Roundup Tuesday September 29, 2009

1.  Wal-Mart best symbolizes America, a new poll finds—AP, SLT 9/28/09

2.  Utah political elite to fight ‘Red Rock bill’ in Congress—Matt Canham, SLT 9/28/099

3.  Hurricane leaders deny climate change—AP, SLT 9/28/09

4.  Construction begins on environment-friendly BLM office in Fillmore—AP, Fox 13 Now 9/28/09–blmbuilding,0,6931850.story

5.  Uranium policy poll—Maile Tua’one, Fox 13 Now 9/28/09,0,5468405.story?track=rss

6.  Wildfires expand in area’s national parks—Tim Dudley and AP, Jackson Hole Daily 9/28/09

7.  Climate-change study cites role of ancient farming—David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post 9/28/09

8.  Glass proves itself a recycling challenge—AP, The Denver Post 9/28/09

9.  Aspen bears are in for a shock—Carolyn Sackariason, The Aspen Times, The Denver Post 9/28/09

10.  Site helps chefs find farmers, fresh produce—Beth Hoffman, NPR 9/28/09

11.  California rules on flat screen TVs worry some retailers—Ina Jaffe, NPR 9/28/09

12.  Solar plan ignites some environmental concerns—Jeff Brady, NPR 9/28/09

13.  As oil enriches Australia, spill seen as a warning—Meraiah Foley, The New York Times 9/27/09

14.  New green cookware—Lynne Char Bennett, The San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/09

15.  Photographer compiles unusual views of popular and lesser known wonders—Tom Wharton, SLT 9/26/09

16.  Nelson supports bill to protect ethanol from EPA ruling—Robert Pore, [Nebraska] The Grand Island Independent 9/26/09

17.  Smuggling Europe’s waste to poorer countries—Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times 9/26/09

18.  E.P.A. ordered to reconsider New Mexico power plant permit—AP, The New York Times 9/26/09

19.  Top state emitters of greenhouse gases face fees—Wyatt Buchanan, The San Francisco Chronicle 9/26/09

20.  Environment crusader Holyfield is the new Green Machine—Daniel Lane, [Australia] The Sydney Morning Herald 9/26/09

21.  Drinking water unsafe at thousands of schools—Garance Burke, AP, SLT 9/25/09

22.  Bogus bidder’s green defense may be blocked—Patty Henetz, SLT 9/25/09

23.  Guv rejects call for immediate N-waste ban—Mark Havnes, Dan Harrie, SLT 9/25/09

24.  Governor insists deal will protect Utah’s water—Mark Havnes, SLT 9/25/09

25.   Senate endorses plan to block ‘cow tax’—Ledyard King, [Sioux Falls, S.D.] Argus Leader 9/25/09

26. State, landowners negotiate in easement suit—Ben Neary, AP, Casper Star-Tribune 9/25/09

27.  Recession barely dents ‘eco-debt’—Judith Burns, BBC News 9/25/09

28.  New groups revive the debate over causes of climate change—Steven Mufson, The Washington Post 9/25/09

29.  New analysis brings dire forecast of 6.3-degree temperature increase—Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 9/25/09

30.  G-20 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel subsidies—Juliet Epstein, The Washington Post 9/25/09

31.  Why Feinstein seeks review of delta findings—Diane Feinstein, Open Forum, San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/09

See related story:  Feinstein’s unnecessary opinion—Chronicle Editorials, San Francisco Chronicle 9/23/09

See related story:  What we got here is a failure to collaborate:  Gary Nabhan defends collaborative conservation—Gary Paul Nabhan, High Country News 7/27/09

See related letter to the editor:  A ‘consummate community collaborator’:  Bill Wade, Gary Nabhan, High Country News 8/17/09

32.  Schwarzenegger backs strong state climate bill—Kelly Zito, San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/09

33.  Boulder-based Sunflower Farmers Market operating its own farm—Steve Raabe, The Denver Post 9/25/09

34.  Saving turtles from the wrong side of the tracks—Science Friday, Talk of the Nation 9/25/09

35.  Board says no moratorium on depleted uranium—Tim Gillie, Tooele Transcript Bulletin 9/24/09

36.  Finding way to control emissions stirs debate—Jasen Lee, Deseret News 9/24/09

37.  Initiative aims to boost safety of Utah’s canals—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 9/24/09

38.  Activist’s ‘necessity’ defense may get the boot—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 9/24/09

39.  Last trainload of contaminated sediments leaves Milltown Superfund site—Keila Szpaller, The Missoulian 9/24/09

40.  Droughts, melts signal climate change quickening—UN—Timothy Gardner, Reuters 9/24/09

41.  Behind the furor over a climate change skeptic—John M. Broder, The New York Times 9/24/09

42.  Satellite reveals faster melting of polar ice—David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/09

43.  With little clout, natural gas lobby strikes out—Peter Overby, NPR 9/24/09

44.  Officials fight to clear the air—Di Lewis [Ogden] Standard-Examiner 9/23/09


45.  What’s wrong with the national parks?—The Editors, The New York Times 9/27/09

46.  America needs more crown jewels—Erica Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times 9/27/09,0,6122559.story

47.  Red Rock riches—Tribune Editorial, SLT 9/26/09

48.  Ron Whitney:  Conservation is good for the economy and the environment—Ron Whitney, The Idaho Statesman 9/26/09

49.  Wharton:  Park debates continue—Tom Wharton, SLT 9/25/09

50.  Open wide, Utah—Tribune Editorial, SLT 9/25/09 “Feds force feed depleted uranium”

51.  Risk of foreign nuclear waste disposal offset by benefits—Gary Sandquist, SLT 9/25/09

52.  Water pact gambles with health of Utah families—Brian Moench, SLT 9/25/09

53.  How polluted is Washington’s drinking water?—Rita R. Robison, Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9/25/09

54.  Look—conservatives who believe in global warming!—Joe Conason, 9/25/09

55.  Place-based forest law—Martin Nie, Headwaters News 9/24/09

56.  If they cap and trade, we could pay triple the price—Rolf D. Koecher, Davis County Clipper 9/24/09

57.  Surviving Kyoto’s ‘do or die’ summit—Gracelia Chichilnisky, BBC News 9/15/09


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