Roundup Tuesday January 19, 2010

1.  Obama faces emissions U-turn with new Congress challenge—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian (UK) 1/19/10

2.  Extreme migrations spell safety for Arctic shorebirds—Nell Greenfield Boyce, NPR 1/19/10

3.  Advocates push for a no-car day Wednesday—Laura Hancock, DN 1/19/10

4.  What’s in a cigarette?  FDA to study ingredients—Michael Felberbaum, AP, DN 1/19/10

5.  Utah raising money to save pets in Haiti—Elaine Jarvik, DN 1/19/10

6.  Researchers report Yellowstone earthquake swarm—AP, SLT 1/19/10

7.  Simple Green:  China’s development strategy—Ann Danylkiw, 1/18/10

8.  Lucy Wisdom obituary (Orangutan activist)—Anne Boston, The Guardian (UK) 1/18/10

9.  Shell faces shareholder revolt over Canadian tar sands project—Terry Macalister, The Guardian (UK) 1/18/10

10.  Pants for progress:  Chinese climate protesters strip off on train—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 1/18/10

11.  UN panel’s glacier warning is criticized as exaggerated—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times 1/18/10

12.  A Pacific Island challenge to European air pollution—James Kanter, The New York Times 1/18/10

13.  Early closure of Oregon’s only coal-fired power plant has national implications—Stacy Feldman, 1/18/10

14.  Rock layers trap Exxon Valdez oil, study finds—AP, Los Angeles Times 1/18/10,0,2370930.story

15.  Wal-Mart completes a megawatt solar project in Apple Valley (California)—Tiffany Hsu, Los Angeles Times 1/18/10

16.  US will credit light rail and streetcars for environmental, economic, livability benefits—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 1/18/10

17.  Oregon biologists start DNA study on rare weasel—AP, The Oregonian 1/18/10

18.  Oregon coast spotters count hundreds of migrating whales—Lori Tobias, The Oregonian 1/18/10

19.  Activist Tim DeChristopher seeks candidate to challenge Jim Matheson—Josh Smith, DN 1/18/10

20.  FDA debates tougher cancer warning on tanning beds—Lauran Neergaard, AP, DN 1/18/10

21.  Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan pushes for aquarium instead of Broadway-style theater—Rebecca Palmer, DN 1/18/10

22.  Judge denies William James Viehl’s motion in South Jordan mink farm case—Emiley Morgan, DN 1/18/10

23.  UDOT to kick off $8M Davis County study on ‘Legacy North’—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/18/10

24.  Navajo leaders OK Big Boquillas Ranch wind energy deal—DN 1/18/10

25.  Juab County animal rendering plant plagued by fines, family squabbles—Paul Koepp, DN 1/18/10

26.  Land scars, memories still fresh 5 years after flood—Mark Havnes, SLT 1/18/10

27.  Experts:  Egypt’s wall will destroy Gaza’s aquifer—Ma’an News Agency 1/17/10

28.  Chief constable accused of undermining power station protest—Rob Evans, Paul Lewis, The Guardian (UK) 1/17/10

29.  Greenpeace to build £14M flagship—John Vidal, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 1/17/10

30.  EU nations spar over climate policy after UN summit deadlock—Jonathan Stearns, Bloomberg Business Week 1/17/10

31.  Therapists report increase in green disputes—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times 1/17/10

32.  How can a road be green?  Analysts say they have found a way—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 1/17/10

33.  Oregon held to account for failing to protect coastal waterways—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 1/17/10

34.  Ted Turner’s bid for Yellowstone bison stokes wildlife debate—Matthew Brown, AP, DN 1/17/10

35.  Hogle Zoo event to kick off ‘Year of the Tiger’—DN 1/17/10

36.  Utah appeals decision on radioactive waste from Italy—Judith Kohler, AP, DN 1/17/10

37.  Readers hurl rocks at column on rock art—Lee Benson, DN 1/17/10

38.  What happens to polar bears as Arctic ice shrinks?—Guy Raz, NPR 1/16/10

39.  The Pulse:  Forget the scarf, but think about the frogs—Jessica Reaves, Chicago News Cooperative, The New York Times 1/16/10

40.  A clear coating, with green applications—Anne Eisenberg, The New York Times 1/16/10

41.  Bisphenol A:  Should there be laws?—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/16/10

42.  Maryland to sue Mirant over water pollution from fly ash—AP, The Baltimore Sun 1/16/10,0,4721017.story

43.  Salt Lake businesses begin glass recycling—Aaron Falk, DN 1/16/10

44.  Renewable energy incubator operating—DN 1/16/10

45.  Sierra Club supports mustang roundup in Nevada—AP, SLT 1/16/10

46.  Largest load of uranium tailings shipped from Moab—AP, SLT 1/16/10

47.  Don’t trust a bureaucrat with your mercury—Paul Rolly, SLT 1/16/10

48.  Animal expert plans 10-day Vegas stay with snakes—AP, SLT 1/16/10

49.  Australian water crisis offers clues for California—Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times 1/15/10

50.  Climate advocates on the defensive as Congress returns—Matthew Berger, 1/15/10

51.  California oil company under scrutiny in Alaska—Geoff Mohan, Los Angeles Times 1/15/10

52.  Environmentalits:  Richardson leaves green legacy—Susan Montoya Bryan, AP, Las Cruces Sun-News (New Mexico) 1/15/10

53.  Wyoming BLM reports sharp decline in oil, gas drilling permits—Mead Gruver, AP, The Washington Examiner 1/15/10

54.  BLM fast-tracks Nevada renewable projects—Reno Gazette-Journal 1/15/10

55.  UDOT, state senator Karen Morgan differ on HOV-lane alternatives—Laura Hancock, DN 1/15/10

56.  Judge voids landmark California water agreement—AP, SLT 1/15/10

57.  Montana wolf attacks spike in ’09, sparking backlash—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 1/15/10

58.  Kennecott tailings pose no threat to homes—Jeremiah Stettler, SLT 1/15/10

59.  Foundation gives Park City nature preserve to USU—Brian Maffly, SLT 1/15/10

60.  Eleven SLC businesses engaged in curbside glass recycling—Dawn House, SLT 1/15/10

61.  New American Girl doll encourages girls to get outdoors—Brett Prettyman, SLT 1/15/10


62.  Step up, help avert climate disaster—Brian Moench, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, DN 1/19/10

63.  Utah has battled bad-air problems for many decades—Jay Evensen, DN 1/17/10

64.  Snake valley pumping very hard to monitor—John D. Bredehoeft, SLT 1/17/10

65.  Climate:  Copenhagen’s useful failure—Bjorn Lomborg, The Washington Post, SLT 1/16/10

66.  Mythmaking on both sides of wild horse issue—Willis Lamm, Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates, SLT 1/16/10

67.  10 reasons not to give Utah water to Nevada—Ruppert Steele, Terry Marasco, Brian Moench, SLT 1/15/10

68.  Farm Bureau spreads it on thick—Casey Jones, SLT 1/15/10


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