Roundup Friday January 15, 2010

1.  Trinkets tossed in trash after cadmium warning—Jocelyn Noveck, AP, DN 1/15/10

2.  Arizona may shut down two-thirds of state parks—Jonathan J. Cooper, AP, DN 1/15/10

3.  New recycling trailers at Lake Powell—DN 1/15/10

4.  Iron County animal shelter may have to euthanize—DN 1/15/10

5.  Utah to start inspecting coal mines—AP, SLT 1/15/10

6.  Outdoor reading:  Marvels of migration—Brett Prettyman, SLT 1/15/10

7.  Increase in permits approved for 2010 black bear hunting season—SLT 1/15/10

8.  Gray wolves killed 1 stock animal per day in 2009, depleting compensation program—Matthew Brown, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/15/10

9.  With help from Portland Eco-School Network, parents make kids’ schools a little greener—Amy Wang, The Oregonian 1/15/10

10.  Colorado River water deal overturned—Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times 1/15/10,0,1867080.story

11.  ‘No basis’ for excluding climate impacts from NEPA reviews—CEQ—Noelle Straub, Greenwire 1/15/10

12.  ‘Terminated’ reactor projects may be revived—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/15/10

13.  Chevron plaintiffs ask US court for action—Angel Gonzalez, Ben Casselman, The Wall Street Journal 1/13/10

14.  Study finds link between chemical exposure, insulin resistance—Sara Goodman, Greenwire 1/15/10

15.  Glowing ‘EXIT’ signs are radioactive—Courthouse News Service 1/15/10

16.  The new storm brewing on the climate front—Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones 1/15/10

17.  Soros says US needs carbon cap to unlock clean-energy finance—Jim Efstathiou Jr., Bloomberg 1/15/10

18.  Drought drives Middle Eastern pepper farmers out of business, threatens prized heirloom chiles—Gary Nabhan, 1/15/10

19.  How climate change is shrinking the river Nile—Andrew Johnstone, The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

20.  Top 10 green cars to watch in 2010—The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

21.  Turtles return home after a week’s break from cold (Florida)—AP, The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

22.  Electric cars struggle to spark enthusiasm (Detroit motor show)—Andrew Clark, The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

23.  Get ready for seven-foot sea level rise as climate change melts ice sheets—Rob Young, Orrin Pikey, Yale Environment 360, The Guardian Environment Network 1/15/10

24.  Utah appeals decision on radioactive waste from Italy—Judith Kohler, AP, DN 1/14/10

25.  Cold snap kills Florida wildlife—Paul Quinlan, Cox Newspapers, DN 1/4/10

26.  BYU scientist says Iguanas may have walked to Fiji, Tonga—UPI, DN 1/14/10

27.  Enviros fight for voice in backcountry roads dispute—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/14/10\

28.  EnergySolutions:  State OK not needed for blending radioactive waste—Thomas Burr, SLT 1/14/10

29.  Utah argues case to ban foreign nuke waste—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/14/10

30.  Feds to reconsider habitat for endangered bird in Utah, other states—AP, SLT 1/14/10

31.  S. Utah animal shelters face overcrowding—AP, SLT 1/14/10

32.  Exxon to inject new life in old Texas field—AP, SLT 1/14/10

33.  Conservationists to sue over soccer complex—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/14/10

34.  Water rights for nuclear power—Jon Kovash, KUER News 1/14/10

35.  PETA sues county for records on alleged animal experiments—Tom Busselberg, Davis County Clipper 1/14/10

36.  Leaders taking fight to EPA over air quality designation—Sarah Miley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/14/10

37.  Obama picks Washington air agency chief to head EPA region—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 1/14/10

38.  PGE plan suggests shorter time frame to close Boardman coal-fired power plant (Oregon)—Ted Sickinger, The Oregonian 1/14/10

39.  Past decade hottest on record—Amy Heinzerling, 1/14/10

40.  Proposed tougher ozone standard worries intermountain West drillers—Scott Streater, Greenwire, The New York Times 1/14/10

41.  Alberta to study pace of oil sands growth—Nathan VanderKlippe, The Toronto Globe and Mail 1/14/10

42.  Herbert wants N-waste test—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/13/10

43.  PETA fighting to get records on Davis animals sold to U.—Lana Groves, DN 1/13/10

44.  Groups seek regulation of bumblebee shipments—Jeff Barnard, AP, DN 1/13/10

45.  Soccer complex scores nod from City Council—Derek P. Jensen, SLT 1/13/10

46.  UTA taking comments on TRAX extension plans—AP, SLT 1/13/10

47.  Deseret Chemical Depot resumes burning mustard agent—AP, SLT 1/13/10

48.  N. Utah water outlook is dim, but could brighten—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/13/10

49.  New plan is drafted for grizzly bears in Rockies, Cascades—AP, SLT 1/13/10

50.  Plans to release 40 Utah bighorn in Wyoming canceled—AP, SLT 1/13/10

51.  Kids act to help clear air—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 1/13/10

52. State gathering public input on nuke plant water deal—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/13/10

53.  Radiation control board considers banning downblended waste—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/13/10

54.  PETA sues Davis County—Mitch Shaw, Ogden Standard-Examiner 1/13/10

55.  Utah nuclear power push worth ‘great risks’, freshman Rep. Chaffetz says—David O. Williams, The Colorado Independent 1/13/10

56.  NM tribe is betting on solar energy—Suzan Montoya Bryan, AP, 1/13/10

57.  World-renowned site damaged (Arizona)—James Gilbert, The Yuma Sun 1/13/10

58.  Grizzly panel told government can’t meet judge’s requirements for delisting—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/13/10

59.  Groups ask US to regulate shipping of commercial bumblebees—Adrian Higgins, The Washington Post 1/13/10

60.  Two sides to the story (Wyoming snowpack)—Joan Barron, Casper Star-Tribune 1/13/10

61.  Snowpack sapped (Idaho snowpack)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News 1/13/10

62.  EPs no to Portland’s open reservoirs—James Mayer, The Oregonian 1/13/10

63.  Forget wind.  Pickens turns focus to gas—Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 1/13/10

64.  2010 outlook for solar in California—Adam Browning, 1/13/10

65.  Nearly all black bear deaths in parks caused by humans (Canada)—Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal 1/13/10

66.  Nigeria:  Lagos—Evolving strategies for effective environmental activities—Stella Odueme, 1/13/10

67.  PETA sues over animal shelter records—Tony Semerad, SLT 1/12/10

68.  Hearing heats up over air angst—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 1/12/10

69.  Cold winter, fresh produce—Anthony Fassio, SLT 1/12/10

70.  Radiation expert blasts EnergySolutions for misleading the public—John Hollenhorst, KSL News 1/12/10

71.  Regulators talk about potential probs with hot waste storage—Katy Carlyle, Fox 13 Now Utah 1/12/10,0,2225308.story?track=rss

72.  What are Utah’s long term plans for cleaner air?—Annie Cutler, ABC 4 News 1/12/10

73.  Wasatch Front air worst in nation—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/12/10

74.  Utah again tops in nation for bad air, but what’s being done?—Sarah Dallof, KSL News 1/12/10

75.  More college students seeing, thinking and studying ‘green’—Mary Richards, KSL News 1/12/10

76.  Jaguar will get habitat protection in US Southwest—Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times 1/12/10


77.  Warming to the environment—The Australian 1/16/10

78.  At home on the range:  Making room for America’s wild horses requires balance—Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, The Los Angeles Times 1/14/10,0,5245332.story

79.  ‘Worst air in the nation’ a hard claim to swallow—Garth Barker, Logan Herald-Journal 1/14/10

80.  Want to help the environment and get cash back for cutting carbon emissions?—Peter Z. Grossman, The Christian Science Monitor 1/13/10

81.  Dying for the environment—Thomas Joscelyn, The Washington Times 1/13/10

82.  Public lands belong to all—Raymond Kuehne, St. George Spectrum 1/13/09

83.  If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem (Air Quality)—Editorial, The Park Record 1/13/10

84.  It’s arrogant to say humans cause global warming—Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason University, DN 1/13/10

85.  Biomass energy:  Beware of the costs—George Wuerthner, 1/12/10


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