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Roundup Friday January 29,2010

1.  Government told to cut own greenhouse gases 28 percent—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 1/29/10

2.  Death count up to 22 in Nevada wild horse roundup—AP, DN 1/29/10

3.  Utahns urged to take ‘Clean Air Challenge’—Aaron Falk, DN 1/29/10

4.  13 countries agree plan to save wild tigers—Michael Casey, AP, DN 1/29/10

5.  Conservation group threatens EPA suit—DN 1/29/10

6.  Panel greenlights easier natural-gas conversion for cars—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/29/10

7.  Senators skeptical of proposal to open HOV lanes—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/29/10

8.  Permitting Process:  State high court deals setback to pipeline proposal for Southern Nevada—Henry Brean, Las Vegas Review Journal 1/29/10

9.  Forest to limit drilling (Wyoming)—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide 1/29/10

10.  Wolf numbers hold steady—Matthew Brown, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/29/10

11.  Environmental group sues California to halt logging—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/29/10,0,3955258.story

12.  US formalizes pledge on cutting greenhouse gases—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 1/29/10,0,6818187.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Fnationworld%2Fnation+(L.A.+Times+-+National+News)

13.  Navy sued to halt training near endangered whales—Russ Bynum, AP, DN 1/28/10

14.  Feds’ offer of new oil shale leases net 3 takers—Judith Kohler, AP, SLT 1/28/10

15. State poised to evaluate Utah Lake bridge proposal—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 1/28/10

16.  Zoo zebras die; cause unknown—Matthew D. LaPlante, SLT 1/28/10

17.  Artifacts suspect seeking plea deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/28/10

18.  BYU scientists cool to the idea of face-off—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/28/10

19.  Ruling may sink Snake Valley water deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/28/10

20.  Utahns speak with one voice:  No water deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/28/10

21.  UTA proposes more service cuts—KSL Newsradio 1/28/10

22.  Utah cities top list of nation’s worst air-again—Dan Metcalf Jr., ABC 4 News 1/28/10

23.  Huge growth projected along Wasatch Front—KSL Newsradio 1/28/10

24.  Frank Schiavo, San Jose State’s ‘green’ pioneer, dead at 70—Lisa Fernandez, San Jose Mercury News (California) 1/28/10

25.  G&F sends 17 more elk to slaughter (Wyoming)—Cat Urbigkit, Casper Star-Tribune 1/28/10

26.  Pitkin County joins Aspen in adopting stiffer energy code (Colorado)—Janet Urquhart, The Aspen Times 1/28/10

27.  Radio-collar lynx poached in Summit County (Colorado)—Howard Pankratz, The Denver Post 1//28/10

28.  Supe fires new volley in S.F. bag wars—C.W. Nevius, San Francisco Chronicle 1/28/10

29.  Leonardo DiCaprio uses social networking to lobby for the environment—Suzanne Zuckerman, People Magazine 1/28/10,,20340155,00.html

30.  Russian town see choice between jobs, environment—ABC News 1/28/10

31.  EPA crackdown on mountaintop coal mining criticized as contradictory—David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 1/28/10

32.  New panel will study disposal of waste—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/28/10

33.  Utah Legislature:  Divided senate panel approves tamer version of wolf measure—Josh Smith, DN 1/27/10

34.  Utahns voice opposition to depleted uranium storage—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/27/10

35.  BYU making worms more deadly to help farmers—Sara Israelsen-Hartley, DN 1/27/10

36.  PETA:  Replace to replace Punxsatawney Phil with robotic groundhog—AP, SLT 1/27/10

37.  More states require ‘green’ cleaning products—Ryan J. Foley, AP, SLT 1/27/10

38.  Bill would keep Utah canals’ hazards a secret—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/27/10\

39.  Lawmakers want to legalize backyard rainwater use—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/27/10

40.  Land purchased from state expands nature preserve—Mark Havnes, SLT 1/27/10

41.  Sandy-U line on track for big cuts—Maria Villasenor, SLT 1/27/10

42.  DeChristopher trying to show he was singled out—Rosemary Winters, SLT 1/27/10

43.  Land for SLC urban dwellers—Austen Diamond, Salt Lake City Weekly 1/27/10

44.  UDOT fights measure to open HOV lanes—Andrew Adams, KSL Newsradio 1/27/10

45.  Lawmakers discussing options to make Utah canals safer—John Daley, KSL Newsradio 1/27/10

46.  More women will try to be green in 2010—Mary Richards, KSL Newsradio 1/27/10

47.  Watered down wolf management bill clears committee—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/27/10

48.  Iron County passes wind ordinance (Utah)—Jennifer Weaver, St. George Spectrum 1/27/10

49.  Baking soda producer seeking oil shale lease—Dennis Webb, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Colorado) 1/27/10

50.  Officials critical of BLM’s secrecy (Wyoming)—Ruffin Prevost, The Billings Gazette 1/27/10

51.  Bighorn sheep in Rock Creek latest hit by fatal pneumonia outbreak (Montana)—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian 1/27/10

52.  Xcel’s Pueblo plant faces stiffer limits on mercury—Mark Jaffe, The Denver Post 1/27/10

53.  Portland-Seattle Amtrak gets $598 million economic boost on Thursday—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 1/27/10

54.  Proposed legislation would restrict Ecology in banning wells—David Lester, Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington State) 1/27/10

55.  EPA to investigate cluster of birth defects in Kettleman City, Calif.—Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times 1/27/10,0,2517849.story?track=rss

56.  S.E.C. adds climate risk to disclosure list—John M. Broder, The New York Times 1/27/10

57.  Algae as biofuel still rough around the edges—Rachel Ehrenberg, Science News, US News and World Report 1/27/10

58.  Fertility in women may be affected by flame retardant exposure—Jason Ramsey, TopNews 1/27/10

59.  Great Salt Lake Bird Festival events announced—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/26/10

60.  Citing possible prison time, DWR boss speaks out against wolf-removal bill—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/26/10

61.  Panel advances opening of highway express lanes—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/26/10

62.  Public largely critical of depleted uranium disposal—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/26/10

63.  Utah regulators want public input on nuclear storage—Fox 13 News 1/26/10,0,6402400.story?track=rss

64.  Tapeworm in wolves causes stir, but biologists say there’s little to fear—Daniel Person, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Montana) 1/26/10

65.  Justices to hear appeal on Roundup Ready alfalfa seed—Tom Lutey, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/26/10

66.  Courts as Battlefields in Climate Fights—John Schwartz, The New York Times 1/26/10

67.  Advocates of climate bill scale down their goals—John M. Broder, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 1/26/10

68.  Investors target Marcellus Shale drillers—Anna Driver, Reuters 1/26/10

69.  Would Obama’s spending freeze hit energy and environment programs?—Brian Merchant, 1/26/10

70.  Target Drops all farmed salmon from stores—Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times, The Vancouver Sun 1/26/10

71.  Interior chief Salazar’s first year a gusher of controversy—Michael Riley, The Denver Post 1/24/10


72.  ‘Climategate’ and disbelief:  Go buy a cooler—Gwynne Dyer, SLT 1/28/10

73.  Obama short on environmental issues—Cindy Letchworth, The Huffington Post 1/28/10

74.  Our communities should focus more on air quality—Eric deVita, St. George Spectrum (Utah) 1/28/10

75.  Haiti’s tragedy belongs to the environment—Stephan Faris, GlobalPost 1/28/10

76.  Global warming just a scientific hypothesis at this point—John Duncan, St. George Spectrum (Utah) 1/27/10

77.  Lift the regulatory burden on B.C.’s mining industry—Editorial, The Vancouver Sun 1/26/10

78.  Recession slows need for new energy leases—Thomas Power, Writers on the Range, SLT 1/26/10

79.  Energy Plan—Editorial, SLT 1/26/10

80.  Going to the well too often—Laura Zeimer, Trout Unlimited, 1/22/10


Roundup Tuesday January 26, 2010

1.  Davis residents upset about proposed express bus cuts—Laura Hancock, DN 1/26/10

2.  1,271 tiny earthquakes shake Yellowstone—AP, DN 1/26/10

3.  Politics ensnares Idaho water bill—Erika Bolstad, The Idaho Statesman 1/26/10

4.  Mystery surrounds fate of sage grouse:  Agencies could list bird by next month (Idaho)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News 1/26/10

5.  Too controversial to change:  Critics push ways to improve the ESA, but politics block major reform (Idaho)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News 1/26/10

6.  Rehberg touts wilderness ‘phase in’ (Montana)—Nick Gevock, The Montana Standard 1/26/10

7.  Environment:  Seattle Tilth— (Seattle) 1/26/10

8.  Sequestration plant study goes public—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/26/10

9.  Turning down the heat caused by meat with Peter Singer— 1/26/10

10.  If polls say ‘yes’ to a climate bill, why do lawmakers say ‘maybe’?—Alex Kaplun, ClimateWire, The New York Times 1/26/10

11.  Wind power grows 39% for the year—Jad Mouawad, The New York Times 1/26/10

12.  Methane causes vicious cycle in global warming—Richard Harris, NPR 1/26/10

13.  IPCC denies newspaper claim that it overstated costs of natural disasters—James Randerson, The Guardian (UK) 1/26/10

14.  WWF nets Marks & Spencer commitment to sustainable fishing—Rebecca Smithers, The Guardian (UK) 1/26/10

15.  Chinese legal experts call for ban on eating cats and dogs—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 1/26/10

16.  Green River nuclear power proposal sparks big questions—Christopher Smart, SLT 1/25/10

17.  More melamine-tainted milk products found in China—AP, DN 1/25/10

18.  Nuclear foe targets Utah senators in test ban fight—Paul Koepp, DN 1/25/10

19.  Feds drowning in demand for nuclear power licenses—Judy Pasternak, McClatchy Newspapers, Tri-City Herald (Washington State) 1/25/10

20.  Wyo coal sustains U.S. economy, UW study says—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune 1/25/10

21.  Congress, courts shape the act we know today (ESA)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News (Idaho) 1/25/10

22.  ExxonMobil, two others seek oil-shale leases (Colorado, Utah)—Dennis Webb, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 1/25/10

23.  BLM releases study on innovative gas plant—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/25/10

24.  The government’s deadly mustang roundups—Jen Phillips, Mother Jones 1/25/10

25.  Black lawmakers fight to change tax code for Haiti, environmental justice–Redding News Review 1/25/10

26.  API:  Proposed EPA ozone limits harm oil, gas production—John-Laurent Tronche, Fort Worth Business Press (Texas) 1/25/10

27.  Another State of the Union speech looms, but climate activists want action—Christa Marshall, Climatewire, The New York Times 1/25/10

28.  Senate Dems build case to include clean energy, solar in jobs bill—Katherine Ling, Greenwire, The New York Times 1/25/10

29.  The ozone hole is mending.  Now for the ‘but’—Sindya N. Bhanoo, The New York Times 1/25/10

30.  Sites to refuel electric cars gain a big dose of funds—Nelson D. Schwartz, The New York Times 1/25/10

31.  Shell puts oil sands expansion on back burner—Dave Cooper, Canwest News Service, Toronto Financial Post (Canada) 1/25/10

32.  Power-draining desal plants to tap $1bn environmental fund—Natasha Bita, The Australian 1/25/10

33.  Fears Barack Obama will omit climate change from State of Union speech—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian (UK) 1/25/10

34.  Chief of U.N. climate panel moves past error—The Washington Post, DN 1/24/10

35.  ‘Tiger summit’ aims to halt critical decline—Michael Casey, AP, DN 1/24/10

36.  Farmer’s widow wants to keep farm going—AP, DN 1/24/10

37.  Crews try to protect wildlife from Texas oil spill—Schuyler Dixon, AP, DN 1/24/10

38.  Coast Guard:  Oil spill in Texas waterway contained—Juan A. Lozano, AP, DN 1/24/10

39.  China to rich nations:  Hand out climate money now—Ashok Sharma, AP, DN 1/24/10

40.  Utah legislature 2010:   Water issues inundate Capitol Hill—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/24/10

41.  North Ogden lawmaker Allen Christensen says wandering wolves not welcome—Mike Stark, AP, DN 1/24/10

42.  WildEarth Guardians pushes for Gila Monster protection in Utah—AP, DN 1/24/10

43.  Endangered species clashes:  far from extinct—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News (Idaho) 1/24/10

44.  Hanford among Manhattan Project sites being considered for national park status—AP, The Oregonian 1/24/10

45.  Global warming will require changes at northwest dams—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 1/24/10

46.  Group puts Medicine Bow Forest wood to work—Bridget Manley, Rawlins Daily Times, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/24/10

47.  Prairie burning forces Kansas lawmakers to find a balancing act—David Klepper, Kansas City Star 1/24/10

48.  Pregnant Mare Rescue steps up fundraising, creates board of directors—Laura Copeland, Santa Cruz Sentinel (California) 1/24/10

49.  BLM to auction steam beneath Chalk Creek Valley landowners (Colorado)—Mark Jaffe, The Denver Post 1/24/10

50.  Roseburg BLM to bring owls, logging to table (Oregon)—DD Bixby, The Douglas County News Review 1/24/10

51.  Basic environment ministers come out in support of IPCC—Press Trust of India 1/24/10

52.  Climate change opens up Arctic for undersea cable—Dan Joling, AP, SLT 1/23/10

53.  Everyday organic:  Countertop carrot crop—MaryJane Butters, SLT 1/23/10

54.  UN panel chief won’t quit for Himalayan melt error—Ashok Sharma, AP, DN 1/23/10

55.  Hogle Zoo’s World of the Wildart exhibition starts Jan. 30—DN 1/23/10

56.  Bill aims to save wilderness areas—Mike Cipra, The San Bernardino Sun (California) 1/23/10

57.  Judge denies horse advocates’ appeal (Montana)—Brett French, The Billings Gazette 1/23/10

58.  BLM criticized over mustang deaths in NV roundup—AP, San Jose Mercury News (California) 1/23/10

59.  Ed Begley Jr.:  Big green man—Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times 1/23/10,0,3695499.column

60.  Aussies hopping mad at govt stance on toad-busting—Kristen Gelineau, AP, The Washington Post 1/23/10

61.  Drilling at lowest level in 18 years (Canada)—Dan Healing, Calgary Herald 1/23/10

62.  Gov. Crist proposes $2.1 billion for environment (Florida)—Brian Skoloff, AP, 1/22/10

63.  More horses face abandonment in wake of economy—AP, The Maryland Daily Record (Baltimore) 1/22/10

64.  Gov’t roundup kills more wild horses as helicopter contractor runs foal so hard hooves destroyed and foal killed—In Defense of Animals 1/22/10

65.  Counties push for roads in Breaks—AP, Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 1/22/10

66.  Riverside East solar projects face red tape, delays—K. Kaufmann, The Desert Sun (California) 1/22/10

67.  Arizona intentionally snared last jaguar, study finds—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times 1/22/10

68.  Copenhagen ‘fails forest people’—Mark Kinver, BBC News 1/22/10


69.  Farms are back—Editorial, SLT 1/26/10

70.  Big gulp (The Green River pipeline)—Editorial, SLT 1/25/10

71.  The clean, green desert—Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle 1/25/10\

72.  Welcome to Utah—Just don’t breathe—Eric C. Ewert, Professor of Geography, Weber State University, Ogden Standard Examiner 1/24/10

73.  Adler:  Myths overlook seriousness of unhealthy air—Robert W. Adler, Professor of Environmental Law, S.J. Quinney Law School, SLT 1/23/10

74.  Fowlke bill a good compromise on stream access—John H. Weis, SLT 1/22/10

Roundup Friday January 22, 2010

1.  Energy debate yields little middle ground—Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times 1/22/10

2.  Rehberg joins fellow House members in attempt to block EPA regulation of greenhouse gases—Mike Dennison, The Missoulian 1/22/10

3.  Water pipeline idea interests irrigation districts—Ben Neary, Casper Star-Tribune 1/22/10

4.  U.N. scientists urge stop to mining road around Glacier National Park—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 1/22/10

5.  Layton residents turn out to voice opinions on chickens—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/22/10

6.  3 minor quakes rattle Yellowstone—DN 1/22/10

7.  Utahns split on open access to HOV lanes—Laura Hancock, DN 1/22/10

8.  Utah lawmaker puts wolves in his crosshairs—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/21/10

9.  Wasatch Front farming:  Big or small acres pay off—Dawn House, SLT 1/22/10

10.  Top 10 bicycle-friendly cities (and no, Calgary isn’t on the list)—Calgary Herald (British Colombia) 1/21/10

11.  Senators want to bar EPA greenhouse gas limits—John M. Broder, The New York Times 1/21/10

12.  Past decade warmest on record, NASA data shows—John M. Broder, The New York Times 1/21/10

13.  Winds carry Asian smog component to Western U.S., study finds—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/21/10,0,2982597.story

14.  Garbage power:  Seattle touts renewable energy source—Larry Lange, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1//21/10

15.  Pine beetle scourge grows—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 1/21/10

16.  Wind divides Converse County—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/21/10

17.  RMP surges ahead with power route despite strong opposition—Sarah Miley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/21/10

18.  Ozone from Asia linked to levels in Western US skies—Jeff Barnard, AP, DN 1/21/10

19.  Sierra Club names Michael Brune first new leader in 18 years—DN 1/21/10

20.  Errors mar U.N. global warming report—Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 1/21/10

21.  Becker joins environmental leaders in Washington plea—Aaron Falk, DN 1/21/10

22.  Some Utah cities shirking cost of fighting wildfires—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/21/10

23.  Solitude hoping to expand into Silver Fork Canyon—Rebecca Palmer, DN 1/21/10

24.  Becker pushes climate change legislation in D.C.—Thomas Burr, SLT 1/21/10

25.  Legislation would create burn pit registry—Matthew D. LaPlante, SLT 1/21/10

26.  Sustainable sockeye ‘eco-fraud’—Mark Hume, The Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/20/10

27.  Husky, BP help fuel oil sands resurgence—David Ebner, Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/20/10

28.  Expanding use of wind power feasible, but may be costly—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/20/10

29.  Parks differ on bear management—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News & Guide (Wyoming) 1/20/10

30.  Official:  Ruling shouldn’t hurt water deal—Dan Elliott, AP, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/20/10

31.  BLM uses stimulus to remove Russian olives—Brett French, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/20/10

32.  Proposed bill seeks to keep wolves out of Utah—John Hollenhorst, KSL News 1/20/10

33.  Saratoga Springs man dies after chemical accident—Lana Groves, DN 1/20/10

34.  Report asserts ‘fracking’ contaminates water supplies—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/20/10

35.  Silver Eagle not ready to start refining—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/20/10

36.  Davis residents upset about proposed UTA express bus cuts—Laura Hancock, DN 1/20/10

37.  Worker not killed by substances at Payson plant, company says—Steven Oberbeck, Tom Harvey, SLT 1/20/10

38.  New York Times to charge for Web access in 2011—Combined News Services, SLT 1/20/10

39.  States walk fine line with law of the river—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/20/10

40.  Colorado pipeline proposal stirs water fears—Brandon Loomis, SLT 1/20/10\

41.  Urban farming open house—Jason Bergreen, SLT 1/20/10

42.  Woods Cross refinery wants residents’ trust and to restart operations—Maria Villasenor, SLT 1/20/10

43.  Environment Committee calls for increased recycling of food waste—Rasik Sharma, TopNews (UK) 1/19/10

44.  Conoco, Total to expand oil sands project—David Ebner, Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/19/10

45.  Monarch butterfly count at a record low—Martin Mittelstaedt, Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) 1/19/10

46.  The great offshore windmill reef—Andrew Leonard, 1/19/10

47.  Obama’s first year:  On environment, big changes but little notice—Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News (California) 1/19/10

48.  Another earthquake rattles Yellowstone—DN 1/19/10

49.  Storm chases away dirty air along Wasatch Front—DN 1/19/10

50.  40 bison captured in Utah’s Henry Mountains—AP, SLT 1/19/10\

51.  The air out there:  Storms clear out northern Utah’s gunk—AP, SLT 1/19/10

52.  Refinery to have tour prior to restarting some operations—Maria Villasenor, SLT 1/19/10

53.  Saratoga Springs man dies after chemical exposure—Sheena McFarland, SLT 1/19/10

54.  Leafy lesson pays off—SLT 1/19/10

55.  Ranchers aim to protect water—Linda Halstead-Acharya, The Billings Gazette (Montana) 1/17/10

56.  Amid state’s push for solar power, water-supply worries arise—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 1/17/10

57.  Wyoming:  Our management plan would protect wolves—Mead Gruver, AP, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/16/10

58.  Geothermal drilling safeguards imposed—James Glanz, The New York Times 1/15/10


59.  Build the nuke plant in Emery County—Editorial,  Provo Daily Herald 10/21/10

60.  Nine Mile deal—Editorial, KSL News 1/20/10

61.  The coal ash case—Editorial, The New York Times 1/19/10

62.  EPA has no business regulating air quality—Matt Rowley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/19/10

63.  Snake Valley aquifer battle is worth fighting—Editorial, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/19/10

Roundup Tuesday January 19, 2010

1.  Obama faces emissions U-turn with new Congress challenge—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian (UK) 1/19/10

2.  Extreme migrations spell safety for Arctic shorebirds—Nell Greenfield Boyce, NPR 1/19/10

3.  Advocates push for a no-car day Wednesday—Laura Hancock, DN 1/19/10

4.  What’s in a cigarette?  FDA to study ingredients—Michael Felberbaum, AP, DN 1/19/10

5.  Utah raising money to save pets in Haiti—Elaine Jarvik, DN 1/19/10

6.  Researchers report Yellowstone earthquake swarm—AP, SLT 1/19/10

7.  Simple Green:  China’s development strategy—Ann Danylkiw, 1/18/10

8.  Lucy Wisdom obituary (Orangutan activist)—Anne Boston, The Guardian (UK) 1/18/10

9.  Shell faces shareholder revolt over Canadian tar sands project—Terry Macalister, The Guardian (UK) 1/18/10

10.  Pants for progress:  Chinese climate protesters strip off on train—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian (UK) 1/18/10

11.  UN panel’s glacier warning is criticized as exaggerated—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times 1/18/10

12.  A Pacific Island challenge to European air pollution—James Kanter, The New York Times 1/18/10

13.  Early closure of Oregon’s only coal-fired power plant has national implications—Stacy Feldman, 1/18/10

14.  Rock layers trap Exxon Valdez oil, study finds—AP, Los Angeles Times 1/18/10,0,2370930.story

15.  Wal-Mart completes a megawatt solar project in Apple Valley (California)—Tiffany Hsu, Los Angeles Times 1/18/10

16.  US will credit light rail and streetcars for environmental, economic, livability benefits—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 1/18/10

17.  Oregon biologists start DNA study on rare weasel—AP, The Oregonian 1/18/10

18.  Oregon coast spotters count hundreds of migrating whales—Lori Tobias, The Oregonian 1/18/10

19.  Activist Tim DeChristopher seeks candidate to challenge Jim Matheson—Josh Smith, DN 1/18/10

20.  FDA debates tougher cancer warning on tanning beds—Lauran Neergaard, AP, DN 1/18/10

21.  Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan pushes for aquarium instead of Broadway-style theater—Rebecca Palmer, DN 1/18/10

22.  Judge denies William James Viehl’s motion in South Jordan mink farm case—Emiley Morgan, DN 1/18/10

23.  UDOT to kick off $8M Davis County study on ‘Legacy North’—Joseph M. Dougherty, DN 1/18/10

24.  Navajo leaders OK Big Boquillas Ranch wind energy deal—DN 1/18/10

25.  Juab County animal rendering plant plagued by fines, family squabbles—Paul Koepp, DN 1/18/10

26.  Land scars, memories still fresh 5 years after flood—Mark Havnes, SLT 1/18/10

27.  Experts:  Egypt’s wall will destroy Gaza’s aquifer—Ma’an News Agency 1/17/10

28.  Chief constable accused of undermining power station protest—Rob Evans, Paul Lewis, The Guardian (UK) 1/17/10

29.  Greenpeace to build £14M flagship—John Vidal, The Observer, The Guardian (UK) 1/17/10

30.  EU nations spar over climate policy after UN summit deadlock—Jonathan Stearns, Bloomberg Business Week 1/17/10

31.  Therapists report increase in green disputes—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times 1/17/10

32.  How can a road be green?  Analysts say they have found a way—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 1/17/10

33.  Oregon held to account for failing to protect coastal waterways—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 1/17/10

34.  Ted Turner’s bid for Yellowstone bison stokes wildlife debate—Matthew Brown, AP, DN 1/17/10

35.  Hogle Zoo event to kick off ‘Year of the Tiger’—DN 1/17/10

36.  Utah appeals decision on radioactive waste from Italy—Judith Kohler, AP, DN 1/17/10

37.  Readers hurl rocks at column on rock art—Lee Benson, DN 1/17/10

38.  What happens to polar bears as Arctic ice shrinks?—Guy Raz, NPR 1/16/10

39.  The Pulse:  Forget the scarf, but think about the frogs—Jessica Reaves, Chicago News Cooperative, The New York Times 1/16/10

40.  A clear coating, with green applications—Anne Eisenberg, The New York Times 1/16/10

41.  Bisphenol A:  Should there be laws?—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/16/10

42.  Maryland to sue Mirant over water pollution from fly ash—AP, The Baltimore Sun 1/16/10,0,4721017.story

43.  Salt Lake businesses begin glass recycling—Aaron Falk, DN 1/16/10

44.  Renewable energy incubator operating—DN 1/16/10

45.  Sierra Club supports mustang roundup in Nevada—AP, SLT 1/16/10

46.  Largest load of uranium tailings shipped from Moab—AP, SLT 1/16/10

47.  Don’t trust a bureaucrat with your mercury—Paul Rolly, SLT 1/16/10

48.  Animal expert plans 10-day Vegas stay with snakes—AP, SLT 1/16/10

49.  Australian water crisis offers clues for California—Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times 1/15/10

50.  Climate advocates on the defensive as Congress returns—Matthew Berger, 1/15/10

51.  California oil company under scrutiny in Alaska—Geoff Mohan, Los Angeles Times 1/15/10

52.  Environmentalits:  Richardson leaves green legacy—Susan Montoya Bryan, AP, Las Cruces Sun-News (New Mexico) 1/15/10

53.  Wyoming BLM reports sharp decline in oil, gas drilling permits—Mead Gruver, AP, The Washington Examiner 1/15/10

54.  BLM fast-tracks Nevada renewable projects—Reno Gazette-Journal 1/15/10

55.  UDOT, state senator Karen Morgan differ on HOV-lane alternatives—Laura Hancock, DN 1/15/10

56.  Judge voids landmark California water agreement—AP, SLT 1/15/10

57.  Montana wolf attacks spike in ’09, sparking backlash—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 1/15/10

58.  Kennecott tailings pose no threat to homes—Jeremiah Stettler, SLT 1/15/10

59.  Foundation gives Park City nature preserve to USU—Brian Maffly, SLT 1/15/10

60.  Eleven SLC businesses engaged in curbside glass recycling—Dawn House, SLT 1/15/10

61.  New American Girl doll encourages girls to get outdoors—Brett Prettyman, SLT 1/15/10


62.  Step up, help avert climate disaster—Brian Moench, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, DN 1/19/10

63.  Utah has battled bad-air problems for many decades—Jay Evensen, DN 1/17/10

64.  Snake valley pumping very hard to monitor—John D. Bredehoeft, SLT 1/17/10

65.  Climate:  Copenhagen’s useful failure—Bjorn Lomborg, The Washington Post, SLT 1/16/10

66.  Mythmaking on both sides of wild horse issue—Willis Lamm, Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates, SLT 1/16/10

67.  10 reasons not to give Utah water to Nevada—Ruppert Steele, Terry Marasco, Brian Moench, SLT 1/15/10

68.  Farm Bureau spreads it on thick—Casey Jones, SLT 1/15/10

Roundup Friday January 15, 2010

1.  Trinkets tossed in trash after cadmium warning—Jocelyn Noveck, AP, DN 1/15/10

2.  Arizona may shut down two-thirds of state parks—Jonathan J. Cooper, AP, DN 1/15/10

3.  New recycling trailers at Lake Powell—DN 1/15/10

4.  Iron County animal shelter may have to euthanize—DN 1/15/10

5.  Utah to start inspecting coal mines—AP, SLT 1/15/10

6.  Outdoor reading:  Marvels of migration—Brett Prettyman, SLT 1/15/10

7.  Increase in permits approved for 2010 black bear hunting season—SLT 1/15/10

8.  Gray wolves killed 1 stock animal per day in 2009, depleting compensation program—Matthew Brown, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/15/10

9.  With help from Portland Eco-School Network, parents make kids’ schools a little greener—Amy Wang, The Oregonian 1/15/10

10.  Colorado River water deal overturned—Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times 1/15/10,0,1867080.story

11.  ‘No basis’ for excluding climate impacts from NEPA reviews—CEQ—Noelle Straub, Greenwire 1/15/10

12.  ‘Terminated’ reactor projects may be revived—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 1/15/10

13.  Chevron plaintiffs ask US court for action—Angel Gonzalez, Ben Casselman, The Wall Street Journal 1/13/10

14.  Study finds link between chemical exposure, insulin resistance—Sara Goodman, Greenwire 1/15/10

15.  Glowing ‘EXIT’ signs are radioactive—Courthouse News Service 1/15/10

16.  The new storm brewing on the climate front—Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones 1/15/10

17.  Soros says US needs carbon cap to unlock clean-energy finance—Jim Efstathiou Jr., Bloomberg 1/15/10

18.  Drought drives Middle Eastern pepper farmers out of business, threatens prized heirloom chiles—Gary Nabhan, 1/15/10

19.  How climate change is shrinking the river Nile—Andrew Johnstone, The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

20.  Top 10 green cars to watch in 2010—The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

21.  Turtles return home after a week’s break from cold (Florida)—AP, The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

22.  Electric cars struggle to spark enthusiasm (Detroit motor show)—Andrew Clark, The Guardian (UK) 1/15/10

23.  Get ready for seven-foot sea level rise as climate change melts ice sheets—Rob Young, Orrin Pikey, Yale Environment 360, The Guardian Environment Network 1/15/10

24.  Utah appeals decision on radioactive waste from Italy—Judith Kohler, AP, DN 1/14/10

25.  Cold snap kills Florida wildlife—Paul Quinlan, Cox Newspapers, DN 1/4/10

26.  BYU scientist says Iguanas may have walked to Fiji, Tonga—UPI, DN 1/14/10

27.  Enviros fight for voice in backcountry roads dispute—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/14/10\

28.  EnergySolutions:  State OK not needed for blending radioactive waste—Thomas Burr, SLT 1/14/10

29.  Utah argues case to ban foreign nuke waste—Judy Fahys, SLT 1/14/10

30.  Feds to reconsider habitat for endangered bird in Utah, other states—AP, SLT 1/14/10

31.  S. Utah animal shelters face overcrowding—AP, SLT 1/14/10

32.  Exxon to inject new life in old Texas field—AP, SLT 1/14/10

33.  Conservationists to sue over soccer complex—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/14/10

34.  Water rights for nuclear power—Jon Kovash, KUER News 1/14/10

35.  PETA sues county for records on alleged animal experiments—Tom Busselberg, Davis County Clipper 1/14/10

36.  Leaders taking fight to EPA over air quality designation—Sarah Miley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 1/14/10

37.  Obama picks Washington air agency chief to head EPA region—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 1/14/10

38.  PGE plan suggests shorter time frame to close Boardman coal-fired power plant (Oregon)—Ted Sickinger, The Oregonian 1/14/10

39.  Past decade hottest on record—Amy Heinzerling, 1/14/10

40.  Proposed tougher ozone standard worries intermountain West drillers—Scott Streater, Greenwire, The New York Times 1/14/10

41.  Alberta to study pace of oil sands growth—Nathan VanderKlippe, The Toronto Globe and Mail 1/14/10

42.  Herbert wants N-waste test—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 1/13/10

43.  PETA fighting to get records on Davis animals sold to U.—Lana Groves, DN 1/13/10

44.  Groups seek regulation of bumblebee shipments—Jeff Barnard, AP, DN 1/13/10

45.  Soccer complex scores nod from City Council—Derek P. Jensen, SLT 1/13/10

46.  UTA taking comments on TRAX extension plans—AP, SLT 1/13/10

47.  Deseret Chemical Depot resumes burning mustard agent—AP, SLT 1/13/10

48.  N. Utah water outlook is dim, but could brighten—Patty Henetz, SLT 1/13/10

49.  New plan is drafted for grizzly bears in Rockies, Cascades—AP, SLT 1/13/10

50.  Plans to release 40 Utah bighorn in Wyoming canceled—AP, SLT 1/13/10

51.  Kids act to help clear air—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 1/13/10

52. State gathering public input on nuke plant water deal—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/13/10

53.  Radiation control board considers banning downblended waste—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/13/10

54.  PETA sues Davis County—Mitch Shaw, Ogden Standard-Examiner 1/13/10

55.  Utah nuclear power push worth ‘great risks’, freshman Rep. Chaffetz says—David O. Williams, The Colorado Independent 1/13/10

56.  NM tribe is betting on solar energy—Suzan Montoya Bryan, AP, 1/13/10

57.  World-renowned site damaged (Arizona)—James Gilbert, The Yuma Sun 1/13/10

58.  Grizzly panel told government can’t meet judge’s requirements for delisting—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/13/10

59.  Groups ask US to regulate shipping of commercial bumblebees—Adrian Higgins, The Washington Post 1/13/10

60.  Two sides to the story (Wyoming snowpack)—Joan Barron, Casper Star-Tribune 1/13/10

61.  Snowpack sapped (Idaho snowpack)—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News 1/13/10

62.  EPs no to Portland’s open reservoirs—James Mayer, The Oregonian 1/13/10

63.  Forget wind.  Pickens turns focus to gas—Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 1/13/10

64.  2010 outlook for solar in California—Adam Browning, 1/13/10

65.  Nearly all black bear deaths in parks caused by humans (Canada)—Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal 1/13/10

66.  Nigeria:  Lagos—Evolving strategies for effective environmental activities—Stella Odueme, 1/13/10

67.  PETA sues over animal shelter records—Tony Semerad, SLT 1/12/10

68.  Hearing heats up over air angst—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 1/12/10

69.  Cold winter, fresh produce—Anthony Fassio, SLT 1/12/10

70.  Radiation expert blasts EnergySolutions for misleading the public—John Hollenhorst, KSL News 1/12/10

71.  Regulators talk about potential probs with hot waste storage—Katy Carlyle, Fox 13 Now Utah 1/12/10,0,2225308.story?track=rss

72.  What are Utah’s long term plans for cleaner air?—Annie Cutler, ABC 4 News 1/12/10

73.  Wasatch Front air worst in nation—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW News 1/12/10

74.  Utah again tops in nation for bad air, but what’s being done?—Sarah Dallof, KSL News 1/12/10

75.  More college students seeing, thinking and studying ‘green’—Mary Richards, KSL News 1/12/10

76.  Jaguar will get habitat protection in US Southwest—Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times 1/12/10


77.  Warming to the environment—The Australian 1/16/10

78.  At home on the range:  Making room for America’s wild horses requires balance—Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, The Los Angeles Times 1/14/10,0,5245332.story

79.  ‘Worst air in the nation’ a hard claim to swallow—Garth Barker, Logan Herald-Journal 1/14/10

80.  Want to help the environment and get cash back for cutting carbon emissions?—Peter Z. Grossman, The Christian Science Monitor 1/13/10

81.  Dying for the environment—Thomas Joscelyn, The Washington Times 1/13/10

82.  Public lands belong to all—Raymond Kuehne, St. George Spectrum 1/13/09

83.  If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem (Air Quality)—Editorial, The Park Record 1/13/10

84.  It’s arrogant to say humans cause global warming—Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason University, DN 1/13/10

85.  Biomass energy:  Beware of the costs—George Wuerthner, 1/12/10

Roundup Tuesday January 12, 2010

1.  Judge declines to step aside in mink-release case—Pamela Manson, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

2.  Hearing on proposed Utah nuke plant zeroes in on water needs—Christopher Smart, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

3.  Wyoming cites Sinclair for refinery spill—Mead Gruver, AP, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

4.  Becker to talk about ‘livability’ in Tuesday’s State of City address—Aaron Falk, Deseret News 1/12/10

5.  Bad air over Wasatch Front to continue through Wednesday—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 1/12/10

6.  State aims to protect Utah farmland—Josh Smith, Deseret News 1/12/10

7.  Water hearing today for proposed Emery County nuclear plant—Deseret News 1/12/10

8.  Northern Utah water outlook is dismal—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 1/12/10

9.  Bird-plane collisions may pass 10,000, a first—Joan Lowy, Ted Bridis, AP, Deseret News 1/12/10

10.  Commission denies wind ordinance—Jennifer Weaver, St. George Spectrum 1/12/10

11.  Cuts force shuttering of parks—Casey Newton, The Arizona Republic 1/12/10

12.  Gov takes protest to D.C.—Jeremy Pelzer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/12/10

13.  Ford says it will sell an electric Focus next year—Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times 1/12/10,0,4371346.story

14.  Vancouver engineers its own urban dream—Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times 1/12/10,0,3186139.story

15.  Common herbicide might affect frogs—Margaret Shapiro, The Washington Post 1/12/10

16.  States want delay on emission rules—Stephen Power, Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal 1/12/10

17.  US eyes new nuclear plants in climate battle—Jeff Mason, Reuters 1/12/10

18.  Talk of sustainability was everywhere at consumer electronics show—Leslie Berliant, 1/12/10

19.  As the crow flies, Tokyo battles avian pest—Louisa Lim, NPR 1/12/10

20.  Pacific islanders bid to stop Czech coal plant—Reuters 1/12/10

21.  Aviation and shipping emissions after Copenhagen— 1/12/10

22.  How the big freeze has brought some unusual visitors (UK)—Stephen Moss, The Guardian 1/12/10

23.  Lundy Island becomes England’s first marine conservation zone—Press Association, The Guardian 1/12/10

24.  Bad air drags on, but there’s hope—Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

25.  County is ready to dismiss roads lawsuit—Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

26.  Iron County works on wind law—Mark Havnes, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

27.  Bill aims to protect Utah’s farmlands—Dawn House, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

28.  Rare arctic sea bird spotted at Glen Canyon—AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

29.  Activists, officials take on puppy mills—AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

30.  Spain hopes to halt peat fire by flooding park—Harold Heckle, AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

31.  Farmers fight back against animal rights groups—Shannon Dininny, AP, Deseret News 1/11/10

32.  Deal signed to protect ancient art in Utah canyon—Mike Stark, AP, Native American Times 1/11/10

33.  SUWA:  Dust storms causing climate change— 1/11/10

34.  1973:  The year environmental filmmaking was born—Karl Burkart, Mother Nature Network, San Louis Obispo tribune (California) 1/11/10

35.  An earth-sheltered house takes shape on a coastal hillside—Ruth Mullen, The Oregonian 1/11/10

36.  Steelhead returning to northwest Oregon streams in large numbers—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 1/11/10

37.  Damaged coral reefs can recover in marine reserves, study finds—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 1/11/10

38.  Is California’s new green building code green enough?—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/11/10

39.  California cap-and-trade:  A political gamble?—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/11/10

40.  Green guide to electronics is disputed, but influential—Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times 1/11/10

41.  Montana oversight panel blocks greenhouse gas rules—Matt Gouras, AP/Great Falls Tribune, Greenwire 1/11/10

42.  Seeking sustainability, finding skeptics at the American Farm Bureau meeting—Tyler Falk, 1/11/10

43.  Industrial farming head just says ‘no’ to call for civility—Tom Laskawy, 1/11/10

44.  Ford Fusion Hybrid wins 2010 Car of the Year, no green spin needed—Ashley Braun, 1/11/10

45.  Not all ski slopes are environmentally equal, study concludes—Sindya N. Bhanoo, The New York times 1/11/10

46.  Pope denounces failure at Copenhagen—Nicol Winfield, AP, 1/11/10

47.  Global cooling on the brain—Andrew Leonard, 1/11/10

48.  Mann at center of climate e-mail controversy—Faye Flam, Philadelphia Inquirer, Greenwire 1/11/10

49.  Yucca haunts admin’s lagging efforts on study panel—Katherine Ling, Greenwire 1/11/10

50.  Small businesses see devil in details of EPA emissions ruling—Robin Bravender, Greenwire 1/11/10

51.  E-The Environmental Magazine celebrates 20th anniversary with new design, new directions—PR Newswire 1/11/10—the-environmental-magazine-celebrates-20th-anniversary-with-new-design-new-directions-81140502.html

52.  The EPA, science and mountaintop mining—Matthew Berger, 1/11/10

53.  Bell Labs launches global effort to make internet 1,000 times greener by 2015—Stacy Feldman, 1/11/10

54.  Cap-and-trade, California style:  Who gets the  money?—SolveClimate Staff, 1/11/10

55.  Next 40 years key for climate change:  Study—AFP, Yahoo News 1/11/10

56.  Environmental groups threaten to sue Massey Energy—Tim Huber, AP, Yahoo News 1/11/10;_ylt=App0zVRCPFwbICm4r9bewmppl88F;_ylu=X3oDMTM2ZXNtdDdwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTExL3VzX21hc3NleV9sYXdzdWl0X3dlc3RfdmlyZ2luaWEEcG9zAzE0BHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2Vudmlyb25tZW50YQ–

57.  World’s biodiversity ‘crisis’ needs action, says UN—Richard Black, BBC News 1/11/10

58.  Arctic tern’s epic journey mapped—Jonathan Amos, BBC News 1/11/10

59.  White House climate advisor offers hope after Copenhagen—Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian 1/11/10

60.  How will the snow and ice affect the public’s attitudes to climate change?—Ben Page, The Guardian 1/11/10

61.  9-Mile deal was long time coming—Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

62.  Northern Utah air worst in nation—Lindsay Whitehurst, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

63.  Utah’s exotic species, the good, the bad and the ugly—Tom Wharton, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

64.  Utahns urged to get homes tested for radon gas—Carrie A. Moore, Deseret News 1/10/10

65.  Researchers say Kennecott tailings pile is no longer a threat—Josh Smith, Deseret News 1/10/10

66.  Dirty air has Utahns fleeing—Sara Lenz, Deseret News 1/10/10

67.  MAG official disputes EPA air quality proposal for Utah County—Sara Lenz, Deseret News 1/10/10

68.  Sheryl Crow tries to ride to rescue of wild horses—Martin Griffith, Deseret News 1/10/10

69.  EPA sees Port Arthur as ‘environmental justice’ showcase—Dan Wallach, San Antonio Express 1/10/10

70.  Time of change for coal industry—Dustin Bleizeffer, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/10/10

71.  Freeze threatens Florida’s tropical fish—Damien Cave, The New York Times 1/10/10

72.  Teaching green, beyond recycling—Mireya Navarro, Sindya N. Bhanoo, The New York Times 1/10/10

73.  New rules for mining will impact caribou habitat—Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun (Canada) 1/10/10

74.  The unintended ripples from the biomass subsidy program—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 1/10/10

75.  Return to small farms could help alleviate social and environmental crises—Max Ajl, 1/10/10

76.  Irrational fears give nuclear power a bad name, says Oxford scientist—Alok Jha, Sarah Boseley, The Guardian 1/10/10

77.  Is Washington’s orca baby boom a fluke?—George Tibbits, AP, Deseret News 1/9/10

78.  US Fish and Wildlife misses deadline on jaguar recovery plan—Susan Montoya Bryan, AP, The Arizona Republic 1/9/10

79.  Dairy gold vanishes—Phil Ferolito, Yakima Herald-Republic 1/9/10

80.  US bird listing to hit energy, wind industries—Reuters 1/9/10

81.  Garrett to allow Uluru climbs—Lindsay Murdoch, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) 1/9/10

82.  Activists decry coyote-hunting tournament in Nevada—Martin Griffith, AP, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

83.  Becker to push for ‘livability’ for rest of term—Derek P. Jensen, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

84.  Utah Farm Bureau launches counterattack on ‘eco-propaganda’—Dawn House, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

85.  Questions raised about depleted uranium safety—Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

86.  Herbert pulling back on water deal—Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

87.  Snowbird discounting passes on ‘red air days’—Mike Gorrell, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

88.  Outdoors reading:  Learn about John Muir—Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

89.  American Indian energy interns sought—Lee Davidson, Deseret News 1/8/10

90.  Fundraiser planned for Jordan River—Rebecca Palmer, Deseret News 1/8/10

91.  Ruby pipeline project up for public comment—Deseret News 1/8/10

92.  Where did San Francisco Bay’s sea lions go?  Try Oregon Coast—Jeff Barnard, AP, Deseret News 1/8/10

93.  Obama pushes for cash for green jobs—AP, Deseret News 1/8/10

94.  EPA changes to test county—Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review-Journal 1/8/10

95.  EPA increases burden on Denver to reduce smog—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 1/8/10

96.  Agency’s push for tougher ozone rules would go beyond big cities—Shaun McKinnon, The Arizona Republic 1/8/10

97.  Turner bid for Yellowstone bison draws protests—Matthew Brown, AP, The Missoulian (Montana) 1/8/10

98.  Historic ranch becomes preserve—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming) 1/8/10

99.  Coalition for Common Sense joins fight for motorized use—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 1/8/10

100.  Bighorns versus cattle—Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times 1/8/10

101.  EPA proposes nation’s strictest smog limits ever—Jim Tankersley, Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 1/8/10,0,7163115.story

102.  EPA proposes stricter limits on smog pollutants—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 1/8/10

103.  China tries a new tack to go solar—Keith Bradsher, The New York Times 1/8/10

104.  Dispute over ‘fracking’ for natural gas—Talk of the Nation 1/8/10

105.  Stashing carbon dioxide in rocks—Talk of the Nation 1/8/10

106.  Tide of Arab-Turk tension rises amid water shortage (Part 2)—Deborah Amos, NPR 1/8/10

107.  China kept tainted milk secret—Gillian Wong, AP, 1/7/10

108.  EPA replacing Bush smog limit—Dina Cappiello, AP, 1/7/10


109.  Breathing poison—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/12/10

110.  Energy efficiency—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/11/10

111.  Should Segways motor in our cycle lanes?—Peter Walker, The Guardian 1/11/10

112.  Science must end climate confusion—Richard Betts, BBC News 1/11/10

113.  Prairie dogs—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/10/10

114.  EPA should consider air changes carefully—Editorial, Deseret News 1/10/10

115.  New mining rules 33 years in making—Editorial, The Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky) 1/10/10

116.  Many myths in wild horse management debate—Robert V. Abbey, Director, BLM, Salt Lake Tribune 1/9/10

117.  Air cleanup—Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune 1/8/10

118.  Score two for the environment—Editorial, Los Angeles Times 1/8/10,0,562474.story

119.  Snow job leads to a reporter’s exit—Bob Berwyn, Writers on the Range, High Country News 1/5/10