Roundup Tuesday November 17, 2009

1.  Investigators to release video of refinery explosion—Joseph M. Dougherty, Deseret News 11/16/09

2.  Herbert says no need to rush Snake Valley agreement—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 11/16/09

3.  New Utah curriculum focuses on Indians—Wendy Leonard, Deseret News 11/16/09

4.  Holy smokes:  Kennecott smelter, Utah’s tallest man-made structure, to turn 35—Lynn Arave, Deseret News 11/16/09

5.  USDA:  Number of Americans going hungry increases—Henry C. Jackson, AP, Deseret News 11/16/09

6.  Food summit turns down UN funding appeal—Frances D’Emilio, AP, Deseret News 11/16/09

7.  Not a climate treaty, but political deal possible—Jan M. Olsen, Arthur Max, AP, Deseret News 11/16/09

8.  Environmentalists:  Bluefin tuna quota too high—AP, Deseret News 11/16/09

9.  Bogus bidder loses shot at global-warming defense—Robert Gehrke, SLT 11/16/09

10.  Group works to get rid of invasive plant in Utah—AP, SLT 11/16/09

11.  Wolf hunt shut down in Montana after quota filled—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 11/16/09

12.  Groups file suit over Grand Canyon uranium mine—AP, SLT 11/16/09

13.  Mustang roundup moratorium rejected—Martin Griffith, AP, SLT 11/16/09


14.  Utah engineer develops method that may clean oil spills and contaminated soil—Eric Mortensen, The Oregonian 11/16/09

15. University library opens doors to Muir’s thoughts and experiences in letter collection—Abby Haight, The Oregonian 11//16/09

16.  Parks Service Jon Jarvis taps Idahoan for parks scientist—Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman 11/16/09

17.  New antennas help track elusive salmon—Todd Dvorak, AP, Idaho Statesman 11/16/09


18.  New nonprofit uses web to pressure Chevron—David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle 11/16/09

19.  One doctor’s quest to sound the alarm on ‘wind turbine syndrome’—Jonathan Hiskes, 11/16/09

20.  Growing up green:  Breathing for two—Anna Fahey, 11/16/09

21.  Palin’s book spreads falsehoods about clean energy legislation—Joseph Romm, 11/16/09

22.  Groups leap in for Northern Flying Squirrel—Sonya Angelica Diehn, Courthouse News Service 11/16/09


23.  Agriculture:  Fighting hunger requires a climate deal—UN chief—Silvia Aloisi, Reuters, Greenwire 11/16/09

24.  Weeks before Copenhagen, no Senate bill—Lisa Lerer, Politico 11/16/09


25.  Environment ministers seek to salvage UN climate deal—Wire Services, Deutsche Welle 11/16/09,,4896477,00.html


26.  Leaders plan a ‘two-step’ environment deal—David Usborne, The Independent (London, UK) 11/16/09


27.  Plastic chemicals ‘feminise boys’—BBC News 11/16/09


28.  Starvation ‘wiped out’ giant deer—Matt Walker, Earth News, BBC 11/16/09


29.  Greenpeace to take poverty focus—BBC News 11/16/09


30.  Meteor shower set to reach peak—BBC News 11/16/09

31.  Kaysville and UTA open 4.2 miles of trail—Joseph M. Dougherty, Deseret News 11/15/09

32.  Suspended University of Idaho professor repeats sheep claims in journal—John Miller, AP, Deseret News 11/15/09

33.  Hawaii’s famed white sandy beaches shrinking—Audrey McAvoy, AP, Deseret News 11/15/09

34.  Kenya harvest is example of reversing food shortage—Tom Maliti and Ariel David, AP, Deseret News 11/15/09

35.  UN food chief on hunger strike ahead of summit—Nicole Winfield, AP, Deseret News 11/15/09

36.  Bridge over Utah Lake?  Support is scarce—Donald W. Meyers, SLT 11/16/09

37.  Bioneers talk renewable energy—Emilie H. Wheeler, The Herald Journal [Logan] 11/15/09

38.  Envision Cache Valley meeting at BATC—Charles Geraci, The Herald Journal [Logan] 11/15/09

39.  Environmentalists want Snowbird owner to abandon proposed coal mine—Maile Tua’one, Fox 13 Now 11/15/09,0,3254324.story?track=rss

40.  Federal agency settles environmentalists’ wolf lawsuit—Sue Major Holmes, AP, The Durango Herald 11/15/09

41.  Ore. pot season reveals more environmental damage—Richard Cockle, The Corvalis Gazette-Times (Oregon) 11/15/09


42.  Bins at the ready:  Today is “America Recycles Day”—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 11/15/09

43.  Nature’s forecast for winter weather—Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle 11/15/09

44.  Alaska fights to reverse polar bear listing—Dan Joling, AP, The Seattle Times 11/15/09

45.  Five places:  As green as it gets—Eliza Hussman, San Francisco Chronicle 11/15/09


46.  Lesson to be learned from deforestation—Thomas Maugh II, Los Angeles Times 11/15/09

47.  Distinctly green:  PAUS bags help environment in several ways—Debra Atlas, The Record Searchlight (Redding, CA) 11/15/09

48.  So you want a green career?—Tiffany Hsu, Los Angeles Times 11/15/09,0,4846377.story

49.  UL backs national push to recycle [America Recycles Day 2009]—Staff Reports, The 11/15/09

50.  Maryland reduces carbon dioxide emissions—Christy Goodman, The Washington Post 11/15/09

51.  A hybrid that’s more about style than the environment—Warren Brown, The Washington Post 11/15/09

52.  Obama hobbled in fight against global warming—John M. Broder, The New York Times 11/15/09

53.  France, Brazil set common goals for Copenhagen climate change summit—The Times of India 11/15/09

54.  3.2 quake shakes central Utah—Joe Bauman, Deseret News 11/14/09

55.  Judge says seals may stay at California cove—AP, Deseret News 11/14/09

56.  Bam-boo! It’s really not an instant nightmare—Debbie Arrington, McClatchy Newspapers, Deseret News 11/14/09

57.  Global warming:  Carbon dioxide emissions increasing in Montana, group reports—Mike Dennison, The Missoulian 11/14/09

58.  Protecting environment worth trillions to economy, UN report—Mike De Souza, Canwest News Service, The Vancouver Sun 11/14/09

59.  Spider ‘smuggler’ named by police—BBC News 11/14/09

60.  France, Brazil unveil policy for climate conference:  Sarkozy—Philippe Alfroy, AFP, Google News 11/14/09

61.  Judge wants to send message in mink-raid case—Emiley Morgan, Deseret News 11/13/09

62.  Report:  Terrain, brush to blame in huge wildfire—Michael R. Blood, AP, Deseret News 11/13/09

63.  Interior designers:  Many ways to cut energy costs—Melissa Rayworth, AP, Deseret News 11/13/09

64.  Silver Eagle shuts down—Maria Villasenor, Jason Bergreen, SLT 11/13/09

65.  Montana city official:  EPA must pay for lost buildings—Matthew Brown, AP, SLT 11/13/09

66.  Urban-farming conference scheduled Monday—Jeremiah Stettler, SLT 11/13/09

67.  Taking stock of what’s still wild on the Wasatch—Brandon Loomis, SLT 11/13/09

68.  Drop in Nevada carbon dioxide emissions reported—AP, San Jose Mercury News 11/13/09

69.  World’s largest landfill scrapped by 9th Circuit—Sonya Angelica Diehn, Courthouse News Services 11/13/09

70.  The future of corn on a hot planet—Andrew Leonard, 11/13/09

71.  Brazil:  Deforestation down, carbon emission cuts up—Gabriel Elizondo, The Americas Blog, 11/13/09

72.  Deforestation in the Amazon reaches lowest levels ever recorded in 2009—Press Release, Secretariat for Social Communication of the Presidency of Brazil, PR Newswire 11/12/09



73.  Climate:  A question of justice—Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace

74.  Climate bill needs to help save rainforests—Thomas Friedman, The New York Times, Deseret News 11/14/09

75.  Climate science and honesty—Roy W. Spencer, climatologist, SLT 11/14/09

76.  Marcellus shale drilling is biggest threat to Pennsylvania wilds—Robert Pennell, Secretary of Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited, The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, PA) 11/14/09


77.  Legislator not persuaded by ‘scientific consensus’—Chris Herrod, R-N. Provo, Utah House of Representatives, SLT 11/13/09

78.  Animal exploitation or vital research?—Peg McEntee, SLT 11/13/09



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