Roundup Saturday November 28, 2009

1.  Ski resorts fight global warming; Utah governor unsure—Brock Vergakis, AP, SLT 11/28/09

2.  Utah cave dweller thrives without money—Jason Blevins, The Denver Post, SLT 11/28/09

3.  Morgan animal-rights group to protest—Emiley Morgan, DN 11/28/09

4.  Ute Tribe faction wants fish hatchery stopped—Andre Salvail, DN 11/28/09

5.  Nine bear cubs headed back to woods—AP, DN 11/28/09

6.  Ohio school district sues over air pollution—AP, DN 11/28/09

7.  India feels growing pressure to set target for emission cut—Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times 11/28/09,0,3895505.story

8.  UK, France propose environmental fund—BJT, CCTV 11/28/09

9.  ‘Red’ air envelops Davis, Salt Lake—Judy Fahys, SLT 11/27/09

10.  Suit may block mustang roundups—Scott Sonner, AP, SLT 11/27/09

11.  Salazar fires back at oil industry—Matthew Daly, AP, SLT 11/27/09

12.  Reports disagreed on buffer zone near refinery—Brooke Adams, SLT 11/27/09

13.  BLM seeks comments on Uintah roads—Rosemary Winters, SLT 11/27/09

14.  Monterey Aquarium to host exhibit on effects of global warming—SLT 11/27/09

15.  Utah Department of Environmental Quality hires new district engineer—DN 11/27/09–hires-new-district-engineer.html

16.  Frozen fish deemed for the environment than fresh fish—Maureen O’Hagan, The Seattle Times, San Lois Obispo Tribune 11/27/09

17.  Bureaucracy trips up renewable energy projects—David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle 11/27/09

18.  E-mails don’t prove warming is a fraud—Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics 11/27/09

19.  Twenty-three donated bison roaming in Mexico’s northern Chihuahua state—Efrain Hernandez Jr., The Los Angeles Times 11/27/09

20.  China, US square off on climate proposals—Jeffrey Ball, Shai Oster, The Wall Street Journal 11/27/09

21.  US to help India set up eco-authority—The Economic Times 11/27/09


22.  Climate change effects mount in Nigeria—Elisha Bala-Gbogbo, 11/27/09

23.  Otter is released on Provo River—Marc Haddock, DN 11/26/09


24.  Obama to pledge 17% cut in CO2—H. Josef Hebert, AP, DN 11/26/09

25.  Capitol Lake closed to public use of any kind (invasive species)—John Dodge, The Olympian, The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington) 11/26/09

26.  Perry leads Texas GOP fight against climate bill—John McFarland, AP, Google News 11/26/09

27.  US unlikely to use the ethanol Congress ordered—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 11/26/09

28.  Environmental groups say Alberta may allow freshwater sales to go to highest bidder—Canadian Press, Google News 11/26/09

29.  Guardian and Observer win top environment award—Jo Confino, The Guardian (UK) 11/26/09

30.  Green light for cycling scofflaws?—Brandon Loomis, SLT 11/25/09

31.  Desert reserve searches for cause of tortoise flu—Mark Havnes, SLT 11/24/09

32.  Massive pipeline dig starts Monday—Rodger L. Hardy, DN 11/25/09

33.  EPA proposes sulfur dioxide limits for first time since 1971—Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers, DN 11/25/09

34.  BLM open house set for seed warehouse—The Ely Times 11/25/09

35.  Thousands comment on Monsanto’s planned Idaho mine—John Miller, AP, Google News 11/25/09

36.  Indiana, Illinois rank high for carbon emissions—Michael Puente, Chicago Public Radio 11/25/09

37.  Report:  Indiana power plants 4th dirtiest in US—Charles Wilson, AP, Google News 11/25/09

38. State proposes trading program to cut emissions—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 11/25/09,0,4880852.story

39.  Last gasp for American foie gras?—Thomas Rogers, 11/25/09

40.  GOP senator tells climate change researchers to retain controversial e-mails—Fox News 11/25/09

41.  Fewer Americans believe in global warming, poll shows—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 11/25/09

42.  Obama to go to Copenhagen with emissions target—John M. Broder, The New York Times 11/25/09

43.  Solitude Resort wants to expand into Silver Fork—Mike Gorrell, SLT 11/24/09

44.  Animal rights group won’t have to pay to protest—Erin Alberty, SLT 11/24/09

45.  University of Utah professor Tim Garrett says conservation is futile—Wendy Leonard, DN 11/24/09

46.  War declared on Utah Lake weeds—Sara Lenz, DN 11/24/09


47.  Interior:  Oil and gas lease plans include Alaska—Matthew Daly, AP, DN 1124/09

48.  Climate-change debate heats up—Robert Wielaard, Ben Feller, AP, DN 11/24/09

49.  200,000 animals sacrificed at Nepal festival—Binaj Gurubacharya, AP, DN 11/24/09

50.  Icebergs head from Antarctica to New Zealand—Ray Lilley, AP, DN 11/24/09

51.  Furry felons rob South African tourists, steal food—Courtney Brooks, AP, DN 11/24/09

52.  U. Scientist says energy use consistently tied to economic output—Jeff Robinson, KCPW News 11/24/09


53.  Report:  Iowa has old coal-fired plants—AP, Chicago Tribune 11/24/09,0,5226939.story

54.  California takes step to limit emissions—John M. Broder, The New York Times 11/24/09

55.  Texas power plants are country’s top polluters—Colleen McCain Nelson, The Dallas Morning News 11/24/09

56.  3 Southern Co. power plants top the list of CO2 emitters—Robin Bravender, Greenwire, The New York Times 11/24/09

57.  The climate change hoax—Jack Kelly, Real Clear Politics 11/24/09

58.  Obama official slams oil industry—Tom Fowler, The Houston Chronicle 11/24/09

59.  Interior chief slams oil and gas groups’ election-year politics—Noelle Straub, Greenwire, The New York Times 11/24/09

60.  Lawmakers probe climate e-mails—Keith Johnson, Gautam Naik, The Wall Street Journal 11/24/09


61.  The wrong response to ClimateGate—Andrew Leonard, 11/24/09

62.  Obama, India’s Singh agree on ‘green energy’—Joseph Weber, The Washington Times 11/24/09

63.  Global warming science alarming, say climate experts—BBC News 11/24/09


64.  Brazil environment regulator blocks Cosipar charcoal purchases—Diana Kinch, Bloomberg News 11/24/09

65.  U. spy also stung Oregon primate lab—Brian Maffly, Tony Semerad, SLT 11/24/09

66.  Travis Co., TCEQ name environmental crimes prosecutor—Elizabeth Souder, The Dallas Morning News 11/23/09

67.  Suit may block BLM roundup of mustangs in Nev.—Scott Sonner, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 11/23/09

68.  Sierra Club gives environmental award to Sen. Menendez—The Jersey Journal, 11/23/09

69.  Explaining ClimateGate:  A history of distrust—Andrew Leonard, 11/23/09

70.  US to set emissions target before climate talks—John M. Broder, The New York Times 11/23/09


71.  Feds link Chinese drywall to ‘corrosive environment’ in homes—Elizabeth Razzi, The Washington Post 11/23/09


72.  Worshipping at church of climate ‘science’—Salim Mansur, The Toronto Sun (Canada) 11/28/09

73.  There’s much about global warming that scientists don’t know—Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post, DN 11/27/09

74.  It can be costly to push growth over environment (Katrina)—Freudenberg, et. al., authors of Catastrophe in the Making:  The Engineering of Katrina and the Disasters of Tomorrow, The Houston Chronicle 11/27/09

75.  Pets in the lab—Tribune Editorial, SLT 11/26/09

76.  How not to react to global-warming skeptics—The Washington Post, SLT 11/26/09

77.  No hurry on lake bridge—Editorial, DN 11/25/09

78.  Debate is over (climate change)—Tribune Editorial, SLT 11/24/09

79.  Snake Valley Water—Editorial, 11/23/09


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