Roundup Tuesday February 2, 2010

1.  Fifty-five countries pledge to cut greenhouse emissions—John Vidal, The Guardian (UK) 2/2/10

2.  Climate scientist at centre of email row defends his research—Press Association, The Guardian (UK) 2/2/10

3.  Brazil grants environmental licence for Belo Monte dam—Gary Duffy, BBC News 2/2/10

4.  Climate accord gets boost, but key elements still missing—Agence France-Presse, 2/2/10

5.  Obama talks about ‘clean coal’ and solar during YouTube Q&A—Tyler Falk, 2/2/10

6.  Kosher and halal meat is no safer or better for the environment than other meat—Nina Shen Rastogi, The Green Lantern, Slate, The Washington Post 2/2/10

7.  L.A. takes a shine to another Owens Valley product:  sun—Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times 2/2/10,0,2677831.story

8.  US, China, others join Copenhagen accord on climate—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 2/2/10,0,4597990.story

9.  Wind energy job growth isn’t blowing anyone away—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 2/2/10,0,6156904.story

10.  Silverton’s heli-skiing’s thrills include dealing with avalanche danger—Jason Blevins, The Denver Post 2/2/10

11.  Pneumonia confirmed in Upper Rock Creek bighorn sheep herd (Montana)—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian 2/2/10

12.  Support for wolf management bill splits along party lines—Whittney Evans, KCPW 2/2/10

13.  Idaho closes another wolf hunting area—AP, SLT 2/2/10

14.  Wyo. easement deal opens pronghorn migration route—AP, SLT 2/2/10

15.  Man sentenced to prison in artifacts case—Linda Thomson, DN 2/2/10

16.  Soil Association confronts image of organic food as elitist and expensive—Juliette Jowit, The Guardian (UK) 2/1/10

17.  Clean up your act, oilsands:  Environment Minister Prentice (Canada)—Jason Fekete, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette 2/1/10

18.  Protect caribou in oil sands area, wilderness group pleads (Alberta)—Martin Mittelstaedt, Toronto Globe and Mail 2/1/10

19. Forest industry’s future looks green (Canada)—Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun 2/1/10

20.  Digging into Obama’s 2011 budget on energy and the environment—David Roberts, 2/1/10

21.  Obama’s 2011 Budget trims environment, fattens energy spending—Environment News Service 2/1/10

22.  Countries submit emissions goals—John M. Broder, The New York Times 2/1/10

23.  Blue whales are singing in a lower key—Jill Leovy, Los Angeles Times 2/1/10,0,6269463.story

24.  National environmental group brings second lawsuit against rail hub (Missouri)—Brad Cooper, Kansas City Star 2/1/10

25.  Feds plan more protection for jaguar, bird—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 2/1/10

26.  Idaho, four other western states named in EPA lawsuit—Cynthia Sewell, The Idaho Statesman 2/1/10

27.  Hunting initiative aims for access to wildlife (Montana)—Michael Babcock, Great Falls Tribune 2/1/10

28.  Proposal would eliminate funding for Yucca Mountain—Steve Tetreault, Las Vegas Review-Journal 2/110

29.  Oregon could get two new wilderness areas—Kelly Bleyer, KBND News (Oregon) 2/1/10

30.  Senate passes bill governing collection of rainwater—Robert Gehrke, SLT 2/1/10

31.  Poll:  Radioactive waste not welcome here—Judy Fahys, SLT 2/1/10

32.  Bill would ask to delist wolf in Utah—Robert Gehrke, SLT 2/1/10

33.  Obama hopes nuclear power can lift climate bill—Dina Cappiello, Matthew Daly, AP, DN 2/1/10

34.  Utah legislature:  Senate Demos howl at plan to remove wolves from list—Josh Smith, DN 2/1/10

35.  Utah scientists scan air for mercury sources—Mike Stark, AP, DN 2/1/10

36.  Herbie the elm’s rings may reveal climate data—David Sharp, AP, DN 2/1/10

37.  Artifacts dealer was paid $162,000—AP, DN 2/1/10

38.  Water vulnerable to climate change (Wyoming)—News Services, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/31/10

39.  Boardman coal-burning power plant may have a future after all:  biomass (Oregon)—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 1/31/10

40.  Environmental group challenges logging plans (California)—Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle 1/31/10

41.  Gas groups start filing for water rights (Colorado)—Katie Burford, The Durango Herald 1/31/10

42. Canal and records are best when open to public inspection—Allison Barlow Hess, Ogden Standard-Examiner 1/31/10

43.  Salt Lake City street lights go green to save energy—Maile Tua’one, Fox 13 Now 1/31/10,0,6164432.story?track=rss

44.  Documentary:  Strong views on Utah wilderness—Tom Wharton, SLT 1/31/10

45.  Informant in artifact looting case paid $162,000—AP, DN 1/31/10

46.  Animal control worker says ex-boss hostile to pets—Nate Carlisle, SLT 1/31/10

47.  Great Salt Lake’s mercury source can’t hide forever—Mike Stark, AP, SLT 1/31/10

48.  Obama pushes nuclear energy to boost climate bill—Dina Cappiello, Matthew Daly, AP, DN 1/31/10

49.  Nature Conservancy buys Utah land to protect rare poppy—AP, DN 1/31/10

50.  Objections raised over Nine Mile Canyon agreement—DN 1/31/10

51.  Eco travel:  Getting and going green—Terri Bennett, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 1/31/10

52.  Environment-Asia:  Future of China’s tiger farms in the balance—Marwaan Macan-Markar, Inter Press Service News Agency 1/30/10

53.  In Portland, growing vertical—William Yardley, The New York Times 1/30/10

54.  In a toxic town, promises that a buyout will proceed—AP, The New York Times 1/30/10

55.  Chevron’s fight with Richmond intensifies—David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle 1/30/10

56.  Wyoming urges judge to end federal wolf management—Ben Neary, AP, SLT 1/30/10

57.  A celebration in the shadow of the Deep Creeks—Peg McEntee, SLT 1/30/10

58.  Everyday organic:  controlling household mold naturally—MaryJane Butters, SLT 1/30/10

59.  Plans for off-road trail get mixed reviews from Payson residents—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 1/30/10

60.  Utahns urged to take ‘Clean Air Challenge’—Aaron Falk, DN 1/30/10

61.  Obama acts to ease way to construct reactors—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/29/10

62.  Obama puts government on low-carbon diet—Michael Burnham, Greenwire, The New York Times 1/29/10

63.  Governor Herbert:  ‘Do more to improve air quality’—Dan Weist, Ogden Standard-Examiner 1/29/10

64.  Bill targets wolves—Patrick Parkinson, The Park Record (Utah) 1/29/10

65.  Per-cow fee would hurt cattlemen, says Utah Farm Bureau boss—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 1/29/10

66.  Nevada top court reverses ruling on water deal—Arthur Raymond, DN 1/29/10

67.  Deal considered as attorneys focus on ‘Source’ in artifacts case—Emiley Morgan, DN 1/29/10


68.  Coal industry must adapt to changing environment—Editorial, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/31/10

69.  Support mining reform now—Don Gibbs, Denver Post 1/31/10


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