Roundup Tuesday December 15, 2009

1.  Toyota to start selling plug-in hybrids in 2011—Combined News Services, SLT 12/15/09

2.  Exxon Mobil makes 30B bet on natural gas—Combined News Services, SLT 12/15/09

3.  Streetcars could pump more life into downtown Salt Lake City—Aaron Falk, DN 12/15/09

4.  BLM backs Nevada wild-horse roundup—Sandra Chereb, AP, DN 12/15/09

5.  US-China showdown looms over climate talks—John Heilprin, AP, DN 12/15/09

6.  Canada victim of hoax by climate activists—Michael Casey, AP, DN 12/15/09

7.  Giant iceberg off Australia is breaking up—Kristen Gelineau, AP, DN 12/15/09

8.  Tense atmosphere clouds UN talks—Arthur Max, AP, DN 12/15/09

9.  Energy department gives appliance makers 30 days to provide more accurate information—Steve Everly, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 12/15/09

10.  Yes Men pranksters suggest they’re not through picking on Canada—Steve Rennie, The Canadian Press, Google News 12/15/09

11.  Who are the Yes Men, and why did they punk us at Copenhagen?—The Toronto Star, 12/15/09–who-are-the-yes-men-and-why-did-they-punk-us-at-copenhagen

12.  Schwarzenegger calls for UN climate summit for cities—Agence France-Presse, 12/15/09

13.  Radiation from CT scans may raise cancer risk—Richard Knox, NPR 12/15/09

14.  In one Brazilian farm town, reviving the forest—Juan Forero, NPR 12/15/09

15.  Utah concerns have a small presence at world climate talks—Judy Fahys, SLT 12/14/09

16.  Genola’s mayor-elect wants planned ATV trails away from orchards—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 12/14/09

17.  EPA proposes settlement in Utah air quality case—AP, DN 12/14/09

18.  Drilling may lead to re-opening Eureka mines—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 12/14/09

19.  Wyoming gets supercomputer for climate studies—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post, DN 12/14/09

20.  Yellowstone magma plume 500 miles long—AP, DN 12/14/09

21.  Is 350 the magic climate number?—Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 12/14/09

22.  Gore at climate talks:  Polar ice may go in 5 years—Charles J. Hanley, AP, DN 12/14/09

23.  California aquifers seen rapidly losing water—Steve Gorman, Reuters, KUER 12/14/09

24.  Underused drilling practices could avoid pollution—Wire News Sources, Herald de Paris 12/14/09

25.  Confirmed:  Yes Men behind prank of Canada at COP15—Katherine Goldstein, The Huffington Post 12/14/09

26.  Heading into the second week of Copenhagen…the arc of the negotiations—Jake Schmidt, 12/14/09

27.  Climate negotiators eye the ‘forgotten 50%’ of greenhouse gas pollutants—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 12/14/09,0,4164470.story

28.  Sen. Tester’s plan for wilderness, logging roils Big Sky country—Noelle Straub, Greenwire, The New York Times 12/14/09

29.  Climate change poses threat to Columbian coast—Tom Gjelten, NPR 12/14/09

30.  Copenhagen boycott averted; cash for trees on table—Christopher Joyce, NPR 12/14/09

31.  Developing nations end boycott at UN climate talks—AP, NPR 12/14/09

32.  Pentagon, CIA eye new threat:  Climate change—Tom Gjelten, NPR 12/14/09

33.  Silver Valley’s next economic chapter:  Cleanup—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 12/14/09

34.  Guzzlers create rift between agencies—Sandra Chereb, AP, Reno Gazette-Journal 12/14/09

35.  Water concerns could dry up solar plans—K. Kaufmann, The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, Ca.) 12/14/09

36.  Sentencing for man who raided South Jordan mink farm may be delayed—Emiley Morgan, DN 12/13/09

37.  Poll shows fewer Utahns believe in global warming—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 12/13/09

38.  The push for 350:  Contradictions and carbon levels—Seth Borenstein, AP, DN 12/13/09

39.  Climate pact will hurt US competitiveness, GOP says—AP, DN 12/13/09

40.  BLM looks to raise fees at Little Sahara sand dunes—John Hollenhorst, KSL News 12/13/09

41.  India flexible, but will not cut carbon emissions—Chetan Chauhan, Samar Halarnkar, Hindustan Times 12/13/09

42.  Eugene Mirman tackles the big issues…and climate—Eugene Mirman, 12/13/09

43.  Denmark:  Nearly 1,000 climate protesters released—Karl Ritter, AP, Google News 12/13/09

44.  200 detained in crackdown on climate protest—Karl Ritter, AP, Google News 12/13/09

45.  Climate progress eludes ministers, protesters held—Anna Ringstrom, Richard Cowan, Reuters 12/13/09

46.  No progress in Little Valley talks—David DeMille, St. George Spectrum 12/13/09

47.  Quichipa may be water source—Samantha Arnold, St. George Spectrum 12/13/09

48.  Air quality alerts issued—SLT 12/12/09

49.  Time to pay Utah Navajos what they are owed—Peg McEntee, SLT 12/12/09

50.  Poor women being turned away from free cancer screenings—Valerie Bauman, AP, SLT 12/12/09

51.  Tests show no invasive mussels in Utah waters—AP, DN 12/12/09

52.  The number:  56%–Do Americans know where scientists stand on global warming?—DN 12/12/09–2–Do-Americans-Know-Where-Scientists-Stand-on-Global-Warming.html

53.  Draft proposal reached on climate; hard bargaining to begin—John Heilprin, Arthur Max, AP, DN 12/12/09

54.  600 detained at climate rally urging bold pact—John Heilprin, AP, DN 12/12/09

55.  Climate change science not faked, but not pretty—Seth Borenstein, Raphael Satter, Malcolm Ritter, AP, DN 12/12/09

56.  Vitriol shows in climate scientist e-mails—AP, DN 12/12/09

57.  Ken Salazar calls for high flows into the Colorado River—Felicia Fonseca, AP, DN 12/12/09

58.  Climate talks advance in Copenhagen amid protests—Karl Ritter, Arthur Max, AP, Google News 12/12/09

59.  Mystery volcano may have triggered mini ice age—NPR 12/12/09

60.  Giant lobsters from rising greenhouse gases?—NPR 12/12/09

61.  Rich nations slam climate draft as thousands protest—AP, NPR 12/12/09

62.  State board moves to set regulation threshold for CO2 greenhouse gases—Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 12/12/09

63.  Commissioners suggest different kind of tour for Sheryl Crow—Dee Holzel, Silver Pinyon Journal (Nevada) 12/12/09

64.  Death of wild horses probed as possibly linked to roundup debate—AP, Las Vegas Review-Journal 12/12/09

65.  Count on the Audubon Christmas bird count—Brett Prettyman, SLT 12/11/09

66.  DEQ veteran retires—Judy Fahys, SLT 12/11/09

67.  Hurdles remain even if climate deal is reached—Ravi Nessman, Rod McGuirk, AP, Google News 12/11/09

68.  “Copenhagen is about doing as little as possible”:  An interview with Dennis Meadows, whose 1972 book “The Limits of Growth” was an early warning of global crisis—Christian Schwagerl, Der Spiegel, 12/11/09

69.  What “Climate-gate”?  Majority supports cap-and-trade—Emily Holleman, 12/11/09

70.  Senators unveil new climate bill draft—Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal 12/11/09

71.  Mass. to continue trash incinerator moratorium—David Abel, The Boston Globe 12/11/09

72.  ‘A victory for the environment’—Rick Thomas, Shoshone News Press 12/11/09

73.  Judge tentatively invalidates Western states’ water pact—AP, Billings Gazette 12/11/09

74.  How policymakers are confronting light pollution—Ross Chambless, KUER 12/10/09

75.  FERC now looking at Kern River route—Melinda Williams, Davis County Clipper 12/10/09

76.  Hogan:  Biggest threat to agriculture is regulation—Sarah Miley, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 12/10/09

77.  US considers killing owls that migrated from Canada—Jeff Barnard, Toronto Globe and Mail 12/10/09

78.  US climate envoy’s good cop, bad cop roles—John M. Broder, The New York Times 12/10/09

79.  Asarco parent pays $1.79 billion in record environmental bankruptcy settlement—Environment News Service 12/10/09

80.  Mortal combat:  Tuvalu versus China—Andrew Leonard, 12/10/09

81.  Power to the people:  Ellensburg’s community solar park, the first of its kind in the country, is joining a ‘smart grid’—Leah Beth Ward, Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington) 12/10/09

82.  Canadian company claims rich gold find north of Glacier National Park, raising concerns—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 12/10/09

83.  Phoenix joins 4 cities in push for bullet trains—Sean Holstege, The Arizona Republic 12/10/09

84.  Montana says wolf hunt worked, but lawsuit looms—Matthew Brown, AP, The Helena Independent Record 12/10/09

85.  BLM considers 100-mile ski/bike/foot race in White Mountains—Tim Mowry, Fairbanks News-Miner (Alaska) 12/10/09

86.  Animal rights group has priorities for 2010—Adam Thomas, KSL News 12/9/09

87.  Box Elder says ‘bad-air’ designation unfair—Di Lewis, Ogden Standard-Examiner 12/9/09

88.  US environment agency chief urges action now on climate change—Merle David Kellerhals Jr., 12/9/09

89.  Alberta’s environment minister ‘proud to talk about’ oil sands—Toronto Star 12/9/09–alberta-s-environment-minister-proud-to-talk-about-oil-sands

90.  Government to settle suit over Indian land trusts—David A Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 12/9/09

91.  Huge Alaska oil spill blamed on ice plugs—Environment News Service 12/9/09

92.  EPA will review oil, gas pollution standards—Judith Kohler, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 12/9/09

93.  Environmentalists oppose Denver project to divert more water from Western Slope—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 12/9/09

94.  Elk concerns halt gas drilling in NE Wyoming—Mead Gruver, AP, The Houston Chronicle 12/9/09

95.  ‘Another massive power grab’:  Wyo delegation opposes change to Clean Water Act—Mead Gruver, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 12/9/09

96.  Asarco to exit Montana today—Eve Byron, The Helena Independent Record 12/9/09

97.  New help for beetle fight—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune 12/9/09

98.  Rethinking green:  Eat global, not local—Kevin Libin, The National Post (Canada) 12/8/09

99.  Running tells Land Board members burning Otter Creek coal will add to warming—Mike Dennison, The Missoulian (Montana) 12/8/09


100.  Stop uranium train—Tribune Editorial, SLT 12/15/09

101.  EPA zealots ready to pounce while other threats ignored—Jay Ambrose, Scripps Howard News Service, DN 12/13/09

102.  Environmentalism has become the new socialism—Charles Krauthammer, DN 12/13/09

103.  NIMBYs are equal-opportunity naysayers—Judith Lewis, The Los Angeles Times, SLT 12/12/09

104.  Global warming activists need to use science—Jonathan Gurwitz, San Antonio Express-News, DN 12/12/09


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