Roundup Friday December 11, 2009

1.  Climate change in northern China:  The evaporating tourist trade—Jonathan Watts, The Guardian 12/11/09

2.  Towards a global life-cycle economy?— 12/11/09

3.  Danish police arrest 68 climate protesters; major protest planned for Saturday—Agence France-Presse, 12/11/09

4.  Climate activists blitz media in Copenhagen—Jonathan Hiskes, 12/11/09

5.  Something is funny in the state of Denmark—Eugene Mirman, 12/11/09

6.  Big news from Copenhagen:  Radical cuts urged, deal in jeopardy—Mark Hertsgaard, 12/11/09

7.  Employees rage against the Coke machine in Copenhagen (The Yes Men)—Jonathan Hiskes, 12/11/09

8.  EU commits billions in climate aid for poor nations—AP, NPR 12/11/09

9.  Climate change trends:  Carbon emissions giants—NPR 12/11/09

10.  Climate conundrum over nuclear energy—Richard Harris, NPR 12/11/09

11.  Florida faces drastic change from sea level rise—Greg Allen, NPR 12/11/09

12.  Europe pledges billions in climate aid for poor nations—James Kanter and Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times 12/11/09

13.  Alberta’s environment minister discusses Copenhagen and oil sands—John Lorinc, The New York Times 12/11/09

14.  New drafts bring more hope to Copenhagen—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 12/11/09

15.  Assessing carbon storage on public lands—John Collins Rudolf, The New York Times 12/11/09

16.  Enforcement of nations’ reduction promises is an obstacle at climate talks—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 12/11/09,0,2101884.story

17.  Rise in sea levels threatens California ports—Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times 12/10/09,0,3094074.story

18.  Eastern Europe pressed press on climate fund—John Heilprin, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/09

19.  Senate negotiators outline climate-change plan—Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Hearst Washington Bureau, San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/09

20.  Launder environmentally—Chantal Lamers, San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/09

21.  Great lakes try to stop giant carp invasion—John Flesher, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/09

22.  UN talks:  Rich nations must make big emission cuts—AP, The Oregonian 12/11/09

23.  Defunct copper miner to pay $1.8 billion in cleanups—AP, The Oregonian 12/11/09

24.  EPA names Lake Oswego a ‘green power’ community for high green energy purchasing—Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian 12/11/09

25.  Seattle, Portland charge up for electric cars—The Oregonian 12/11/09

26.  Spring Chinook salmon forecast for the Columbia River is strongest in 70 years—Abby Haight, The Oregonian 12/11/09

27.  Judge tentatively invalidates Western states’ water pact—AP, The Billings Gazette 12/11/09

28.  Judge tentatively invalidates West water pact—Elliot Spagat, AP, SLT 12/11/09

29.  Salazar calls for high flows into Colorado River—Felicia Fonseca, AP, SLT 12/11/09

30.  Dispute over radioactive dirt going to Calif. site; Utah possible backup—Noaki Schwartz, AP, SLT 12/11/09

31.  Wild horses shot to death on range in Nevada—Martin Griffith, AP, SLT 12/11/09

32.  UN climate talks draft agreement:  Rich nations must make big emission cuts—Arthur Max, AP, DN 12/11/09

33.  Depleted uranium approved for storage at EnergySolutions site—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 12/11/09

34.  BYU bug to aid in soil cleanup—Sara Israelson-Hartley, DN 12/11/09

35.  IRS gets new, green building in Ogden—Lois M. Collins, DN 12/11/09

36.  Saudi Arabia tries to stall global emissions limits—Kelly McEvers, NPR 12/10/09

37.  Scientists help ranchers wrangle carbon emissions—Christopher Joyce, NPR 12/10/09

38. Islands rebuffed on stronger climate action—Charles J. Hanley, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 12/10/09

39.  ‘Greenhouse Britain’ and ‘The Force Majeure’—Nirmala Nataraj, San Francisco Chronicle 12/10/09

40.  US plays good cop, bad cop at climate talks—Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post 12/10/09

41.  Rise in sea levels threatens California ports—Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times 12/10/09,0,3094074.story

42.  To catch an American jaguar—Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times 12/10/09

43.  Wings of hope:  Big Creek property could help endangered Oregon silverspot butterfly thrive again—Abby Haight, The Oregonian 12/10/09

44.  China, US trade climate barbs at Copenhagen—Arthur Max, AP, DN 12/10/09

45.  The number:  Global warming—DN 12/10/09

46.  EU seeks to preserve united front on climate—Mike Corder, AP, DN 12/10/09

47.  Utah part of nation’s largest environmental settlement—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 12/10/09

48.  Solar power coming to a store near you—Chris Kahn, AP, DN 12/10/09

49.  Climate deal price tag:  Trillions of dollars—John M. Broder, The New York Times, SLT 12/9/09

50.  Leaked proposals heat up talk of  emission cuts—John Heilprin, Charles J. Hanley, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 12/9/09

51.  Researcher’s lie could threaten diesel rules (California)—Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle 12/9/09

52.  Standing ‘O’ for EPA head in Copenhagen—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 12/9/09

53.  New Mexico dairy pollution sparks ‘manure war’—John Burnett, NPR 12/9/09

54.  DOE:  Nevada not an option for Utah-bound depleted uranium—Brock Vergakis, AP, SLT 12/9/09

55.  St. George stimulus money geared toward energy—AP, SLT 12/9/09

56.  EPA chief:  US will regulate carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases with common sense—John Heilprin, AP, DN 12/9/09

57.  Utah environmental director honored for his leadership—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 12/9/09

58.  Ansel Adams ‘Moonrise’ print sold for $360K in NYC—DN 12/9/09

59.  Oilsands tainting watershed:  U of A study—Hanneke Brooymans, Edmonton Journal 12/8/09

60.  What Copenhagen climate treaty might look like—Richard Harris, NPR 12/8/09

61.  Scientist:  Urgency needed on climate change action—NPR 12/8/09

62.  EPA is preparing to regulate emissions in Congress’s stead—Steven Mufson, David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 12/8/09

63.  EPA clears a path for emission limits—Christi Parsons, Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 12/8/09,0,1581027.story

64.  Global warming’s doomsday prophets—Rich Lowry, Real Clear Politics 12/8/09

65.  Beetle epidemic strikes Yellowstone—Mead Gruver, Casper Star-Tribune 12/8/09

66.  New wilderness in Emery County?—Dan Bammes, KUER 12/8/09

67.  US plan for wild horse roundup faces opposition—Martin Griffith, AP, SLT 12/8/09

68.  Millions in US drink dirty water—Charles Duhigg, The New York Times, SLT 12/8/09

69.  Government agrees to settle billion-dollar Indian lawsuit—Thomas Burr, Robert Gehrke, SLT 12/8/09

70.  DOE contemplating next move on depleted uranium—Judy Fahys, SLT 12/8/09

71.  Idaho man charged with animal cruelty—AP, DN 12/8/09

72.  EPA to unveil new policies on water at schools—Kevin Freking, AP, DN 12/8/09

73.  U.N.:  2000-2009 likely warmest decade on record—Charles J. Hanley, AP, DN 12/8/09

74.  US:  $3 Billion to end royalty dispute with American Indian tribes—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 12/8/09

75.  Nominations sought for Earth Day awards—DN 12/8/09

76.  Energy efficiency grants available—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 12/8/09

77.  Board moves to regulate depleted uranium—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, DN 12/8/09

78.  US Climate change plan is idea rich, cash poor—Christopher Joyce, NPR 12/7/09

79.  Dark side of a natural gas boom—Jad Mouawad, Clifford Krauss, The New York Times 12/7/09

80.  Kennedy calls mountaintop removal mining in W. Va. a crime against people, nature—Vicki Smith, AP, Los Angeles Times 12/7/09,0,931761.story

81.  Seattle most congested city in nation; Portland 18th—Cynthia Sewell, The Idaho Statesman 12/7/09


82.  Global, real-world politics emerge in Denmark—Gwynne Dyer, SLT 12/9/09

83.  Dishonest global warming scientists feeding us lies—Walter E. Williams, George Mason University, DN 12/9/09

84.  Coal power—Tribune editorial, SLT 12/8/09

85.  The EPA, Congress and greenhouse gases—New York Times Editorial, SLT 12/8/09

86.  Copenhagen and the new American reality—Randy Udall, Writers on the Range, SLT 12/8/09

87.  Why the climate talks will be a disaster—Bill McKibben,, 12/7/09

88.  They don’t come greener than Obama—Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, Der Spiegel, 12/7/09

89.  Obama’s Copenhagen present—Andrew Leonard, 12/7/09


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