Roundup Tuesday January 12, 2010

1.  Judge declines to step aside in mink-release case—Pamela Manson, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

2.  Hearing on proposed Utah nuke plant zeroes in on water needs—Christopher Smart, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

3.  Wyoming cites Sinclair for refinery spill—Mead Gruver, AP, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

4.  Becker to talk about ‘livability’ in Tuesday’s State of City address—Aaron Falk, Deseret News 1/12/10

5.  Bad air over Wasatch Front to continue through Wednesday—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 1/12/10

6.  State aims to protect Utah farmland—Josh Smith, Deseret News 1/12/10

7.  Water hearing today for proposed Emery County nuclear plant—Deseret News 1/12/10

8.  Northern Utah water outlook is dismal—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 1/12/10

9.  Bird-plane collisions may pass 10,000, a first—Joan Lowy, Ted Bridis, AP, Deseret News 1/12/10

10.  Commission denies wind ordinance—Jennifer Weaver, St. George Spectrum 1/12/10

11.  Cuts force shuttering of parks—Casey Newton, The Arizona Republic 1/12/10

12.  Gov takes protest to D.C.—Jeremy Pelzer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/12/10

13.  Ford says it will sell an electric Focus next year—Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times 1/12/10,0,4371346.story

14.  Vancouver engineers its own urban dream—Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times 1/12/10,0,3186139.story

15.  Common herbicide might affect frogs—Margaret Shapiro, The Washington Post 1/12/10

16.  States want delay on emission rules—Stephen Power, Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal 1/12/10

17.  US eyes new nuclear plants in climate battle—Jeff Mason, Reuters 1/12/10

18.  Talk of sustainability was everywhere at consumer electronics show—Leslie Berliant, 1/12/10

19.  As the crow flies, Tokyo battles avian pest—Louisa Lim, NPR 1/12/10

20.  Pacific islanders bid to stop Czech coal plant—Reuters 1/12/10

21.  Aviation and shipping emissions after Copenhagen— 1/12/10

22.  How the big freeze has brought some unusual visitors (UK)—Stephen Moss, The Guardian 1/12/10

23.  Lundy Island becomes England’s first marine conservation zone—Press Association, The Guardian 1/12/10

24.  Bad air drags on, but there’s hope—Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

25.  County is ready to dismiss roads lawsuit—Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

26.  Iron County works on wind law—Mark Havnes, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

27.  Bill aims to protect Utah’s farmlands—Dawn House, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

28.  Rare arctic sea bird spotted at Glen Canyon—AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

29.  Activists, officials take on puppy mills—AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

30.  Spain hopes to halt peat fire by flooding park—Harold Heckle, AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

31.  Farmers fight back against animal rights groups—Shannon Dininny, AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

32.  Deal signed to protect ancient art in Utah canyon—Mike Stark, AP, Native American Times 1/11/10

33.  SUWA:  Dust storms causing climate change— 1/11/10

34.  1973:  The year environmental filmmaking was born—Karl Burkart, Mother Nature Network, San Louis Obispo tribune (California) 1/11/10

35.  An earth-sheltered house takes shape on a coastal hillside—Ruth Mullen, The Oregonian 1/11/10

36.  Steelhead returning to northwest Oregon streams in large numbers—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 1/11/10

37.  Damaged coral reefs can recover in marine reserves, study finds—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 1/11/10

38.  Is California’s new green building code green enough?—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/11/10

39.  California cap-and-trade:  A political gamble?—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/11/10

40.  Green guide to electronics is disputed, but influential—Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times 1/11/10

41.  Montana oversight panel blocks greenhouse gas rules—Matt Gouras, AP/Great Falls Tribune, Greenwire 1/11/10

42.  Seeking sustainability, finding skeptics at the American Farm Bureau meeting—Tyler Falk, 1/11/10

43.  Industrial farming head just says ‘no’ to call for civility—Tom Laskawy, 1/11/10

44.  Ford Fusion Hybrid wins 2010 Car of the Year, no green spin needed—Ashley Braun, 1/11/10

45.  Not all ski slopes are environmentally equal, study concludes—Sindya N. Bhanoo, The New York times 1/11/10

46.  Pope denounces failure at Copenhagen—Nicol Winfield, AP, 1/11/10

47.  Global cooling on the brain—Andrew Leonard, 1/11/10

48.  Mann at center of climate e-mail controversy—Faye Flam, Philadelphia Inquirer, Greenwire 1/11/10

49.  Yucca haunts admin’s lagging efforts on study panel—Katherine Ling, Greenwire 1/11/10

50.  Small businesses see devil in details of EPA emissions ruling—Robin Bravender, Greenwire 1/11/10

51.  E-The Environmental Magazine celebrates 20th anniversary with new design, new directions—PR Newswire 1/11/10—the-environmental-magazine-celebrates-20th-anniversary-with-new-design-new-directions-81140502.html

52.  The EPA, science and mountaintop mining—Matthew Berger, 1/11/10

53.  Bell Labs launches global effort to make internet 1,000 times greener by 2015—Stacy Feldman, 1/11/10

54.  Cap-and-trade, California style:  Who gets the  money?—SolveClimate Staff, 1/11/10

55.  Next 40 years key for climate change:  Study—AFP, Yahoo News 1/11/10

56.  Environmental groups threaten to sue Massey Energy—Tim Huber, AP, Yahoo News 1/11/10;_ylt=App0zVRCPFwbICm4r9bewmppl88F;_ylu=X3oDMTM2ZXNtdDdwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTExL3VzX21hc3NleV9sYXdzdWl0X3dlc3RfdmlyZ2luaWEEcG9zAzE0BHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2Vudmlyb25tZW50YQ–

57.  World’s biodiversity ‘crisis’ needs action, says UN—Richard Black, BBC News 1/11/10

58.  Arctic tern’s epic journey mapped—Jonathan Amos, BBC News 1/11/10

59.  White House climate advisor offers hope after Copenhagen—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian 1/11/10

60.  How will the snow and ice affect the public’s attitudes to climate change?—Ben Page, The Guardian 1/11/10

61.  9-Mile deal was long time coming—Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

62.  Northern Utah air worst in nation—Lindsay Whitehurst, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

63.  Utah’s exotic species, the good, the bad and the ugly—Tom Wharton, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

64.  Utahns urged to get homes tested for radon gas—Carrie A. Moore, Deseret News 1/10/10

65.  Researchers say Kennecott tailings pile is no longer a threat—Josh Smith, Deseret News 1/10/10

66.  Dirty air has Utahns fleeing—Sara Lenz, Deseret News 1/10/10

67.  MAG official disputes EPA air quality proposal for Utah County—Sara Lenz, Deseret News 1/10/10

68.  Sheryl Crow tries to ride to rescue of wild horses—Martin Griffith, Deseret News 1/10/10

69.  EPA sees Port Arthur as ‘environmental justice’ showcase—Dan Wallach, San Antonio Express 1/10/10

70.  Time of change for coal industry—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/10/10

71.  Freeze threatens Florida’s tropical fish—Damien Cave, The New York Times 1/10/10

72.  Teaching green, beyond recycling—Mireya Navarro, Sindya N. Bhanoo, The New York Times 1/10/10

73.  New rules for mining will impact caribou habitat—Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun (Canada) 1/10/10

74.  The unintended ripples from the biomass subsidy program—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 1/10/10

75.  Return to small farms could help alleviate social and environmental crises—Max Ajl, 1/10/10

76.  Irrational fears give nuclear power a bad name, says Oxford scientist—Alok Jha, Sarah Boseley, The Guardian 1/10/10

77.  Is Washington’s orca baby boom a fluke?—George Tibbits, AP, Deseret News 1/9/10

78.  US Fish and Wildlife misses deadline on jaguar recovery plan—Susan Montoya Bryan, AP, The Arizona Republic 1/9/10

79.  Dairy gold vanishes—Phil Ferolito, Yakima Herald-Republic 1/9/10

80.  US bird listing to hit energy, wind industries—Reuters 1/9/10

81.  Garrett to allow Uluru climbs—Lindsay Murdoch, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) 1/9/10

82.  Activists decry coyote-hunting tournament in Nevada—Martin Griffith, AP, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

83.  Becker to push for ‘livability’ for rest of term—Derek P. Jensen, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

84.  Utah Farm Bureau launches counterattack on ‘eco-propaganda’—Dawn House, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

85.  Questions raised about depleted uranium safety—Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

86.  Herbert pulling back on water deal—Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

87.  Snowbird discounting passes on ‘red air days’—Mike Gorrell, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

88.  Outdoors reading:  Learn about John Muir—Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

89.  American Indian energy interns sought—Lee Davidson, Deseret News 1/8/10

90.  Fundraiser planned for Jordan River—Rebecca Palmer, Deseret News 1/8/10

91.  Ruby pipeline project up for public comment—Deseret News 1/8/10

92.  Where did San Francisco Bay’s sea lions go?  Try Oregon Coast—Jeff Barnard, AP, Deseret News 1/8/10

93.  Obama pushes for cash for green jobs—AP, Deseret News 1/8/10

94.  EPA changes to test county—Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review-Journal 1/8/10

95.  EPA increases burden on Denver to reduce smog—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 1/8/10

96.  Agency’s push for tougher ozone rules would go beyond big cities—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 1/8/10

97.  Turner bid for Yellowstone bison draws protests—Matthew Brown, AP, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/8/10

98.  Historic ranch becomes preserve—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/8/10

99.  Coalition for Common Sense joins fight for motorized use—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 1/8/10

100.  Bighorns versus cattle—Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times 1/8/10

101.  EPA proposes nation’s strictest smog limits ever—Jim Tankersley, Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/8/10,0,7163115.story

102.  EPA proposes stricter limits on smog pollutants—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 1/8/10

103.  China tries a new tack to go solar—Keith Bradsher, The New York Times 1/8/10

104.  Dispute over ‘fracking’ for natural gas—Talk of the Nation 1/8/10

105.  Stashing carbon dioxide in rocks—Talk of the Nation 1/8/10

106.  Tide of Arab-Turk tension rises amid water shortage (Part 2)—Deborah Amos, NPR 1/8/10

107.  China kept tainted milk secret—Gillian Wong, AP, 1/7/10

108.  EPA replacing Bush smog limit—Dina Cappiello, AP, 1/7/10


109.  Breathing poison—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

110.  Energy efficiency—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

111.  Should Segways motor in our cycle lanes?—Peter Walker, The Guardian 1/11/10

112.  Science must end climate confusion—Richard Betts, BBC News 1/11/10

113.  Prairie dogs—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

114.  EPA should consider air changes carefully—Editorial, Deseret News 1/10/10

115.  New mining rules 33 years in making—Editorial, The Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky) 1/10/10

116.  Many myths in wild horse management debate—Robert V. Abbey, Director, BLM, Salt Lake Tribune 1/9/10

117.  Air cleanup—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

118.  Score two for the environment—Editorial, Los Angeles Times 1/8/10,0,562474.story

119.  Snow job leads to a reporter’s exit—Bob Berwyn, Writers on the Range, High Country News 1/5/10


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