Roundup Tuesday October 6, 2009

1.  Environment:  India warms up to Copenhagen—Neeta Lal, IPS 10/5/09

2.  New park service chief sees ‘convergence’—Julie Cart, Los Angeles Times 10/5/09,0,3551822.story

3.  Apple resigns from Chamber over climate—Kate Galbraith, The New York Times 10/5/09

4.  Business blitz seeks fast passage of Senate climate bill—Michael Burnham, Greenwire, The New York Times 10/5/09

5.  What do we mean when we talk about the cost of climate legislation?—David Roberts, 10/5/09

6.  Nuclear Option:  The Kerry-Boxer bill and nuclear energy—Keith Johnson, The Wall Street Journal 10/5/09

7.  Peak Oil:  The end of the oil age is near, Deutche Bank says—Keith Johnson, The Wall Street Journal 10/5/09

8.  Energy-from-waste powers US army—Jason Palmer, BBC News 10/5/09

9.  S.F. Bay’s slide in mud worries scientists—Kelly Zito, San Francisco Chronicle 10/5/09

10.  Smell has some cities ripping out gingko trees—Nigel Duara, AP, SLT 10/5/09

11.  Utah State aids with digging along Colorado River—AP, SLT 10/5/09

12. University gets money for carbon capture research—AP, SLT 10/5/09

13.  Cavers and critters:  New cave species have been identified at Great Basin National Park—Henry Brean, Las Vegas Review Journal 10/4/09

14.  Chilly reception for theory on global warming—David A. Fahrenthold, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle 10/4/09

15.  Global warming may hit Park City snow—Rebecca Palmer, Deseret News 10/4/09

16.  New species gives ammo to Snake Valley water deal opponents—AP, SLT 10/4/09

17.  Condor advocates ask hunters to ditch lead bullets—Tom Wharton, SLT 10/4/09

18.  Greenpeace protest over Alberta oilsands ends with more arrests—Cigdem Iltan, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald 10/3/09

19.  Blanding:  A town’s love for Indian artifacts backfires—Helen O’Neill, AP, SLT 10/3/09

20.  State archaeology team to investigate bone site—Nate Carlisle, SLT 10/3/09

21.  The happy prospect of peak gasoline demand—Andrew Leonard, 10/2/09

22. City using crushed glass for road-building—Jonathan Brunt, The Spokesman-Review (Washington State) 10/2/09

23.  National groups ask EPA to look at CAFOs—Nate Poppino, Twin Falls Times-News 10/2/09

24.  Greenpeace protesters take over Shell site in Alberta—Richard Warnica, Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald 10/2/09

25.  Green ink:  Open season on the climate bill—Keith Johnson, The Wall Street Journal 10/2/09

26.  Exxon’s Tillerson:  Forget cap-and-trade, carbon tax is the answer—Keith Johnson, The Wall Street Journal 10/2/09

27.  Idaho again wants to land choppers in wilderness—John Miller, AP, SLT 10/2/09

28.  State approves more bison for Book Cliffs—AP, SLT 10/2/09

29.  National parks threatened by climate change—And nature itself—Keith Johnson, The Wall Street Journal 10/1/09

30.  Decline in big predators wreaking havoc on ecosystems, OSU researchers say—Scott Learn, The Oregonian 10/1/09

31.  White House shuns wilds bill—Lee Davidson, Deseret News 10/1/09

32.  Study says Zion among endangered parks—Patty Henetz, SLT 10/1/09

33.  National Parks in Peril:  The threats of climate change—Natural Resources Defense Council and The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization 2009

34.  EPA holds up coal-mining permits as firms fume—Steve James, Reuters 9/30/09


35.  More wilderness?—St. George Spectrum 10/5/09

36.  Carbon control—Tribune Editorial, SLT 10/4/09

37.  Natural gas—Tribune Editorial, SLT 10/4/09

38.  Our view:  Mink protest rules stink—Ogden Standard-Examiner 10/3/09

39.  Snake Valley:  Secret talks, quick deals and a sucker’s bet—Wayne Holland, Ogden Standard-Examiner 10/3/09

40.  It makes sense to invest in conservation—Mayor Ralph Becker, SLT 10/3/09

41.  Red rock?  Or raw deal?—The Daily Herald (Provo, Ut.) 10/2/09

42.  Rolly:  Farm Bureau rhetoric?  Gone to seed—Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune 10/2/09

43.  US Bill ‘crucial’ for climate talks—Richard Black, BBC News 9/30/09


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