Roundup Friday January 29,2010

1.  Government told to cut own greenhouse gases 28 percent—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 1/29/10

2.  Death count up to 22 in Nevada wild horse roundup—AP, DN 1/29/10

3.  Utahns urged to take ‘Clean Air Challenge’—Aaron Falk, DN 1/29/10

4.  13 countries agree plan to save wild tigers—Michael Casey, AP, DN 1/29/10

5.  Conservation group threatens EPA suit—DN 1/29/10

6.  Panel greenlights easier natural-gas conversion for cars—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/29/10

7.  Senators skeptical of proposal to open HOV lanes—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/29/10

8.  Permitting Process:  State high court deals setback to pipeline proposal for Southern Nevada—Henry Brean, Las Vegas Review Journal 1/29/10

9.  Forest to limit drilling (Wyoming)—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide 1/29/10

10.  Wolf numbers hold steady—Matthew Brown, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/29/10

11.  Environmental group sues California to halt logging—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/29/10,0,3955258.story

12.  US formalizes pledge on cutting greenhouse gases—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 1/29/10,0,6818187.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Fnationworld%2Fnation+(L.A.+Times+-+National+News)

13.  Navy sued to halt training near endangered whales—Russ Bynum, AP, DN 1/28/10

14.  Feds’ offer of new oil shale leases net 3 takers—Judith Kohler, AP, SLT 1/28/10

15. State poised to evaluate Utah Lake bridge proposal—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 1/28/10

16.  Zoo zebras die; cause unknown—Matthew D. LaPlante, SLT 1/28/10

17.  Artifacts suspect seeking plea deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/28/10

18.  BYU scientists cool to the idea of face-off—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/28/10

19.  Ruling may sink Snake Valley water deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/28/10

20.  Utahns speak with one voice:  No water deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/28/10

21.  UTA proposes more service cuts—KSL Newsradio 1/28/10

22.  Utah cities top list of nation’s worst air-again—Dan Metcalf Jr., ABC 4 News 1/28/10

23.  Huge growth projected along Wasatch Front—KSL Newsradio 1/28/10

24.  Frank Schiavo, San Jose State’s ‘green’ pioneer, dead at 70—Lisa Fernandez, San Jose Mercury News (California) 1/28/10

25.  G&F sends 17 more elk to slaughter (Wyoming)—Cat Urbigkit, Casper Star-Tribune 1/28/10

26.  Pitkin County joins Aspen in adopting stiffer energy code (Colorado)—Janet Urquhart, The Aspen Times 1/28/10

27.  Radio-collar lynx poached in Summit County (Colorado)—Howard Pankratz, The Denver Post 1//28/10

28.  Supe fires new volley in S.F. bag wars—C.W. Nevius, San Francisco Chronicle 1/28/10

29.  Leonardo DiCaprio uses social networking to lobby for the environment—Suzanne Zuckerman, People Magazine 1/28/10,,20340155,00.html

30.  Russian town see choice between jobs, environment—ABC News 1/28/10

31.  EPA crackdown on mountaintop coal mining criticized as contradictory—David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 1/28/10

32.  New panel will study disposal of waste—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/28/10

33.  Utah Legislature:  Divided senate panel approves tamer version of wolf measure—Josh Smith, DN 1/27/10

34.  Utahns voice opposition to depleted uranium storage—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/27/10

35.  BYU making worms more deadly to help farmers—Sara Israelsen-Hartley, DN 1/27/10

36.  PETA:  Replace to replace Punxsatawney Phil with robotic groundhog—AP, SLT 1/27/10

37.  More states require ‘green’ cleaning products—Ryan J. Foley, AP, SLT 1/27/10

38.  Bill would keep Utah canals’ hazards a secret—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/27/10\

39.  Lawmakers want to legalize backyard rainwater use—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/27/10

40.  Land purchased from state expands nature preserve—Mark Havnes, SLT 1/27/10

41.  Sandy-U line on track for big cuts—Maria Villasenor, SLT 1/27/10

42.  DeChristopher trying to show he was singled out—Rosemary Winters, SLT 1/27/10

43.  Land for SLC urban dwellers—Austen Diamond, Salt Lake City Weekly 1/27/10

44.  UDOT fights measure to open HOV lanes—Andrew Adams, KSL Newsradio 1/27/10

45.  Lawmakers discussing options to make Utah canals safer—John Daley, KSL Newsradio 1/27/10

46.  More women will try to be green in 2010—Mary Richards, KSL Newsradio 1/27/10

47.  Watered down wolf management bill clears committee—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/27/10

48.  Iron County passes wind ordinance (Utah)—Jennifer Weaver, St. George Spectrum 1/27/10

49.  Baking soda producer seeking oil shale lease—Dennis Webb, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Colorado) 1/27/10

50.  Officials critical of BLM’s secrecy (Wyoming)—Ruffin Prevost, The Billings Gazette 1/27/10

51.  Bighorn sheep in Rock Creek latest hit by fatal pneumonia outbreak (Montana)—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian 1/27/10

52.  Xcel’s Pueblo plant faces stiffer limits on mercury—Mark Jaffe, The Denver Post 1/27/10

53.  Portland-Seattle Amtrak gets $598 million economic boost on Thursday—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 1/27/10

54.  Proposed legislation would restrict Ecology in banning wells—David Lester, Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington State) 1/27/10

55.  EPA to investigate cluster of birth defects in Kettleman City, Calif.—Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times 1/27/10,0,2517849.story?track=rss

56.  S.E.C. adds climate risk to disclosure list—John M. Broder, The New York Times 1/27/10

57.  Algae as biofuel still rough around the edges—Rachel Ehrenberg, Science News, US News and World Report 1/27/10

58.  Fertility in women may be affected by flame retardant exposure—Jason Ramsey, TopNews 1/27/10

59.  Great Salt Lake Bird Festival events announced—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/26/10

60.  Citing possible prison time, DWR boss speaks out against wolf-removal bill—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/26/10

61.  Panel advances opening of highway express lanes—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/26/10

62.  Public largely critical of depleted uranium disposal—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/26/10

63.  Utah regulators want public input on nuclear storage—Fox 13 News 1/26/10,0,6402400.story?track=rss

64.  Tapeworm in wolves causes stir, but biologists say there’s little to fear—Daniel Person, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Montana) 1/26/10

65.  Justices to hear appeal on Roundup Ready alfalfa seed—Tom Lutey, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/26/10

66.  Courts as Battlefields in Climate Fights—John Schwartz, The New York Times 1/26/10

67.  Advocates of climate bill scale down their goals—John M. Broder, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 1/26/10

68.  Investors target Marcellus Shale drillers—Anna Driver, Reuters 1/26/10

69.  Would Obama’s spending freeze hit energy and environment programs?—Brian Merchant, 1/26/10

70.  Target Drops all farmed salmon from stores—Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times, The Vancouver Sun 1/26/10

71.  Interior chief Salazar’s first year a gusher of controversy—Michael Riley, The Denver Post 1/24/10


72.  ‘Climategate’ and disbelief:  Go buy a cooler—Gwynne Dyer, SLT 1/28/10

73.  Obama short on environmental issues—Cindy Letchworth, The Huffington Post 1/28/10

74.  Our communities should focus more on air quality—Eric deVita, St. George Spectrum (Utah) 1/28/10

75.  Haiti’s tragedy belongs to the environment—Stephan Faris, GlobalPost 1/28/10

76.  Global warming just a scientific hypothesis at this point—John Duncan, St. George Spectrum (Utah) 1/27/10

77.  Lift the regulatory burden on B.C.’s mining industry—Editorial, The Vancouver Sun 1/26/10

78.  Recession slows need for new energy leases—Thomas Power, Writers on the Range, SLT 1/26/10

79.  Energy Plan—Editorial, SLT 1/26/10

80.  Going to the well too often—Laura Zeimer, Trout Unlimited, 1/22/10


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