grouse habitat—Mead Gruver, AP, The Seattle Times 2/17/10

68.  Texas challenges EPA ruling on greenhouse gas threat—James Drew, The Dallas Morning News 2/17/10

69.  TVA ash spill cleanup of Emory River is 70 percent done—Anne Paine, The Tennessean 2/17/10

70.  Bitterroot snowpack lowest in Montana—Will Moss, Ravalli Republic

71.  Mudslides bury California, East gets record snow and Idaho suffers through dry winter—Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman 2/17/0

72.  Protection decision near for sage grouse (Colorado)—Dennis Webb, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 2/17/10

73.  Lawmakers in house OK rafting bill (Colorado)—Joe Hanel, The Durango Herald 2/17/10

74.  Retirees trade work for rent at cash-poor parks—Kirk Johnson, The New York Times 2/17/10

75.  Environmental advocates are cooling on Obama—John M. Broder, The New York Times 2/17/10

76.  Alberta grizzly population “shockingly” low—Tanya Foubert, Rocky Mountain Outlook 2/17/10

77.  Oil deal ‘damaging for Uganda environment’—BBC News 2/17/10

78.  iPhone app pitches climate change science against skepticism—Leo Hickman, The Guardian (UK) 2/17/10

79.  State approves plan for island’s bighorn sheep—AP, SLT 2/16/10

80.  Senate panel OKs bill converting cars to natural gas—Brandon Loomis, SLT 2/16/10

81.  Green schools resolution advances—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 2/16/10

82.  Snow geese festival near Delta is free—Mark Havnes, SLT 2/16/10

83.  Architect shares aquarium vision—Rosemary Winters, SLT 2/16/10

84.  Cedar City gives green light to transit study—DN 2/16/10

85.  US supports new nuclear reactors in Georgia—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 2/16/10


86.  Global-warming skepticism—Editorial, Chicago Tribune, DN 2/19/10

87.  Fire sale:  Latest Otter Creek vote creates dirty double standard—George Ochenski, Missoula Independent 2/18/10

88.  Nuclear power must be part of energy strategy—Editorial, The Denver Post 2/18/10

89.  Air Quality:  Request to clean up Four Corners timely—Editorial, The Durango Herald 2/18/10

90.  Re-open case for catastrophic climate change—Rich Lowry, National Review, SLT 2/16/10

91.  Indian tribes overturn a house of thieves—Paul Vandevelder, Writers on the Range, SLT 2/16/10


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