Roundup Friday September 25, 2009

1.  Environment:  First, beat the beetles—The Boston Globe 9/24/09

2.  399 cub may be dead—Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole Daily 9/24/09

3.  Superior, Flat Iron Mountain Mine named federal Superfund cleanup site—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 9/24/09

4.  Ruling’s effects still unknown—Nur Kausar, The St. George Spectrum 9/24/09

On property re-valuations and an endangered prairie dog.

5.  Global wind leaders push climate legislation—AP, SLT 9/24/09

6.  Jury rejects FEMA trailer fumes lawsuit—AP, SLT 9/24/09

7.  Utahns question accerated uranium shipment—Brandon Loomis, SLT 9/24/09

8.  Herbert wants a water deal—Patty Henetz, SLT 9/24/09

9.  San Jose’s big bag ban started small—Tracy Seipel, San Jose Mercury News 9/23/09

10.  Conference at UM looks at forest biomass as ‘game-changer’—Rob Chaney, The Missoulian 9/23/09

11.  Idaho farmers regroup after Oust chemical disaster—Laurie Welch, The Twin Falls Times-News, The Idaho Statesman 9/23/09

12.  Idaho anglers, boaters, skiers, growers, power companies all affected by climate change—Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman 9/23/09

13.  Chinese plan upstages Obama at UN—Jon Ward, Christina Bellatoni, The Washington Times 9/23/09

14.  Workshop avoids mention of N-waste coming this way—Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News 9/23/09

15.  Utahns hear plans to regulate uranium disposal—Brandon Loomis, SLT 9/23/09

16.  Partnerships, science keys to wildlife and climate change—Brett Prettyman, SLT 9/23/09

17.  Utility quits alliance over climate change—Kate Galbraith, The New York Times 9/22/09


18.  Big polluters told to report emissions—Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times 9/22/09

18.  Proposals lag behind promises on climate—Neil MacFarquhar, The New York Times 9/22/09

19.  Judge rejects approval of biotech sugar beets—Andrew Pollack, The New York Times 9/22/09

20.  Smart-growth group unwanted—Patrick Parkinson, The Park Record 9/22/09

21.  Birds caught in wind-farm push—William M. Welch, USA Today 9/22/09

22.  Snowmaking faces new suit—Cyndy Cole, Arizona Daily Sun, 9/22/09

23.  UN scientists assess mining threats to Glacier National Park—Michael Jamison, The Missoulian 9/22/09

24.  Bears get protection—Cory Hatch, AP, Jackson Hole Daily 9/22/09

24.  Volunteers needed for 34 Lands Day projects—Mark Havnes, SLT 9/22/09

25.  Hazardous waste-hauling train, SUV collide; 3 injured—Jason Bergreen, SLT 9/22/09

26.  House passes Magna water bill—Matt Canham, SLT 9/22/09

27.  Utah lawmakers seek air quality reprieve for Tooele, Box Elder counties—Thomas Burr, SLT 9/22/09

28.  EnergySolutions:  State rejects depleted uranium shipment moratorium—Patty Henetz, SLT 9/22/09

29.  Poop-to-power plant now online—John Stang, Seattle Post Intelligencier 9/21/09

30.  UN summit:  Can Obama meet expectations on climate change?—Peter N. Spotts, The Christian Science Monitor 9/21/09

31.  States can sue utilities over emissions—Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times 9/21/09

32.  Refitted to bury emissions, plant draws attention—Matthew L. Wald, the New York Times 9/21/09

33.  Yellowstone plans Dec. 15 winter start—Ruffin Prevost, Billings Gazette 9/21/09

34.  Bush-Era BLM used exemptions to pollution-plagued oil drilling in Western states—Noel Brinkerhoff, 9/21/09

35.  Climate to take center stage at U.N. talks—Stephen Power, Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal 9/21/09

36.  Gov. Herbert urging motorists not to idle—Richard Piatt, KSL News 9/21/09

37.  Bishop urges more drilling—Lee Davidson, Deseret News 9/21/09

38.  Fly ash disposal plans change—Cathy McKitrick, SLT 9/21/09


39.  East side should take advantage of Envision Utah’s expertise—The Park Record 9/23/09 On encouraging Summit County’s east side to take advantage of planning and growth consulting firm Envision Utah

40.  Wharton:  Park debates continue—Tom Wharton, SLT 9/25/09

41.  Kirby:  Clueless in the wild?  Search the ground for ‘sign’—Robert Kirby, SLT 9/22/09

42.  Cleansing waters—Tribune Editorial, SLT 9/22/09

43.  No accountability—Tribune Editorial, SLT 9/21/09 On the Bush-era exemptions that led to air quality violations in places like Vernal

44.  Quillen:  Ursine strategy bears up—Ed Quillen, The Denver Post 9/13/09


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