Roundup Friday January 22, 2010

1.  Energy debate yields little middle ground—Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times 1/22/10

2.  Rehberg joins fellow House members in attempt to block EPA regulation of greenhouse gases—Mike Dennison, The Missoulian 1/22/10

3.  Water pipeline idea interests irrigation districts—Ben Neary, Casper Star-Tribune 1/22/10

4.  U.N. scientists urge stop to mining road around Glacier National Park—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 1/22/10

5.  Layton residents turn out to voice opinions on chickens—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/22/10

6.  3 minor quakes rattle Yellowstone—DN 1/22/10

7.  Utahns split on open access to HOV lanes—Laura Hancock, DN 1/22/10

8.  Utah lawmaker puts wolves in his crosshairs—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/21/10

9.  Wasatch Front farming:  Big or small acres pay off—Dawn House, SLT 1/22/10

10.  Top 10 bicycle-friendly cities (and no, Calgary isn’t on the list)—Calgary Herald (British Colombia) 1/21/10

11.  Senators want to bar EPA greenhouse gas limits—John M. Broder, The New York Times 1/21/10

12.  Past decade warmest on record, NASA data shows—John M. Broder, The New York Times 1/21/10

13.  Winds carry Asian smog component to Western U.S., study finds—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/21/10,0,2982597.story

14.  Garbage power:  Seattle touts renewable energy source—Larry Lange, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1//21/10

15.  Pine beetle scourge grows—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 1/21/10

16.  Wind divides Converse County—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/21/10

17.  RMP surges ahead with power route despite strong opposition—Sarah Miley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/21/10

18.  Ozone from Asia linked to levels in Western US skies—Jeff Barnard, AP, DN 1/21/10

19.  Sierra Club names Michael Brune first new leader in 18 years—DN 1/21/10

20.  Errors mar U.N. global warming report—Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 1/21/10

21.  Becker joins environmental leaders in Washington plea—Aaron Falk, DN 1/21/10

22.  Some Utah cities shirking cost of fighting wildfires—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/21/10

23.  Solitude hoping to expand into Silver Fork Canyon—Rebecca Palmer, DN 1/21/10

24.  Becker pushes climate change legislation in D.C.—Thomas Burr, SLT 1/21/10

25.  Legislation would create burn pit registry—Matthew D. LaPlante, SLT 1/21/10

26.  Sustainable sockeye ‘eco-fraud’—Mark Hume, The Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/20/10

27.  Husky, BP help fuel oil sands resurgence—David Ebner, Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/20/10

28.  Expanding use of wind power feasible, but may be costly—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/20/10

29.  Parks differ on bear management—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News & Guide (Wyoming) 1/20/10

30.  Official:  Ruling shouldn’t hurt water deal—Dan Elliott, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/20/10

31.  BLM uses stimulus to remove Russian olives—Brett French, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/20/10

32.  Proposed bill seeks to keep wolves out of Utah—John Hollenhorst, KSL News 1/20/10

33.  Saratoga Springs man dies after chemical accident—Lana Groves, DN 1/20/10

34.  Report asserts ‘fracking’ contaminates water supplies—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/20/10

35.  Silver Eagle not ready to start refining—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/20/10

36.  Davis residents upset about proposed UTA express bus cuts—Laura Hancock, DN 1/20/10

37.  Worker not killed by substances at Payson plant, company says—Steven Oberbeck, Tom Harvey, SLT 1/20/10

38.  New York Times to charge for Web access in 2011—Combined News Services, SLT 1/20/10

39.  States walk fine line with law of the river—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/20/10

40.  Colorado pipeline proposal stirs water fears—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/20/10\

41.  Urban farming open house—Jason Bergreen, SLT 1/20/10

42.  Woods Cross refinery wants residents’ trust and to restart operations—Maria Villasenor, SLT 1/20/10

43.  Environment Committee calls for increased recycling of food waste—Rasik Sharma, TopNews (UK) 1/19/10

44.  Conoco, Total to expand oil sands project—David Ebner, Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/19/10

45.  Monarch butterfly count at a record low—Martin Mittelstaedt, Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/19/10

46.  The great offshore windmill reef—Andrew Leonard, 1/19/10

47.  Obama’s first year:  On environment, big changes but little notice—Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News (California) 1/19/10

48.  Another earthquake rattles Yellowstone—DN 1/19/10

49.  Storm chases away dirty air along Wasatch Front—DN 1/19/10

50.  40 bison captured in Utah’s Henry Mountains—AP, SLT 1/19/10\

51.  The air out there:  Storms clear out northern Utah’s gunk—AP, SLT 1/19/10

52.  Refinery to have tour prior to restarting some operations—Maria Villasenor, SLT 1/19/10

53.  Saratoga Springs man dies after chemical exposure—Sheena McFarland, SLT 1/19/10

54.  Leafy lesson pays off—SLT 1/19/10

55.  Ranchers aim to protect water—Linda Halstead-Acharya, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/17/10

56.  Amid state’s push for solar power, water-supply worries arise—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 1/17/10

57.  Wyoming:  Our management plan would protect wolves—Mead Gruver, AP, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/16/10

58.  Geothermal drilling safeguards imposed—James Glanz, The New York Times 1/15/10


59.  Build the nuke plant in Emery County—Editorial,  Provo Daily Herald 10/21/10

60.  Nine Mile deal—Editorial, KSL News 1/20/10

61.  The coal ash case—Editorial, The New York Times 1/19/10

62.  EPA has no business regulating air quality—Matt Rowley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/19/10

63.  Snake Valley aquifer battle is worth fighting—Editorial, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/19/10


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