Roundup Tuesday February 16, 2010

1.  Debate over GM eggplant consumes India—Rina Chandran, Reuters 2/16/10

2.  Batt-man Environment Minister Peter Garrett escapes (Australia)—Ben Packham, Melbourne Herald Sun 2/16/10

3.  Federal biologists’ study stalls on missing lynx—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 2/16/10

4.  Wildlife advocates want sage grouse on endangered species list (Colorado)—Andrew Travers, Aspen Daily News 2/16/10

5.  Utah utility plans upgrades in Cache valley—AP, SLT 2/16/10

6.  3 big companies leave climate partnership—AP, DN 2/16/10

7.  Only 1 bison shot in winter hunt near Yellowstone—Matthew Brown, AP, DN 2/16/10

8.  Humane Society warns of xylitol danger—Lynn Arave, DN 2/16/10

9.  New evidence of ancient mariners—John Noble Wilford, New York Times News Service, DN 2/16/10

10.  Is tofu bad for the environment?—Leo Hickman, The Guardian (UK) 2/15/10

11.  Virgin’s Richard Branson takes on peak oil—Ben Quinn, The Christian Science Monitor 2/15/10

12.  $57.7 million fence added to an already grueling illegal immigration route—Richard Marosi, Los Angeles Times 2/15/10,0,5691127.story

13.  Proposal puts P.V. water fee vote in landlords’ hands (California)—Donna Jones, San Jose Mercury News 2/15/10

14.  Project to reduce mercury in lakes gets good reviews—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/15/10

15. National park gun ban to end soon—Patty Henetz, SLT 2/15/10

16.  Music disrupts the savage beetle, Northern Arizona University research shows—Judith Kohler, DN 2/15/10

17.  Centerville may offer curbside green-waste pickup—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 2/15/10

18.  Board grapples with EnergySolutions’ blended-waste proposal—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/15/10

19.  Use wolves to cull game herds, experts say—Matthew Brown, DN 2/15/10

20.  Funding loss could end Bear Lake commission—AP, DN 2/15/10

21.  Utah Legislature:  Limited bighorn sheep hunt debated for Antelope Island—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/15/10

22.  Bids sought in solar project—AP, DN 2/15/10

23.  Utah Legislature:  Lawmakers explore idea of privatizing state parks—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/15/10

24.  Tankless water heater nice for Earth and you—Ann Robinson, Annie V. Schwemmer, DN 2/15/10

25.  At shared offices, how green is my work space—Sindya N. Bhanoo, The New York Times 2/14/10

26.  Wyoming considers becoming first state to tax wind energy production—Matt Joyce, The Washington Post 2/14/10

27.  Cities prepare for life with the electric car—Todd Woody, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 2/14/10

28.  Tree deal revives Southwest desert solar plan—Todd Woody, Los Angeles Times 2/14/10,0,5301531.story

29.  Environment, agriculture get larger campaign play (Texas)—Jessica Meyers, The Dallas Morning News 2/14/10

30.  Water’s value travels through the ages (California)—Kevin Merrill, Santa Maria Times 2/14/10

31.  Poison death rate is high—Mike Stark, AP, SLT 2/14/10

32.  Fishermen say federal law kills jobs—Jay Lindsay, AP, DN 2/14/10

33.  Tiger farms in China feed thirst for parts—Andrew Jacobs, New York Times News Service, DN 2/14/10

34.  North Salt Lake begins curbside recycling in March—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 2/14/10

35.  Silver Eagle to start refining on Tuesday; resident concerns linger—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 2/14/10

36.  Ecology study ordered for sports complex plan—Aaron Falk, DN 2/14/10

37.  Utah Legislature:  2 bills on stream access pass in committee—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/14/10

38.  Peter Garrett now faces tough new questions (Australia)—Melbourne Herald Sun 2/13/10

39.  Winter Olympics in Vancouver aim to win green medal from UN agency—UN News Centre 2/13/10

40.  Environmental groups oppose plan to fight Asian carp—Mark Guarino, The Christian Science Monitor 2/13/10

41.  Environmental groups turn to National Park Service to block N.J. $750M power line project (New Jersey)—Lawrence Rangonese, The Star-Ledger, 2/13/10

42.  Leopard’s root canal highlights spacious new Hogle hospital—Matthew D. LaPlante, SLT 2/13/10

43.  Everyday Organic:  Compact composting for the rural-urban farmgirl—MaryJane Butters, SLT 2/13/10

44.  Definition of what is organic revised—AP, DN 2/13/10

45.  Obama expected to announce loan plan for building a new nuclear power plant—Ben Feller, AP, DN 2/13/10

46.  Watchers hurt by rogue waves at California surfing contest—AP, DN 2/13/10

47.  Utah Legislature:  Professors blast climate-change disbelievers—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 2/13/10

48.  BYU professor Paul Savage’s compounds could solve world’s infection problems—Sara Israelsen-Hartley, DN 2/13/10

49.  Bidding on Spanish Fork trail to begin in May—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 2/13/10

50.  Experts warn that any type of pesticide can be dangerous—Lois M. Collins, DN 2/13/10

51.  TED Eats:  Food, the environment and health—Steve Rosenbaum, The Huffington Post 2/12/10

52.  Records sought on Grand Canyon mining—Jamie Ross, Courthouse News Service 2/12/10

53.  Environmental justice:  Protecting against contaminated fish—Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times 2/12/10

54.  Harmonious union of investment, environment—Andrew S. Ross, San Francisco Chronicle 2/12/10

55.  Next legal battle nears for project at Chevron’s Richmond refinery (California)—Katherine Tam, Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News 2/12/10

56.  Nevada test site benefits:  Test site workers receive special compensation—Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review-Journal 2/12/10

57.  Judge OKs extended snowmobile season (Montana)—Jim Mann, Daily Interlake 2/12/10

58.  SRP strikes deal over Prescott area water—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 2/12/10

59.  Baucus, Tester will introduce legislation banning mining, energy development in North Fork (Montana)—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 2/12/10

60.  Where rubber hits the road:  Enviros to make point with condoms—AP, SLT 2/12/10

61.  Appeals court to hear Grand Staircase-Escalante road case—AP, SLT 2/12/10

62.  Power plant opponent fighting to the end—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/12/10

63.  House panel wants Utah out of climate coalition—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/12/10

64.  Murdock Canal Trail project finally moving forward—Sara Lenz, DN 2/12/10

65.  Environmentalists seek alternatives to proposed bridge over Utah Lake—Erica Teichert, DN 2/12/10

66.  BrightSource alters solar plant plan to address concerns over desert tortoise—Todd Woody, The New York Times 2/11/10

67.  Anxious geothermal, solar industries looking to US Interior for a hand—Stacy Feldman, 2/11/10

68.  Group hits the streets with environmentally conscious condoms—Staci Matlock, The New Mexican 2/11/10

69.  Another nuclear waste site for Clive?—Tim Gillie, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 2/11/10


70.  We’re in denial of our role in global heating—Kent Stewart Udell, Professor, University of Utah, SLT 2/12/10

71.  Winter use in Yellowstone sets an example—Alfred Runte, Historian, SLT 2/12/10

72.  The scientists strike back—Peg McEntee, SLT 2/12/10

73.  Legislators, open minds to science—George Handley, Professor, Brigham Young University, DN 2/12/10


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