Roundup Friday October 9, 2009

1.  EPA tells Utah air-pollution reduction areas need expanding—Judy Fahys, SLT 10/8/09

2.  Interior boss vows to develop oil, gas ‘in the right way’, cuts list of leases—Patty Henetz, SLT 10/8/09

3.  House panel takes up N-waste act—Ami Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 10/8/09

4.  No park plan to ban lead—Cory Hatch, The Jackson Hole Daily 10/8/09

5.  Boreal opens ski season Friday with one chairlift—Maggie O’Neill, Reno Gazette-Journal 10/8/09

6.  Threatened Preble’s mouse could get 18,462 more acres of protection—Bruce Finley, The Denver Post 10/8/09

7.  Mining companies hit wall on mountaintop blasting—Kris Mayer, The Wall Street Journal 10/8/09

8.  Salazar presents ambitious plan to manage wild horses—Lyndsey Layton, Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 10/8/09

9.  U.S. companies may look abroad to fight global warming—Margot Roosevelt, Los Angeles Times 10/8/09,0,5057987.story

10.  Top food-handling violators in the Salt Lake Valley—SLT 10/7/09

11.  EPA to review health risk from popular weed killer—Dina Cappiello, AP, SLT 10/7/09

12.  Work to remove uranium waste in Utah picking up—Mike Stark, AP, SLT 10/7/09

13.  House plans hearing on foreign nuclear-waste bill—Matt Canham, SLT 10/7/09

14.  Utah farmers ask for bailout money—Jessica Gail, ABC News 4 Utah 10/7/09

15.  Depleted uranium shipment delayed—Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW 10/7/09

16.  Fish and Wildlife unveils wolf plan—Becky Kramer, The Spokesman-Review 10/7/09

17.  Motorized plan adds access routes—Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune 10/7/09

18.  Shaping the future of America’s recreational resources—Frank DuBois, The Westerner blog 10/7/09

19.  Salazar wants to move West’s wild horses to the East—Matthew Preusch, The Oregonian 10/7/09

20.  In reversal of Bush policy, EPA launches new study of Atrazine’s health effects—Danielle Ivory, The Huffington Post 10/7/09

21.  Companies strike deal on testing for E. Coli—Michael Moss, The New York Times 10/7/09

22.  7 preserves envisioned to manage wild horses—Jim Robbins, The New York Times 10/7/09

23. River cyanide poisoning kills thousands of fish—Reuters 10/7/09

24.  Obama sets sights on urban renewal—Michael A. Fletcher, The Washington Post 10/7/09

25.  Agriculture chief says dairy industry must restructure—Staff and News Services, SLT 10/6/09

26.  Where’s the next boom?  Maybe in ‘cleantech’—Jordan Robertson, AP, SLT 10/6/09

27.  Depleted uranium shipments delayed—Judy Fahys, SLT 10/6/09

28.  South Carolina’s depleted uranium shipments to Utah set for December—Brock Vergakis, AP, SLT 10/6/09

29.  MOU signed between proposed nuclear power plant, Arizona utility—Jeff Robinson, KCPW 10/6/09

30.  Groups ask BLM to suspend streamlined drilling reviews—Dennis Webb, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 10/6/09

31.  In Centennial Valley wolf pack wiped out—Nick Gevock, The Montana Standard 10/6/09

32.  Gov:  Don’t transfer uranium—Steve McManamen, Gillette News Record 10/6/09

33.  Warning:  Your salad could make you sick—Lynne Terry, The Oregonian 10/6/09

34.  Obama uses L.A. program as a model for going green—Jim Tankersley, Los Angeles Times 10/6/09,0,4208281.story?track=rss

35.  Eat the weeds—Sarah Karnasiewicz, 10/6/09

36.  Boxer loses key committee staffer, cap-and-trade expert—Darren Samuelsohn, ClimateWire, The New York Times 10/6/09

37.  Projects turn back time on nation’s rivers—Jeff DeLong, USA Today 10/6/09

38.  UN rates life best in Norway, worst in Niger—AP, SLT 10/5/09

39.  Utah County residents weigh in on bridge proposal—AP, SLT 10/5/09

40.  Study:  Climate change may impact ski season—Andrew Adams, KSL 10/5/09

41.  Silenced springs?  Great Basin waters face threats big and small—J. Madeleine Nash, The High Country News 10/5/09

42.  EPA will spend $50 million to cap toxic California seabed—Environment News Service 10/5/09

43.  BLM employees too cozy with advocacy groups, IG report says—Noelle Straub, Greenwire, The New York Times 10/5/09

44.  Senate Democrats push N.M., Ore. wilderness bills—Patrick Reis, Greenwire, The New York Times 10/5/09

45.  Big business pushes for climate action—Mike Allen, Politico 10/5/09


46.  Snake Valley—Tribune Editorial, SLT 10/7/09

47.  EPA to descend on Texas—Colleen McCain Nelson, Dallas Morning News 10/7/09

48.  Dust storms signal danger for Utah—Dr. Brian Moench, Deseret News 10/7/09

49.  Eagle killing case belongs in tribal court—Casper Star Tribune Editorial Board 10/7/09

50.  Meat the need—Tribune Editorial, SLT 10/5/09

51.  The wilderness debate—KSL 10/5/09


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