Roundup Tuesday October 27, 2009

1.  Bill McKibben on the first ever International Climate Action Day—  10/26/09

2.  Senate panel set to take on climate bill—Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal 10/26/09

3.  BLM memo upsets some environment organizations—Brett French, Billings Gazette 10/26/09

4.  Attendance sparse, but hopes high at SLC outdoor market—Michael C. Lewis, SLT 10/26/09

5.  City youths take out rally to raise awareness on climate change—The Times of India 10/25/09

6.  Activists demand climate action— 10/25/09

7.  Thousands rally for action on climate change—Graeme Wood, The Vancouver Sun 10/25/09

8.  When business and beauty collide—Peter Zimonjic, Toronto Sun 10/25/09

9.  Activists in S.F. rally against climate change—John Coté, San Francisco Chronicle 10/25/09

10.  Mexico cuts down trees to protect butterflies—Mark Stevenson, AP, San Francisco Chronicle 10/25/09

11.  Senate’s climate bill a bit more ambitious—Steven Mufson, Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 10/25/09

12.  A new demand for uranium power brings concerns for Navajo groups—Kari Lydersen, The Washington Post 10/25/09


13.  Western states stress energy cooperation—Ben Neary, AP. The Seattle Times 10/25/09

14.  Tracking science:  Biologist’s findings show forest diversity, health influenced by wolves—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 10/25/09

15.  Tired from a tough hike?  Rescuers fear Yuppie 911—Tracie Cone, AP, Idaho Statesman 10/25/09

16.  Wyoming among top states adding wind power—Casper Star-Tribune 10/25/09

17.  Study:  Warmed Northwest forests may yield less timber—Jeff Barnard, AP, Deseret News 10/25/09

18.  Seeds replace weeds in Avenues—Aaron Falk, Deseret News 10/25/09

19.  EPA cites 5 public water systems—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 10/25/09

20.  Comments sought on transit and road needs—Joseph M. Dougherty, Deseret News 10/25/09

21.  Climate action in the shadow of the White House—Carrie Madren, 10/24/09


22.  Environmentalists pushing for curb to global warming at local events today as part of the 350 campaign—Margot Roosevelt, Jeff Gottlieb, Los Angeles Times 10/24/09

23.  A global call for climate action—The Washington Post 10/24/09

24.  Campaign against emissions picks number—Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times 10/24/09

25.  Global events mark magic number on climate change—AP, NPR 10/24/09

26.  Senate global warming bill is seeking to cushion the impact on industry—John M. Broder, The New York Times 10/24/09

27.  Environmental group says half of America’s rivers, lakes considered too polluted with toxins for swimming—Linda Young, All Headline News 10/24/09

28.  Senate Democrats set climate bill industry permits—Richard Cowan, Reuters 10/24/09

29.  “Agriburbia” sprouts on Colorado’s Front Range—Jason Blevins, The Denver Post 10/24/09

30.  Lawmakers to consider how to power the West—Cara Rank, Jackson Hole Daily 10/24/09

31.  Clunker recyclers want more time—Ken Thomas, AP, Deseret News 10/24/09

32.  For sale:  Abbey’s old home in Moab—Lee Benson, Deseret News 10/24/09

33.  Utahns rally against climate change—Lisa Schencker, SLT 10/24/09

34. Forest service misses ‘red flag’—Jason Bergreen, SLT 10/24/09

35.  EPA agrees to deadline in ’11 for setting rules on mercury emissions—Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times 10/23/09

36.  Glacial melting may release pollutants in the environment—National Science Foundation, US News and World Report 10/23/09

37.  Americans no longer swallowing global warming dogma—Brett Baier, Fox News 10/23/09,2933,569218,00.html

38.  Skepticism over global warming on rise, poll suggests—Dina Cappiello, AP, The Boston Globe 1023/09

39.  Declining majority in US believe climate change is real—AFP 10/23/09

40.  The rising tide of environmental refugees—Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute, 10/23/09

41.  Alaska seeds included in Kew Gardens Millenium Seed Bank—Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce 10/23/09

42.  Backyard wind turbines face resistance—Amelia Nielson-Stowell, Deseret News 10/23/09


43.  Barker:  Bill Meadows would lock in status quo for timber industry—Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman 10/26/09

44.  Symposium must produce more than hot air—Casper Star-Tribune Editorial, Casper Star-Tribune 10/25/09

45.  Costly Carbon—Tribune Editorial, SLT 10/25/09

46.  The truth about the Snake Valley agreement—Dave Hansen, Ogden Standard-Examiner 10/24/09

47.  Climate change:  We can afford to save the planet—Eban Goodstein, Frank Ackerman, Kristen Sheeran, The Washington Post, SLT 10/24/09



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